NACCDO Innovators Network at Fred Hutchinson Dolbert-Schwartz-Bruning


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NACCDO Innovators Network at Fred Hutchinson Dolbert-Schwartz-Bruning

  1. 1. Innovators Network at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  2. 2. • What is Innovators Network? • Why did we create it? • How did we build it? • The results • What’s next?
  3. 3. What is Innovators Network? • Like-minded people who are less than 45 years old – Want to save lives faster by supporting innovative, early-stage research at Fred Hutch – Commit to an annual gift of at least $1,000 – Targeted representation from some of Seattle’s most impactful companies (Microsoft, Amazon etc.)
  4. 4. Why did we create it? • Innovators Network was created in 2008 by a group of friends rallying around a cancer diagnosis • Fred Hutch saw an opportunity to get in front of the next generation of philanthropists • We also wanted to ensure we were top of mind for this group as they moved into a more philanthropic stage of their lives – Captured the interest of a group not yet committed to a specific cause
  5. 5. How did we build it? • Identified an initial group who were committed to its success • Had a Fred Hutch development staff member who offered to “own” this new group • Determined what kind of activities would appeal to people in their 20s to 40s – Happy hour formats 3X a year, showcasing rock star young physicians and scientists • Limited and defined time commitment, combining social time and science
  6. 6. How did we build it? • Recognized that social media and online communications were the channels to bring this group in – Focused on creating relevant, conversational, useful social media and other online content • Continually assessed interest – Discovered members wanted a larger, more public fundraising event. IN for the Hutch was created in 2012 – Encouraged members to leverage external events and develop cause-related marketing to benefit innovative research at Fred Hutch
  7. 7. The Results • Membership goal for 100 members by the end of the first year – Ended up with 131 members – Raised $306,000 • IN for the Hutch raised $232,000 in 2012, its initial year; $363,000 in 2013. Committee wants this to be a million dollar event – Fundraising foci geared toward IN demographics • Pediatric brain tumors, transplantation using cord blood • FY 2013 had 210 members – Since inception, have raised more than $1.5M for innovative research
  8. 8. What’s next? • Continue to put the best and brightest of Hutch scientists in front of IN members • Make IN for the Hutch a million dollar event • Create a structured plan to upgrade members to President’s Circle ($10,000 annual giving) while retaining IN loyalty • Create a smooth transition to for IN members as they age out of the under 45 demographic
  9. 9. Questions? Keri Balmer, Senior Manager, Annual Giving