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Think your sales team is actually using all those brochures, handbooks, and FAQs your organization is writing for them? Think again.

A massive portion of most companies' sales enablement tools and strategies are going unused. Accenture reports:
- 90% of sales content is not used by salespeople
- 80% of training is not retained after 60 days
- Proper sales methodology is used less than half of the time

Your sales materials need to rise above everyday documentation to avoid being overlooked.

You need another tool -- something faster, easier, and more engaging that can help you get your messages across in full. You need video.

Learn more, including 18 ways you can use video to enhance the way your organization does sales enablement -- in our new white paper.

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White Paper: 18 Ways You Can Boost Sales Enablement with Video - Panopto Video Platform

  1. 1. www.panopto.com 855.PANOPTO TM 18 Ways You Can Boost Sales Enablement with Video THROUGH BREAK
  2. 2. 2 of 19 TM www.panopto.com The investment organizations make in training their sales teams is critical to both short- and long-term success. In spite of all the recent changes in selling cycles and buyer habits, sales team interactions continue to be critical to closing sales. In the competitive environment of sales, however, it’s becoming harder and harder for any interaction to stand out. In order to help their sales teams make a more lasting impression, many organizations have begun to formalize the practice of sales enablement — arming their reps with ongoing information and best practices to set them apart from the competition. Our customers tell us there are five pillars of sales enablement, and that video is a difference-maker in just about every one. That’s because while video is well-known for its ability to attract new prospects, it isn’t just a tool for marketing anymore. It’s also an excellent way to help sales teams communicate more effectively — with you, with each other, and with your customers. In this paper we’ll share with you a host of ideas from today’s market leaders for giving your sales enablement efforts a boost — quickly, easily, and affordably, with video. Bringing Everything into View
  3. 3. 3 of 19 TM www.panopto.com Panopto creates software that enables businesses and academic institutions to record and view searchable video presentations in minutes from any device. Businesses can use Panopto to record and live stream: • Employee training and onboarding video • Review, recap, and summary communications • Product demonstrations • All-hands meetings • Sales and marketing presentations • Web conferences • Executive communications • Events for customers, press, and investors Panopto also enables individual employees to record and share videos in a secure, centralized video library.This facilitates: • Social and informal learning • Capturing the knowledge of retiring employees • Sharing knowledge across a global workforce Panopto’s video library includes unique search functionality that enables employees to search inside videos for any word mentioned or shown onscreen during a video. Panopto is currently in use at Fortune 500 companies around the world and is the fastest- growing lecture capture solution at leading universities. Privately-held, Panopto was founded in 2007 by technology entrepreneurs and software design veterans at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science. Panopto was recently recognized by Gartner as a “Leader” in its 2014 Enterprise Video Content Management Magic Quadrant. Learn more at http://panop.to/gartner-leader. Want to try Panopto for yourself? Visit www.panopto.com today for a free 30-day trial or to schedule a demonstration of our software. panopto on a page
  4. 4. 4 of 19 TM www.panopto.com Can Your Sales Team Stand Out From The Crowd?................................................ 5 The 5 Pillars of Sales Enablement............................................................................ 5 The Sales Enablement Megaphone You’re Missing:Video.................................... 7 18 Ways You Can Boost Your Sales Enablement Practice with Video.................... 8 Onboarding......................................................................................................... 8 Ongoing training................................................................................................ 10 Internal communication.................................................................................... 12 Pre-sale prospect engagement........................................................................ 13 Post-sale communications................................................................................ 15 3 Things Every Sales Enablement Practice Needs From A Video Platform........... 17 In 163 Words: Why Panopto Should Be Your Video Platform.................................. 18 Key Takeaways......................................................................................................... 19 OVERVIEW Break through18 Ways You Can Boost Sales Enablement with Video
