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This is to show our philosophy, services, references, examples. See some social media campaigns, online pr and web development and design examples by Berlin based online consultancy PANORAMA3000

This is to show our philosophy, services, references, examples. See some social media campaigns, online pr and web development and design examples by Berlin based online consultancy PANORAMA3000



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    Panorama3000 Agency Presentation english Panorama3000 Agency Presentation english Presentation Transcript

    • PANORAMA3000Agency  por-olioBerlin,  April  /  2013.
    • 28.06.10 2010/PANORAMA3000 4Eye for the essential
    • We are an agency for digitalcommunication with a focus on socialmedia and entertainment
    • The  P3000  PhilosophyBrands  need  to  entertain.Amaze,  laugh,  learn.  If  you  want  to  stay  top  of  mind,  you‘ll  need  to  fascinate  with  stories.  Stories  are  easy  to  understand  and  easy  to  retell.    Eye  for  the  essen<al.Listen,  share,  connect.  Success  is  a  result  of  being  aAenBve,  generous  and  open.  Easy  does  it.Plan,  try,  reduce.  What  seems  intuiBve  is  oFen  hard  work.  ExperimenBng  and  tesBng  helps:  Just  do  it!
    • Background.2
    • OUR STORY3 employees, 1 TraineeFoundation in Cologne by YousefHammoudah 2003EMI Music, Sony Music,BMG Music2004Diesel, Converse, Warner Music,Universal Music2005Ericsson SE, Sunrise CH,Universal PicturesWarner Bros., One AT,Polkomtel PL, 20th Century FoxMove to Berlin, Projects in Sweden, Switzerland,Austria, Poland und Netherlands20062007Universal Pictures, Intro, Kinowelt,MySpaceFoundation of Hobnox AG8 employees, 2 Trainees2009Coca Cola, MTV Networks,Beck‘s, Constantin Film2008Thomas Praus becomes third partner15 employees, 2 trainees, Box NetworkfoundationArvato Bertelsmann, Gruner &Jahr2010SPD, O2, 1-2-Fly, Langenscheidt,Vivendi, Axel Springer10 employees, 2 TraineesHobnox: Online Grimme Award,Lead Award, Red Dot Design Award2011German Award for OnlinecommunikationZDF, Postbank, Airberlin, Varta, VisitSweden, Emmi, Victorinox, ASUS, Intel,Symantec20122013 Red Bull, BrandenburgNominated as agency of the year18 employees, 2 trainees
    • Why  PANORAMA3000?  We  are  right  in  the  middle.Our  team  consists  of  bloggers,  twiAeraB,  tumblerisB.  We  live  in  and  love  the  social  web,  use  it  everyday  and  are  connected  to  the  opinion  leaders  of  the  digital  scene.We  are  doing  this  for  10  years.We  have  tried  it  all:  from  fan  forums  to  friendster,  blogger,  MySpace,  Facebook,  Pinterest  and  Vine.  We  are  early  adopters.  We  are  amazed  by  technology  and  if  it  doesn‘t  work  right  away  we  won‘t  stop  unBl  there  is  a  soluBon.  
    • Business
    • ServicesStrategy  &Consul<ngDigital  StrategyMonitoring  and  AnalysisCampaign  ConceptsTrainings  &  WorkshopsOnline  PR  &Media  planningOnline  PlanningBlogger  RelaFonsEvent  PlanningBrand  CooperaFonsContent  &CommunityEditorial  PlanningCommunity  ManagementVideo  ConceptsWebsite-­‐  &  Profile  CareDesign  &DevelopmentBrand  Development  und  CDDigital  StyleguidesWebsites  and  AppsDigital  AdverFsing
    • Interna<onal  Network„Box  Network  Europe“  is  Europe‘s  first  network  of  independent  social  media  agencies.  We  plan  and  execute  transeuropean  campaigns,  share  knowledge  and  team  members  and  buy  tools  and  media  together.                UK                                                  Italy                                            France                      Switzerland              Germany            Spain/Portugal                      Netherlands                        AustriaWe  take  care  of  more  than  150  clients,  employ  more  than  150  people  and  have  a  revenue  of  more  than  10  million  EUR.  
    • Clients
    • 28.06.10 2010/PANORAMA3000 11Cases
    • Emmi  CAFFÈ  LATTECLIENTEmmi  CAFFÈ  LATTE  TASKDigital  Lead  EuropeEXCUTIONDigital  strategy  Community  building,  blogger  relaFons  Website  and  newsle^erSocial  media  monitoringVarious  campaigns
    • Emmi  CAFFÈ  LATTECLIENTEmmi  CAFFÈ  LATTERESULT  2012  70.000  Facebook  likes50.000  game  players8  mio.  impressions  via  owned  media  /  month15  mio  gross  contacts  via  earned  und  bought  mediaCa.  77%  share  of  Voice>>  Read  the  whole  case  study!  MenFonsShare  of  Voice
    • GoStockholmGöteborgCLIENTVisit  SwedenTASKPosiFon  Stockholm  and  Göteborg  as  inspiring  travel  desFnaFonsEXECUTIONInsight  generaFon  and  strategy  to  define  key  subjects  fashion,  design,  musicBlogger  events  and  travelsSet  up  and  manage  Tumblr,  Facebook,  Twi^er,  Flickr  as  owned  mediaCooperaFon  with  events  in  BerlinRelease  a  book  to  present  the  gathered  blogger  contentContentTrips
    • CLIENTVisit  SwedenRESULTS  2012100%  growth  of  followers  30%  growth  of  online  menFons2  mio  gross  contacts20  mio  impressions>>  Read  the  whole  case  study  (in  German)!GoStockholmGöteborgEventsPRCommunityManagementBook
