2011 Predictions (For Sun Signs based on Tarot)


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Presenting 2011 Sun SIgn Tarot Predictions...
May you all have a great year ahead...

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2011 Predictions (For Sun Signs based on Tarot)

  1. 1. green apple pub tarot2011 SUN SIGN GUIDE pankaj thuain
  2. 2. CHAPTERSoverview of the yearariestaurusgeminicancerleovirgolibrascorpiosagittariuscapricornaquariuspisces
  3. 3. OVERVIEW OFTHE YEARPASSION - INSTINCT - CHOICES2011 resembles passion, and passion requires focus, single and unwavering focus. It indicatesimportant choices to be made. But you can be sure about one thing, that any choice you makewill be the right one.There are prospects of positive partnerships, at work, in love or in business. Chances are notmeant to be missed. Grab every possible window of opportunity that arrives.The universe is handing down the instincts required to make important decisions.Pay attention to your dreams, as they might reveal the solution to most your problems.It is the year of wisdom, intuition, magic, gut feelings and esoteric knowledge.Logic can take a backseat, while you can choose to follow your heart and instincts throughoutthe year.
  4. 4. ARIESMOVE ONLUCKY MONTHS: JANUARY, MARCH, SEPTEMBER, DECEMBER Realize and accept that the past is past. Get out of an old job or relationship for good. The one thing you need right now is courage, courage to leave the known, comfortable way for the unknown. Consider a completely new way of looking at love and relationships. You will create something that will bring in patronage. You create more work for yourself. So promising is what you have done with so little, that money, admiration, and more work is coming your way. Health wise, it indicates positive results from a new exercise program or therapy. Unexpected meetings and twists of destiny exist, and you can’t predict any surprises here, but can only be aware of when one is around. It also indicates changes in direction and rapid movement. And when the energy of the Wheel of fortune arrives, you will feel that life’s pace has increased with favorable events happening in a chain. Tarot Tip: Go with the flow and don’t fret
  5. 5. TAURUSKEEP DREAMINGLUCKY MONTHS: JANUARY, APRIL, NOVEMBER Have complete faith and belief that life is good. New beginnings are marked throughout 2011, so take your chances without fear of failure. Fears and anxieties might hit you unexpectedly, but ignore them. Keep illusions and imaginations under control, and be logical. Don’t let any deceptions and false ideas push you in the wrong direction; have a fixed aim in mind. Life is at its best in terms of love, money and career - the world is offering the best to you, so stay alert. There’s one simple rule this year for you - think negative and you invite trouble, think positive and all your dreams are fulfilled - even the not so practical ones. Tarot Tip: Combat your fears with faith
  6. 6. GEMINIGLORY FOLLOWS YOULUCKY MONTHS: JANUARY, AUGUST, DECEMBER Difficult value choices and questioning that leads to positive results. There might be some moral crossroads - a point where you have to choose between the high road and the low. How will you feel this year? You have confidence, glory, energy and blazing rays of positivism. You are profoundly sure of your power. You can now feel unlimited energy and glow. You feel great about yourself and stand out brilliantly in a huge crowd. Now is your time, so let your light shine. The most common obstacle in your life in 2011 is a closed heart. When we cut ourselves off from everyone emotionally, we block the link that allows our love to flow outward into the world. Every time our heart is closed, it becomes more difficult to open up again. Another problem is a deadlocked situation. When two parties are set in their positions there is a stalemate. Learn that barriers are not the answer. We have to stay open if we are to find wholeness. Tarot Tip: Channelize your energy in the right direction
  7. 7. CANCERACTION TIMELUCKY MONTHS: FEBRUARY, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER You have an eye for detail and your mind is awakening for new challenges. You are looking at things much more critically. You are feeling sharper and clearer. You are brimming with ideas, and want to want to talk or discuss about them. You are skilled enough to judge the sharpness of a sword and strike at the right time. There is violence and anger in the world. But there is also much good that we o,en ignore or chose to neglect. Small gestures that are barely noticed are so important. Focus on that this year. A relationship or a person is making a comeback into your life from the past, reminding you of things you once enjoyed. An old picture, an invitation to a college reunion, it can be anything, start looking for signals that point towards a budding love affair. Some endings will be instrumental in initiating a great change. It signals the end of an era; a moment when one door is closing for ever. At such moments, sadness and reluctance creeps in, but a sense of completion coupled with relief is also felt strongly. Erase and remove the unnecessary and useless out of your life. Just ride your fate and see where it leads you. Tarot Tip: Remove the trash from your life
  8. 8. LEOSHARE AND CARELUCKY MONTHS: MARCH, JUNE, OCTOBER You have exploited all the energy you had. You don’t feel that creative anymore and the driving force is also missing. There is a new burden on your shoulders. You are the boss, but your ambition is not letting you rest. But the spirit with which you started out in the initial days of your career is no more, so life seems to be a bit difficult. You are trying to take on too much and getting drained. Instead try delegating a part of your responsibilities to someone else. There may be periods of self-reflection; so avoid over-indulgence in drink, drugs or sex. Stop escaping from the situation and accept the changes and stillness. On the romance front, there may be many chances. Romance is in the air, and will help you balance your sadness with some much needed happiness. You may also get opportunities to join groups, idealistic organizations or humans. Look for connections in your life. Socialize, and share your life with others. A compatible relationship will prove helpful in your career. Tarot Tip: Delegate work to others and relax