  5. 5. 5 of 19 TM www.panopto.com Can Your Sales Team Stand Out From The Crowd? In a crowded marketplace — where customers are more knowledgeable and competitors more aggressive — it’s harder than ever for your sales team to stand out. That’s a real problem, because now that it’s easier than ever to get lost in the noise, it’s become absolutely essential for your sales team to be memorable. The data is compelling — sales presentations are a top influencer for whether a provider will be considered in the buying process, as well as for why a buyer will choose to purchase from one provider over another.1 That significant influence is why, in recent years, many organizations have sought to do more to prepare their sales people — moving beyond weekly conference calls and quarterly brochure updates to formalize sales enablement with the goal of making their reps the best- equipped and most knowledgeable in the business. That, however, has proven no small task.According to Accenture,2 Chief Sales Officers continue to cite sales enablement effectiveness among of their top challenges: • 90% of sales content is not used by salespeople • 80% of training is not retained after 60 days • Salespeople spend 71% of time not selling • Proper sales methodology is used less than half of the time Sales enablement has grown as an answer to those challenges — taking root in every part of the sales process, from onboarding and training of individual reps to communication with prospects and ongoing engagement with customers. The 5 Pillars of Sales Enablement Great sales enablement today considers every aspect of your sales team’s development, preparation, and communication, and looks for ways to enhance each.
  6. 6. 6 of 19 TM www.panopto.com Our customers tell us there are five pillars of sales enablement.And while each organization will identify them a little differently, the core concepts typically break down as follows: Onboarding Over the course of their first 30-90 days, you need to instill your team culture, vision, and mission into every member of your team.You’ll also need to get them up to speed on your products, your sales strategy, and your methodology. Ongoing training The world never stops evolving, and neither do your products and processes. Ensuring your sales team sees and understands all the latest features and enhancements in your product line as soon as they are ready is essential to their success. Just as critical is your traditional corporate training — regular instructional sessions on team processes, overviews of business strategy from the executive team, internal compliance presentations from learning and development — all of which help your team better understand your organization’s priorities and generate the right kind of sales opportunities. Internal communication Effective communications is the lifeblood of any team — and a particular challenge when your sales team members can often be too busy for email. Whether it’s outbound messages from the home office to the field, or insight and best practice sharing among coworkers, the messages you deliver on a day-to-day basis are essential to helping your team, learning from one another, improving sales techniques, and closing more business. Pre-sale prospect engagement Your sales team will tell you — closing the next big sale is a marathon, not a sprint. Often the ongoing communications between prospect and Sales are a driving factor in whether a deal gets done. This pillar is often a joint venture with your marketing team.The key to making this a sales enablement success is ensuring that sales and marketing are properly connected, and that your sales team has the communications tools they need to move prospects through the sales funnel. Post-sale communication The importance of the connection your sales team creates with your customers doesn’t wane when the ink on the contract is dry — it’s just as essential to ensuring current customers stay loyal. 1 3 4 5 2
  7. 7. 7 of 19 TM www.panopto.com Ongoing communications, insider tips to getting the most out of your products, sneak previews of coming features, and even simple routine check-ins are all moments your team can use to reinforce your relationship, identify potential trouble spots, and work to ensure renewals can be quick and easy. The most effective sales enablement processes are those that find a way to come to the aid of their sales team members in each of these five areas.And that’s where video comes in. The Sales Enablement Megaphone You’re Missing:Video Across the five pillars of sales enablement, the way you communicate with reps and the way they communicate with clients needs to rise above everyday email in order to avoid getting overlooked. To be more effective, you need another tool — something faster, easier, and more engaging that can help you get messages across in full. You need video. In recent years, video has proven its worth in just about every aspect of sales enablement. While video is well-known for its ability to attract new prospects, it isn’t just a tool for marketers. It’s also an excellent way to help sales teams communicate more effectively — with each other and with your customers. Short of face-to-face conversation, video is the most effective way to share a message.As organizations adopt video, sales teams benefit with anywhere, anytime access to training, tips and strategies, a means to quickly record and share product demonstrations with prospects, a more engaging way to send personalized sales messages and more. With so many benefits, it’s no surprise video is taking off in sales organizations.The Aberdeen Group3 has found that many forward-looking companies are already using video across the sales cycle: • Marketing and awareness • Lead nurturing • Conversions • Lead qualification • Deal closings • Post-sale communications