    • Red  Bull  Wild  OnesCLIENTRed  BullTASKDigital  strategy  to  support  a  video  series  coproduced  with  tv  channel  Pro  Sieben  EXECUTIONCreaFve  and  editorial  ConceptCommunity  management  Webdesign-­‐  and  developmentMedia  planningRESULTLaunch  in  March  201320  000  Facebook  likes  aher  one  month3500  talking  about500  000  reach
    • o2  NetzclubCLIENTo2  TelefónicaTASKDigital  posiFoning  for  subbrand  NetzclubLogo,  image,  claimWebsite  concept  and  designSocial  media  analysis  and  consulFngNewsle^ersCampaign  developmentAdverFsing  material
    • o2  NetzclubCLIENTo2  TelefonicaRESULT100%  growth  to  150  000  customers12%  Conversion  from  visitors  to  customers  on  website90%  customer  saFsfacFonSteadily  growing  popularity  and  customer  recommendaFons
    • Becks  Social  Media  StrategyCLIENTInbev  Germany  TASKReestablish  Becks  Gold  as  creaFve  and  innovaFve  brandCreate  awareness  in  the  urban,  digital  target  groupGain  experience  in  social  media  for  other  Beck‘s  brandsEXECUTIONIntegrated  event  and  content  campaignCommunity  management  and  content  creaFonSocial  media  monitoring
    • Becks  Social  Media  StrategieCLIENTInbev  Germany  RESULTPosiFve  online  senFment  15.000  Fans  and  followers  (without  ads!)50.000  gross  contacts  online  /  monthValueable  learnings  for  future  campaigns
    • Victorinox Swiss Freshness11CLIENTVictorinoxTASK Build awareness for Victorinox Fragrances Increase traffic and sales in online shopEXECUTION Interactive 360° movie in a Swiss lake as ametaphor for fresh perfume Produced as embeddable widget Integrated sample order function Online-PR, Seeding
    • Victorinox Swiss FreshnessCLIENTVictorinoxRESULTS Almost 20 000 samples have been ordered References in about 100 blog- and onlinemagazines Europe-wide, valuable in linksto the shop A large number of social shares toFacebook, Twitter, Tumblr Increased traffic in the shop Positive perception of the campaign andthe brand Increased popularity of the product
    • The  Iconist  Blogger  ReachoutCLIENTAxel  SpringerTASKReach  digital  influencers  and  make  them  talk  about  Springer‘s  first  iPad  App  „Iconist“EXCUTIONIdenFfy  opinion  leadersOrganize  eventsModerate  between  digital  leaders  and  editorial  teamMonitoring  and  analysis
    • The  Iconist  Blogger  ReachoutCLIENTAxel  Springer  RESULT3  Events50  reviewsPosiFve  senFment  towards  product  and  publishing  house
    • ASUS DJ Challenge2011/PANORAMA3000 13CLIENTAsus / IntelTASK Strengthen popularity and sympathy ofAsus / Intel in a young and creativeaudienceEXECUTION DJ remix contest conception and design Facebook app development Website development Community management Online PR
    • ASUS DJ Challenge2011/PANORAMA3000 14CLIENTASUS / INTELRESULTS 180 remix contributions 7.000 votings 4.800 fans on Facebook 20.000 active users monthly 60.000 plays on Soundcloud More than 200 articles and shares inmagazines, blogs, bulletin boards andnetworks about 2 million contacts online via allchannels and PR
    • Creative Contest „Respekt 2010“2011/PANORAMA3000 25CLIENTIntegrationsbeauftragte der BundesregierungTASK Activating young people to deal with the topic„integration“EXECUTION Rap contest via webcam or video upload Online PR in relevant target audience media (hiphop, youth culture, music, lifestyle) Community management
    • Creative Contest „Respekt 2010“2011/PANORAMA3000 26CLIENTIntegrationsbeauftragte der BundesregierungRESULTS More than 600 participants About 1 million video views 20.000 followers on all channels 200+ articles and shares During 3 months: daily intense discussions onSchülerVZ, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter Award „Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation" Impressive creativity and depth of thecontributions
    • SonyMusic Label Website2011/PANORAMA3000 31CLIENTSonyMusic GermanyTASK Relaunch of the label websiteEXECUTION Major label HQ with focus on artists design, concept and execution style: clean, classic, state-of-the-art,
    • 1-2-Fly Away Facebook App2011/PANORAMA3000 34CLIENTOrange8 / TUI InteraktivTASK Community building for 1-2-Fly Switzerland onFacebook Playful contest mechanismEXECUTION Facebook-App: trade card game and competition• Cards could be collected, played, traded and puttogether into sets• complete sets could win trips to internationallocationsRESULT 6.000 users without any advertising were generated bythe game mechanism
    • Arvato Innovation Platform2011/PANORAMA3000 35CLIENTBertelsmannTASK Developing a communication platform for arvatoinnovation managers to share and vote for ideasEXECUTION Workshops and conception Designing the developing the platform Evaluation and iterationen
    • 28.06.10 2010/PANORAMA3000 35Get in touch
    • KontaktPANORAMA3000  GmbH  &  Co.KGOranienstraße  610997  BerlinDeutschlandh^p://www.p3000.netTel.:      +49  (0)  30  80  57  99  66  0Fax:      +49  (0)  30  80  57  99  66  6Mail:  Twi^er:@PANORAMA3000  Facebook:h^p://  Thomas PrausPartner & Managing ZimmermannPartner & Managing
    • Eye for the essential