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Does Video In The Classroom Work? New Student Performance Data - Panopto Video Platform


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Do "flipped classrooms" really work? And how well? We've collected new data to help separate fact from hype - and show that the flipped classroom model is working well for students around the globe. …

Do "flipped classrooms" really work? And how well? We've collected new data to help separate fact from hype - and show that the flipped classroom model is working well for students around the globe. It might just be time for more teachers to start flipping.

Panopto makes it easy to record, share, and search video–in a single solution that requires zero new hardware and zero specialized training.

Panopto’s video content management system automatically standardizes almost any video camera, then automatically encodes and uploads to a secure, searchable “Enterprise YouTube” of video content that can be shared internally or with partners and customers.

For more, visit or call 855.PANOPTO today.

Published in: Education
  • Useful studies and valuable data, though I have to agree with Tony. This is more a mash-up on the affirmation of lecture capture, than a coherent appraisal of flipped classrooms. An evaluation of student engagement, satisfaction and knowledge retention following a series of flipped classrooms across different subjects would be invaluable.
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  • Interesting….a more qualitative study would be welcome.
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  • These are very interesting numbers from a good section of institutions, my one observation would be that I don't see statistics in here to progress the flipped classroom debate (as per the title), what I do see are numbers for making lectures available electronically. The topics are very different, you may see exactly these results from a traditional lecture programme if made available electronically.
    Tony Harper Director Digital Native UK.
    IT Apprenticeships delivered in innovative ways, including the flipped classroom and electronic learning aids.
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  • The statistics is weak in a category or might have missed - instructed to do so and inducted as available....
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  • In the past six months, we’ve gathered research from 10 different universities – some in the UK, some in other parts of Europe, some in the US, and some as far away as New Zealand.They all provide similar information on the impact of LC and FC on a number of aspects of the learning experience – from the classes students take to their attendance, to various measures of performance.Improving the student learning experience and outcomes is obviously a fundamental goal of educators and education technologists.It’s also relevant to some issues faced by the education system in the UK.Student tuition is going up (tripling in the last year) which is driving an increase in student expectations of what they’re going to get.Faculty funding has been tight / declining. This is driving uncertainty in the academic community.The studies we’re examining today show that:In schools that adopt LC/FC, students are getting more for their money.Faculty who embrace LC/FC see improvements in their students’ engagement and work, which leads to higher job fulfillment, less uncertainty, better job security
  • Use cases for recorded videosStudent perceptionsImpact on course selectionImpact on attendanceImpact on attainment
  • The #1 answer is important because it’s an indication of something we’ll discuss later – attendance is largely an independent variable when it comes to LC/FC. Students who are prone to skip will skip; those who are likely to come to class will continue doing so.Panopto is in use at Newcastle University in the UK for lecture capture and recording pre-lecture course material.
  • Panopto is in use at Aberystwyth for lecture capture and recording pre-lecture course material.
  • Panopto is in use at Waikato in New Zealand for lecture capture and a wide range of other scenarios, including: MBA student presentations, student music performance live webcasting to parents and audiences around the world, as an English as a second language (ESL) aid, capturing complex multi-camera engineering demonstrations, faculty how-to videos (for software installation and use of the university’s LMS), and recording faculty feedback on student assignments.Panopto is used at Ball State for lecture capture and class flipping. These statistics are specific to class flipping.
  • Panopto is in use at Virginia Western for lecture capture and recording pre- and post-lecture course material.Qualitative student feedback: “I would not want to be without it.”“Panopto is the best thing since Blackboard and should be mandatory in every class.”Panopto is in use at WSSU for lecture capture and recording pre-lecture course material.
  • Georgia tech used Microsoft PowerPoint and Producer to record and make available on-demand lectures for an Introduction to Human Computer Interaction (HCI) course. Over a 15-week period, the school compared performance of students who actively used the lecture capture system with those who didn’t.Students learning HCI using supplemental web lectures earned significantly higher grades than students in a traditional lecture-based class, and reported increasingly strong subjective approval of web lectures, lecture homework, and the new course format.
  • In 2008 and 2009, University of Groningen in the Netherlands used a blended learning approach to determine whether a combination of in-class lecture attendance and online lecture viewing led to improved academic achievement. The study was done on students in a European Law course.“The outcomes of the study are in-line with the conclusion of Mayer (2008) that instruction is most effective when available at the moment the student needs it.Offering recordings of face-to-face lectures is an easy extension of a traditional course and is of practical importance, because it enables students who are often absent from the regular face-to-face lectures to be able to improve their course grade by viewing the lectures online.”
  • Transcript