  8. 8. 8 of 19 TM www.panopto.com 18 Ways You Can Boost Sales Enablement with Video It’s not too late for your team to take advantage of video to give your sales team an edge — and get ahead of your competition. Let’s look into how you can use video to better equip your sales team across each of the five pillars of sales enablement. Onboarding: Make Every First Step A Good One For many sales organizations, onboarding presents a specific challenge: how to deliver training on demand, tailored to the specific role and region, and to a small audience (often of just one) that may be remotely located across the country or around the world. The time required to onboard well, too, is enormous.The average organization spends 73 days training entry-level sales reps.4 And even experienced sales professionals still require an average of nearly a week’s time to get up to speed.5 Video can help with this, giving you a tool you can use to quickly create a new hire training video library with how-tos and best practices for every role and position. A video library makes recordings viewable, searchable, and shareable on demand, so that new sales hires have everything they need from day one.These videos are ideal for onboarding, as they can be viewed as many times as necessary and from any location to help new team members get up-to-speed even when working remotely. Here are a few of the types of videos our customers recommend to help new sales team members onboard quickly and completely: Culture, vision and mission statements. What your company does, how you do it, and most importantly, why you do it, is essential information for anyone coming into your organization.Yet in almost every organization’s onboarding process, these guiding- principle statements are simply printed out and slipped into the “welcome aboard” folder — a box checked. Video helps bring these strategic statements alive.Ask executives across your organization to share their take on the why that drives yours company, and help viewers The average organization spends 73 DAYStraining an entry-level rep
  9. 9. 9 of 19 TM www.panopto.com actually see the passion and enthusiasm built up in these ideals to help them better join in with your organization’s culture. Company tours. Sometimes the greatest challenge in being new is just learning where to go.And yet, especially for large organizations, an in-person tour of the corporate headquarters or field offices, including of safety-related locations, isn’t practical.Video tours of the workplace help employees settle in more quickly. Invite your front-line managers to record their own office introductions, highlighting places important to their teams.This doesn’t have to be a burden — they can simply record the tour they give the next time a new person starts. Having the recording available in the future will help new reps — as well as your existing remote employees when they visit the home office. Departmental overviews. The sales team onboarding processes shouldn’t be focused solely on sales. Interdepartmental training is key to a sales team’s success because it helps salespeople understand the bigger picture. Ask your colleagues in other departments to record a brief introduction to their work, as well as any pointers they’d want to make sure members of the sales team know.You might find these sessions generate a few best practices that are valuable to share even with tenured members of your team. Product and process demonstrations. There’s no better way to help someone understand your business, products, and processes than with a full demonstration. But onboarding demos can be a big challenge. First, they require your managers or specialists to find time to walk through every detail and every feature — no small challenge, especially for growing organizations.Worse still, no matter how perfect your onboarding demo, if it’s delivered live your new hire only gets one chance to see and remember every last important fact and facet presented. For most people that’s a big request, especially when they’re already facing down a dozen other new hire requirements. Video training with subject matter experts
