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PAN Clinical Trials Awareness Campaign   Agnew
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PAN Clinical Trials Awareness Campaign Agnew


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  • 1. Clinical Trials Awareness Campaign Hollings Cancer Center at the Medical University of South Carolina
  • 2. • Part of the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC • Officially became a cancer center in 1993 • Obtained NCI designation in 2009; only NCI center in the state • Would be a great site for future NACCDO PAN meeting! • Welcome Allison Leggett, director of strategic communications at HCC A Bit About Hollings
  • 3. • Inspiration: amazing things witnessed at OSUCC in 2010 • Stated goal: increase accrual to therapeutic trials from 10.5% to 15% by spring 2015 • Behind the scenes: needed a significant culture change • Public facing campaign to motivate inside and raise awareness outside/compel the conversation • Launched in spring 2011 The Roots
  • 4. The Basics • Involve patients to empower them and inspire medical teams/all ct participants at HCC • Find a theme and use a great photographer/people doing something they love • Tagline: The Next Breakthrough Could Be Yours applies to everyone • Call to action: Ask About Clinical Trials • Remember diversity as often as you can (ethnic, gender, age)
  • 5. • Must have top-level institutional support; matrix center directors can’t do it alone • Help your CTO help physicians/a lot of work • Assess for physician comfort and attitude • Must have physician champions in each area/CT leaders roadshow • Prepare frontline staff (scripts; buttons and handouts) Getting Ready
  • 6. • 7-foot tall banners in public spaces • posters in all exam rooms and hallways • thermometer signs in non-public spaces tracking enrollment by disease The Visuals
  • 7. The Visuals
  • 8. • Big spike in accrual during 1st quarter of campaign; peaks and valleys over time • One year after launch, accrual was up by 4% • Current accruals at 14.3%; closing in on 15% • Costs: about $1,400 per patient (photography, banners and posters); outside vendors • Patients are altruistic and proud to participate; many volunteers Lessons Learned: What Worked
  • 9. • Patient “stars” pass away – what to do/Phase I patients – consider carefully • Honoring diversity while covering all cancer types is challenging • Enthusiasm flags – physician leaders must continue to motivate • Change culture by recruiting physicians inclined to enroll patients on to trials • Complement with video if you can Lessons Learned: Tougher Take-aways