    • 1. Do Flipped Classrooms Work? The latest data on student performance when using Lecture Capture and the Flipped Classroom
    • 2. Nine Institutions
    • 3. Topics Covered in Research Use cases for online videos Student perceptions Impact on course selection Impact on attendance Impact on attainment
    • 4. How Students Use Recorded Lectures Newcastle University 2013 77% 75% 62% Revisit difficult concepts Exam revision Additional notes 58% Missed lecture
    • 5. How Students Use Recorded Lectures Aberystwyth University 2011 68% 63% 51% Exam revision Clarify difficult concepts Missed lecture
    • 6. Measuring Adoption Among Students University of Waikato 2012 Ball State 2011 (Flipped Class) 100% 80% 73% of students watched recorded lectures 60% 73% 85% 40% 20% 0% students who watched more than half of each pre-lecture students who watched 75-100% of each pre-lecture
    • 7. Value of the Recordings Newcastle 2013 Aberystwyth 2011 92% Useful or Very Useful 98% Found Recordings Helpful
    • 8. Value of the Recordings Virginia Western 2011 Winston-Salem State 2011 86% Useful or Very Useful 98% Very or Somewhat Beneficial to My Learning
    • 9. Impact on Course Selection Aberystwyth University 2011 Virginia Western 2011 Likelihood of taking a course based on LC availability 81% Availability impacts my choice of courses 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 85% 40% Before taking a LCenabled course After taking an LCenabled course
    • 10. Impact on Attendance Winston-Salem State 2011 11% Increased 86% No impact
    • 11. Impact on Performance Winston-Salem State 2010-2011 Exam Scores in BIO 3311 50% Panopto Users Non-Users 75 Failure Rate of BIO3311 80 80 75 66 40% 30% 67 63 65 20% 10% 0% Exam 1 Exam 2 Exam 3 Exam 4 Failure rate prior to Panopto Failure rate after Panopto implementation
    • 12. Impact on Performance Georgia Tech 2009 University of Windsor 2007 Average grade improvement over a 15-week period Exam improvement between first, second mid-term 19 15% 12 6 Homework Lecture Homework Project 8 4 Exams Final Grade Exam Score Increase
    • 13. Impact on Performance University of Groningen 2009 Exam Scores 65 60 55 Low Attendance 50 Medium Attendance High Attendance 45 40 Viewed no online lectures Viewed all online lectures
    • 14. Success Requires a New Pedagogical Approach Ball State University 2011 From Lectures to Micro-lectures <7 minutes 7-10 minutes 11-15 minutes Recreating a High-Fidelity Online Experience 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 78% Seeing video of the professor helps me engage with the videos 89% 90% Seeing video of classspecific content helps me engage with the videos Seeing PowerPoint helps me engage with the videos
    • 15. Facilitated By A Complete Video Platform Record and webcast video from your laptop Store and stream all of your video using a central video library Find any word, phrase, or segment inside any of your videos
    • 16. Discussion
    • 17. List of Research Referenced Enhancing Student Engagement through Content Capture Software and an Audience-Response System, Ball State University, 2011 Evaluating Web Lectures: A Case Study from Human-Computer Interaction, Georgia Tech, 2009 Impact of Online Video Lecture Recordings and Automated Feedback on Student Performance, University of Groningen, 2009 Using Video Lecture Capture Systems to Enhance Teaching in High DFW Courses, Winston-Salem State University, 2012 Video Lecture Capture Systems – A Comparison of Student and Faculty Perceptions, Winston-Salem State University, 2011 Panopto Lecture Capture Pilot Study: Student Survey, Virginia Western Community College, 2011 Student Perceptions on the Value of Panopto, University of Waikato, 2012 Lecture Capture at Newcastle University, Technology Day Presentation, Newcastle University, 2013 Lecture Capture at Aberystwyth University Presentation, Aberystwyth University, 2011 The Virtual Lecture Hall: Utilisation, Effectiveness, and Student Perceptions, University of Windsor, 2007