  10. 10. 10 of 19 TM www.panopto.com Teaching new hires the basics of your offerings with high-quality, replayable, searchable video demonstrations is an investment that is repaid over and over again. Training professionals recommend companies share videos like these to new employees not just at the start of the employment, but over time. Incremental and repeated teaching sessions have been shown to improve knowledge retention rates significantly.6 Sales strategy discussions. Some of your new hires won’t just be new to the company — they’ll be new to sales, too.And even for veteran salespeople, your approach to working with leads, prospects, and customers may be different from previous employers’. Selling skills videos are an important part of every employee’s onboarding experience. Ask your sales managers to provide an overview of your strategy, including what types of customers your organization targets, and whether you prefer to take a relationship- builder, a challenger, a problem-solver, or other approach. Ongoing Training: Enable Just-In-Time Learning Top executives routinely cite employee development as one of their biggest business challenges.After all, a company’s productivity depends on employees understanding the goals of the company and executing their responsibilities as well as possible. Yet recent reports indicate that 35 percent of the knowledge employees gain during training is lost within a single month — and after six months, that number is closer to 90 percent.7 Historically companies have looked to ongoing learning and development programs in order to combat this knowledge loss, as well as help employees polish old skills with new ideas and continue to grow and expand capabilities within roles. Here, too, video can be a valuable tool to support several parts of your training regimen. Skills enhancement via role play. Honing sales skills takes more than philosophical reviews of selling approaches. It takes practice to get familiar with common customer questions and pushback and be able to steer conversations back on track. Many sales teams already role play customer scenarios to help team members learn new pitches, prepare for possible difficulties, and keep skills sharp. But unless they are recorded, those practice sessions really only benefit the participants. 90%of training knowledge is lost in just 6 months
  11. 11. 11 of 19 TM www.panopto.com From telemarketers to professional athletes, there’s no shortage of evidence that recording and reviewing one’s own performance is a quick and effective way to diagnose issues and identify opportunities for improvement. Recording and sharing these sessions amongst your team is a great way to help others learn from the experience as well, and can help you convey the style and delivery, as well as the substance, of an ideal selling interaction. Regular product and process updates. While most of your sales enablement practice will highlight new ideas, techniques, and strategies, a smaller but just as important part will be spent ensuring your team can quickly and clearly receive, absorb, and complete standard recurring processes and training. Especially for more routine or organization-focused objectives like annual reviews, compliance, or ergonomics, it’s critical that your sales team gets the message — quickly. More compelling than a handbook and more readily available and cost-effective than on-location events and seminars, supplementing your traditional training with available on-demand video is one of the best investments companies make. In fact, new reports suggest transitioning to eLearning can save your sales team up to 35% of the time it would otherwise be required to spend with in-class training.8 Training conference recordings. Events and internal conferences serve a vital purpose. Not only do they allow companies to disseminate relevant information, they can also give employees and others a glimpse of what their peers are working on, what’s new in the industry, and where the company is thinking strategically. Attending such an event can boost employee morale and engagement in a way that’s almost impossible to replicate during business-as-usual moments. But for oft-cited reasons of timing and budget, attendance is seldom possible for every event and every member of your team. When attendance isn’t possible, a video recording of the event can be the next best thing. Recording events — or even live-streaming them — can be a great way to share the excitement and insight gleaned from all those keynotes and breakouts, with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Time saved by switching from in-class training to eLearning35%
  12. 12. 