  9. 9. VIRGODROP GREEDLUCKY MONTHS: JULY, MARCH, SEPTEMBER, DECEMBER Don’t get too attached to money, fame, success and glory. You are holding on to your possessions too tight and leaving no room for detachment, which is the core of peace. Your good fortune grows only when you share it with someone. You are in a position of status, with good health, money, and comfort, and too scared of losing all of it. So go ahead share the wealth and good luck. Just relax; no one’s going to snatch away your success from you. There’s a sad event in store, combined with a depressing perception of yourself and a victim’s mentality. Your guide is gently telling you about how you are handling your own personal and created tale of woes. Check your attitude and know that you’ve reached the point where things will only begin to improve throughout 2011. Tarot Tip: Do not attend to the devil within
  10. 10. LIBRAFLAWLESS PERFECTIONLUCKY MONTHS: MAY, JUNE, SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, DECEMBER 2011 represents perfect and flawless moments and all that goes into them. You are in a position to realize all your desires, be it of the head or the heart. What your deepest desires are depends on your current situation, but you are feeling great and complete. But do remember active social contribution and service. Something important will come to an end only to open more doors. There’s some waiting also signified here. Just like a farmer waits for the fruits on his tree to ripen for harvest and sell them, you have to do the same. Waiting for a job offer or raise or for your hard work to pay off, continue being patient. You have done all that you could do. And be rest assured, as this year, you will only gain and gain, and gain. Tarot Tip: Share your good fortune with the society
  11. 11. SCORPIOBE YOURSELFLUCKY MONTHS: JANUARY, MARCH, AUGUST You are your own counsellor and psychic. You are the ideal candidate for 2011, as the year is all about intuition and gut. And who has that better than you. You seem to have the right solution for any problem related to anything. Keep depression, alcohol and drugs away, as you rate high on addiction this year. You will know your intentions well, and have no hesitation. Continue being single-minded with strong determination and focus. The forces of creativity are yours if you know how to claim your power and act with awareness. Act, but only a,er understanding the situation from all dimensions. Tarot Tip: Don’t let anything turn into addiction
  12. 12. SAGITTARIUSGET CREATIVELUCKY MONTHS: FEBRUARY, MARCH, MAY Warmth, energy, radiance and noble souls surround you. You have boundless energy to travel and entertain. The problem is that you have trouble letting go of the spotlight. You can be quite overwhelming or intimidating. You will serve as an inspiration to your colleagues, family and friends. You have invested your passion in a new career, and have probably even moved to a completely new city. Testing times are not over yet, but the feeling is positive one of faith, renewal and hope. You are more aware of your powers now, and realize that you can do it. Tarot Tip: Spend time with nature
  13. 13. CAPRICORNWAIT AND REAPLUCKY MONTHS: JANUARY, MARCH, SEPTEMBER, NOVEMBER The best approach to resolving an issue now is not always the obvious one. When we most desire to force our will on someone that is exactly the time when we need to do the opposite, release. When we want to have our own way, we should be willing to sacrifice. When we want to act, we should know the art of waiting. And the funny and strange thing is that by making these weird and contradictory moves, we actually find and achieve what we are looking for. You will have phases when you will wake up at night and go over your worries and thoughts. You will end up thinking about what you said what others said. You have to realize that you are blowing your problems out of proportion and creating nightmares out of them. You must be spending sleepless nights when you get this card. Don’t stay awake with negative thoughts, ideas and words in your head. It won’t help in the long run. Attend to your health issues right away, and give up procrastination. Tarot Tip: Stop complaining and go for your goals
  14. 14. AQUARIUSTAKE A BREAKLUCKY MONTHS: MARCH, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER You are almost there. Just that final push is required to reach the top. You have climbed almost all the ladders, and the final few stages are remaining. You have stopped and are wondering ‘Will I ever reach the top?’ What you seek the most now is success. The guiding light is on its way and you will soon see the way to follow. The result of all the hard work is right there, and all you need to do is go for it. Whatever you have been building for a long time now has been established finally. The foundation is strong and solid. You can take a break and pat your back for your achievements. Admire what you’ve done and enjoy the rewards of your hard work and labor. This card suggests harvest, so it can also foretell a marriage or a partnership that has reaped handsome returns for you. The foundation has been laid for a prosperous future. This card signifies payment for work, which will be enough to buy whatever you most want to. Think about going for a retreat to a spa or an inn where you are pampered. Everything is simply beautiful, blissful and luxurious. If you have a business, it will bloom and your efforts will pay rich dividends. Apart from the money, your job will also give you that one thing many crave for – satisfaction. Tarot Tip: Enjoy the structure in your life
  15. 15. PISCESFOCUS ON BEAUTYLUCKY MONTHS: JANUARY, FEBRUARY, OCTOBER This is the peak of prosperity, material gains and professional success. You have a business or assets at your disposal that you can pass on to your children and generations over and over. There is nothing temporary here, everything is permanent. Lasting job satisfaction, fulfilling career, all of it is yours. You might get once in a lifetime opportunity to accomplish your monetary and career dreams, so make the most out of it. But also remember, that a time comes when responsibilities have to be accepted without any delay, and accounts need to be settled. The past will continue to haunt you if you do not realize your mistakes. You will have to weigh the matters carefully one day and make all the important decisions about your future. Notice how the lion gets tamed by the woman’s gentle hands, and that’s what you need. You will always have the inner strength to triumph right now. But if you feel you are pushing too hard, you can withdraw for the moment and bide your time. If other people or external circumstances are driving you nuts, remember the strength that comes with love. It will see you through the toughest moments. Tarot Tip: Throw pessimism out of the window
  16. 16. Copyright: 2011 - green apple pubyou can email your feedback, criticism or thoughts on pankajthuain@gmail.com