12 of 19 TM www.panopto.com Internal Communications: Share Knowledge More Effectively As organizations grow and mature, often one of the greatest challenges they face isn’t competition — it’s simple communication.This problem has only grown larger as remote offices increasingly dot the globe and sales take place online 24/7/365. Too many organizations rely on text-heavy documents, recaps, summaries, and emails to share ideas and keep each other up to date. Not only does all that take a great deal of time and effort to create, as many sales managers can attest, it’s seldom read. A better option? Video. Video can help you and your team quickly capture ideas, share best practices, and even supplement emails — just click record and go. Social knowledge sharing. Formal and informal “ask-the-expert” conversations are the most essential way for employees to learn from one another, transfer institutional knowledge, and build your competitive advantage.There’s only one problem with social learning at most organizations today: it doesn’t work unless your expert is there to answer the questions — unless of course, you record it. With searchable video, every member of your sales team can quickly record and share ideas, demos, reviews, recaps, and more, right from their laptops, tablets or smartphones. Team members can take advantage of each other’s insider expertise, picking up pointers and learning new tactics anytime, anywhere — even when separated by thousands of miles or well after your subject matter expert has moved on to a new role. Enhance internal announcements. Every year employees ask for more insight into the inner workings of their organizations. But email newsletters just aren’t getting the job done.According to Forrester Research, employees are 75 percent more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails or web articles.9 Ask your executives and communications teams to record video messages that the sales team can view on demand, or webcast live.Video can help make these news announcements more engaging and shareable — and much easier for your busy sales team to take in. more likely to watch a video than read text. 75% Employees are +
  13. 13. 13 of 19 TM www.panopto.com Record and share team meetings. With your sales team spread across the country or around the globe, face-to-face meetings are often an impossibility.And that’s a real problem, because most organizations still rely on meetings for updates, decisions, brainstorms, and more. When face-to-face communications aren’t possible — and sometimes even when they are — recorded meetings can be an invaluable addition.Add more life to your next WebEx or Skype call by recording it and storing the video in your organization’s video library so it can be searched and reviewed by remote team members. Modern video platforms can help you record multiple video streams to capture more than one presenter, as well as presentation slides, whiteboard notes, computer screens, and almost anything else — so your team is always in the loop. Replace email with short, personal videos. Too often businesses rely on email or instant messages to share detailed messages. Document reviews, status updates, meeting summaries — while easily shared in a three-minute video or face-to-face chat — often take forty-five minutes and six paragraphs to transfer to the written form. When distance or timing make remote communication preferable to face-to-face conversations, video provides a stand-in that’s often faster and more engaging, with dramatically reduced potential for misunderstanding due to missed nonverbal cues. Today’s modern video platforms make it easy to record a quick video and share it by email with one or many recipients. For sales teams in many organizations, it’s now faster to share a message by simply clicking “record” and speaking into a webcam. Better still, adding the human element of video typically makes the message even easier for the viewer to comprehend. Prospecting: Using Video To Fill Your New Business Funnel Onboarding, training, and communications are critical elements to your sales enablement program.They prepare your team to make the best sale possible. But modern sales enablement doesn’t stop at developing your people — it can help you develop your prospects as well. Of utmost importance to the success of a company is prospect attraction and qualification.
  14. 14. 14 of 19 TM www.panopto.com And while for many organizations this work begins with the marketing department, successful execution demands coordination with the sales team to ensure your organization is finding the highest-value prospects and bringing them into the sales funnel. Many of the ways companies use video to accomplish these goals are familiar, and each can help you generate new leads and fill your team’s pipeline. Initial outreach and introduction. Adding video is a great way to improve the performance of your prospecting emails. Just including the word “video” in an email subject line has proven to increase click-thru rates by 7-13 percent.10 Even more significantly, embedding a video in an email increased the email’s conversion rate by an average of 21 percent over using a static image alone. Better still, those improved engagement benefits have the opportunity to play out over and over with other potential contacts should your contact forward your email around their organization. Personalized presentations, demonstrations, and lead-nurturing communications. Your sales team wouldn’t dream of walking into a new prospect’s office with a generic slide deck. But that’s just what they do each time they send another standard email reply or share another stock brochure. Instead, create a customizable sales kit to arm your team with everything they’ll need to help tailor their conversations to their clients’ needs. Include relevant presentations and demos for every vertical in which you compete, and insist that your sales team further customize those for each opportunity and customer. With personalized messaging in-hand, encourage your sales team to use your video platform to record the entire thing.Video allows you to provide a more targeted, relevant, and engaging message for your prospect to watch and share, while also ensuring your sales team can give a best-case presentation, without fear of live demo failing or important points in your slides going unexplained. Best of all, these videos can really boost your bottom line. Studies have shown up to 85% of people are more likely to buy a product if they saw an explainer video first.11 Post-sales call messages with a personal feel. Looking for a simple technique to help your reps really stand out? Add a little video to your follow up communications. more likely to buy after watching an explainer video. 85% Customers are
  15. 15. 15 of 19 TM www.panopto.com Likely your team is already sending post-call follow up messages, including reminders of key points discussed and additional information to be shared with others who weren’t able to attend. Recording that message as a brief video recap is a simple way to make that message more personal and engaging, and help differentiate your communications from those of your competitors. Enhanced lead-scoring. Another way you can use video to your benefit doesn’t involve creating video at all, but instead leveraging your existing video for valuable data on prospect and customer trends.With proper web tracking and lead monitoring technology in place, your team can begin to see: • Which videos prospects viewed; • The dates and times the prospects viewed the video; • The number of times the prospect viewed the video; • The length of time the prospect spent watching the video; • The point at which the prospect stopped the video; and • Which interactive features the prospect engaged in. With information like this, sales teams can determine the interest level of their prospects as well as which use cases and features attract them the most.Video statistics can also allow salespeople to prioritize prospects to focus on in their upcoming efforts, as well as schedule smarter follow ups on previous communications. Post-Sale Communication: Reinforce Your Relationship And Drive Renewals Congratulations are in order! Your trained and knowledgeable sales team has identified a prospect, conveyed your value, converted that prospect into a lead, and now closed that sale. Job’s done, right? Simple video for personalized communications
  16. 16. 16 of 19 TM www.panopto.com Well, close but not quite. For most businesses, retaining that customer is just as critical as signing them in the first place. Strong renewal rates drive up customer lifetime value, and in turn allow organizations to realize more revenue from every sale — enabling them to lower prices, invest in product development, increase spend in marketing and sales, and any number of other benefits. Of course, in a competitive marketplace renewals are no sure thing.Your customers are likely hearing about the competition every day — in the news, from their colleagues and peers, and in the direct sales outreach that constantly fills up their email and voicemail inboxes. Many sales teams have responded to this changing sales landscape by adapting to become an ongoing knowledge base for their customers, offering helpful, tailored content that goes beyond sales collateral and helps them both establish credibility as well as differentiate their organizations through superior customer experience. Insider tips, how-to videos, and previews of coming features. Want to become an essential part of your customers’ businesses? Help your clients become experts. Teaching new customers how to get the most out of your product, where to find those helpful features that are often overlooked, and new ways they might use it are all essential customer service functions that your sales team can and should contribute to. Video makes sharing all those “secrets of the specialists” easy — eliminating the need for lengthy how-to manuals and instead simply letting clients see exactly what to do. In most sales relationships, your contact will become your champion in their organization. Ensuring your contact truly understands your product not only ensures they get the maximum value from your relationship, but also helps them sell your product to others inside their own organization. Likewise, giving your clients an inside edge on what’s new, what’s changing, and what’s coming next helps them better prepare their own teams for any updates and avoid any after-the-fact surprises. Ongoing communications and routine check-ins. In every customer’s lifecycle there are dozens of moments your team can use to reinforce your relationship, identify potential trouble spots, and work to ensure that renewals are quick and easy. Including video helps personalize your team’s communications, and can humanize your company against a sea of otherwise faceless competitors. The result: online customer service experiences that exceed expectations, increasing brand appreciation and word-of-mouth marketing.
  17. 17. 17 of 19 TM www.panopto.com 3 Things Every Sales Enablement Practice Needs From A Video Platform With 18 use cases and counting, video has a place in almost every aspect of a modern sales enablement practice. But not every video system is ready for the task. To get the most out of video, you need a platform that can help in creating and customizing all that video content, one that can easily manage all those videos, and one that can make sharing and searching content across all that video painless. Create high-quality videos. The single most essential aspect to video is also the most straightforward: you need to be able to record it, quickly, and ideally from anywhere. That may sound easy in an era where everyone has a camera on their laptops and smartphones, but that’s only true if your video platform is up to the task of uploading all the different types of video all those cameras may produce, and converting them to a format that can be played back by anyone, anywhere, anytime, on any device. Also important is just how much content you can create. Some systems may limit your team to simply recording their computer screens or only one webcam. Systems that allow for multiple cameras, multiple angles, and multiple video streams may be more flexible for your team’s needs, allowing you to better capture more aspects of complex demonstrations, include additional presenters, or simply ensure that both your presenter and their presentation can always be shown in full. Search and manage videos. Your videos are useless if your team can’t actually find them.You need a central video library to make your recordings easily available. A modern video platform should include a video content management system (VCMS, or “corporate YouTube”). Forrester Research recommends companies considering a VCMS prioritize three features: access control (“security to control who can view what”), archiving (a way to “systematically categorize and store recorded video”), and video search, both in-video and across-library.12 A VCMS can help you make the most of your video, by enabling: • Your team to quickly search for and find specific video clips and relevant mo- ments, so they never waste time trying to find information • Your IT team to ensure only approved users are watching your video 1 2
  18. 18. 18 of 19 TM www.panopto.com • You to monitor analytics, to see which videos are most popular, which viewers watch the most, and whether a viewer completed a particular video Customize and share videos. The secret to breaking through with video is personalization. But customizing each video to share can be time-consuming, unless your video platform makes it easy to scale. Often your sales team may not need to customize a complete video, but merely add a personalized introduction and close. Look for a video platform with a simple video editor that can allow your team to splice in video clips, to save time and still give each mes- sage a personal touch. Once the final video is tailored for the customer, you’ll want to ensure you have a simple way to share it.To make this easy, you’ll need a platform that can share specific video links to selected individuals by email or social media, while still maintaining security per- missions to ensure everything else in your library stays private. In 163 Words: Why Panopto Should Be Your Video Platform for Sales Enablement The most valuable feature of a video platform for sales enablement is adaptability.You should be able to set it up to capture whatever you need — anytime, anywhere — then just click “record”, and let the technology fade into the background. That’s what Panopto does. Named a “Leader” in Gartner Research’s 2014 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management, Panopto makes it easy to record, share, and search video — in a single solution that runs on any laptop. Panopto’s video platform standardizes almost any video camera, then automatically encodes and uploads to a secure “Enterprise YouTube” of video content that can be shared internally or with partners and customers. And Panopto makes finding video content easy, with Smart Search technology that allows your employees to search your entire video library for any word spoken, shown on-screen, or included in video metadata — and instantly fast forwarding right to the relevant moment. For more, visit www.Panopto.com or call 855.PANOPTO. 3
  19. 19. 19 of 19 TM www.panopto.com Key takeaways Sales enablement has become an essential practice at organizations around the world, addressing the need to keep sales teams performing at their best in an ever more competitive marketplace. For those sales enablement teams, video is more than a welcome helping hand, it’s creating a competitive advantage — boosting onboarding and training, enhancing communications, and attracting and connecting with prospects. A video platform can help organizations get the most out of sales enablement video. By making it easy to record, manage, search, and share video, a video platform helps video become a weapon in your sales enablement arsenal. citations 1. Gartner Research. Marketing Influences, Subset Report, 2013 2. Accenture. CSO Insights survey: Connecting the Dots on Sales Performance, 2012 3. Aberdeen Group. Lights, Camera, Call-to-Action:Trends in Video-based Marketing, 2012 4. Sales and Marketing Management. Should You Speed Up Sales Training? 5. American Society for Training & Development Research. 6. Monster. HR Best Practices, New Employee Orientation 7. Savo Group. Financial Services: Reinforcing Sales Process 8. Brandon Hall Research. 9. Comprehensive Media: Twenty Ways to Save Money On Your Next Video 10. Digital Marketer Benchmark and Trend Report, 2012 11. Wistia. Five Benefits of Telling Your Story with Explainer Videos 12. Forrester Research. Leveraging Live Streaming And On-Demand Video In The Enterprise