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  1. 1. Contents Market Analysis PillManager Applications PillManager Features PatientManager Features Benefits to Healthcare Data Protection & Privacy Pricing References SummaryDelivering Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Tomorrows Challenges
  2. 2. Market AnalysisFeatures In 2012, UK has had the Highest Smartphone Penetrationamongst Major Countries – 51%-- See chart (source Mobile Planet) After younger adults, the segment with the second fastest-growing Smartphone penetration rate is those aged 55-64, growing by 5% this year According to IDC March 2012 Report:a) Total Smartphone penetration in UK = 30 Million Usersb) Potential PillManager Target Age Groups:1. Age 45+ = 18 Million users2. Age 55+ = 7.2 Million Users 44% of all Smartphone Users now have a Medical Appdownloaded on their Device ( source – WSJ Jan 18, 2013)A Smartphone will be the Device of Choice to Conduct any Ecommerce by 2015 for Age Groups 18-64.Delivering Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Tomorrows Challenges
  3. 3. PillManager Application SuitePillManager ApplicationsPillManagerPC App(Windows)1) For the Consumer/PatientPillManagerSmart Phone App(iPhone/Android)PatientManagerPharmacy Client AppPersonal Admin web site2) For the PharmacistDelivering Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Tomorrows Challenges
  4. 4. PillManager: The End User AppYour Logo & Your Pharmacy Name HereBroadcast Your Services directly toMobile CustomersSend Instant Notifications to Customersfor FREE!Customers Transmit PrescriptionRequests Directly to YouCustomers get Alerts when to TakeMedications and When to Re-OrderPillManager also available on PC PlatformView VideoCustomers may track and report their BPand BG Readings. Customers can alsoset and monitor Critical LimitsDelivering Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Tomorrows Challenges
  5. 5. PatientManager: The Pharmacy Client AppFeatures Non-intrusive app that will ‘flash’ ( or make anaudible alarm) for incoming orders. All orders appear instantly on the Desktop Can be minimized as an icon on the system tray( bottom left) or as a small banner anywhereon the screen Print Prescription request form for surgery withwritten consent from patient Status messages to Patient can be sent directly.E.g. “Your medication is ready for pick-up” forFREE! Messages to Patient can be customized topromote your own Pharmacy Services. E.g. Youare due for a Medicine Use Review. Please callfor appointment”Efficient way to communicate directly with the Patient from the DesktopView VideoDelivering Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Tomorrows Challenges
  6. 6. App can beminimized as a smallbanner anywhereon screenNon- Intrusive to Pharmacy Manager ApplicationsPatientManager: The Pharmacy Client AppDelivering Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Tomorrows Challenges
  7. 7. Broadcast Your Own Services and Messages to Mobile Customers Directly!Features Secure Access to Manage Your Account Add Additional Branches whenever Needed. Make changes to Your Logo and Update on all yourCustomers Devices Select Your Services and Broadcast Instantly. Even addCustom Services Your Customers will See your Opening and Closing Hoursas and when You update on the Web site. Change Notification Messages to Customers to promoteyour Brand Promote your company Web Site pages by pushing WebLinks to the AppPatientManager: Personal Admin Web SiteDelivering Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Tomorrows Challenges
  8. 8. Display your Logo and Pharmacy Services on the Customer’s PillManager app ( Free to download) Keep in Direct Contact with Your Customer, whether He is Mobile or at Home, using the PatientManagerPharmacy Software on your Pharmacy Computer No need to Dig through Your Emails to find Critical Prescription Requests. All such Requests appear Immediatelyon Your Desktop Send FREE Notifications Messages to Customers when their Prescriptions are Ready etc. Send Notification messages for additional services , e.g. “ You are due for an MUR” Manage Your Changes on the App Yourself Securely without Having to Rely on a Third PartyPatientManager: Benefits of PatientManager RegistrationDelivering Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Tomorrows Challenges
  9. 9. Benefits to Healthcare• Assistance with Medicines Optimisation with the help of the MedicinesManagement features of PillManager• Public Health Awareness with the help of BP, BG and BMI (coming)tracking capabilities• Supporting Independent Health through broadcasting of PharmacyServices, Adherence, Compliance, Records of BP etc.Delivering Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Tomorrows ChallengesHelping Save Healthcare Costs for the NHS
  10. 10. Data Protection & Privacy PillManager Complies with the Data Protection Act of1998 Healthnet is registered with the U.K. InformationCommissioners Office (ICO) to ensure compliance withDPA 1998 – Registration Number Z3398255 No Data Transferred outside of UK, ever! All Data hostedon UK Hosting Provider Prescription Data is under Your Control. Only Your Pharmacy Branch can View the Information You Decide When to Delete it from PatientManager All Prescription and Patient data is Encrypted on the Server All Communication from Patient to Pharmacy isProtected by Secure Sockets Layers SSL Layer communication ensures clients only connect totrusted servers, using third party certificatesSecure Communication Between the Patient and the DesktopPhoto Credit: -12⁰CDelivering Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Tomorrows Challenges
  11. 11. Simple Yet Most Affordable Pricing in the Industry, with the Best Features!Introductory PricingSingle Branch₤ 0:00First 6 Month Trial₤ 00:00Initial Set-up Fess+ ₤ 10:00Per Month Charges+Multiple Branches₤ 0:00First 6 Month Trial₤ 00:00Initial Set-up Fess+Branch 1: ₤ 10:00Per Month Charges+ Branch 2: ₤ 10:00Branch x: ₤ 10:00Delivering Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Tomorrows Challenges
  12. 12. References:Pharmacy References:• "I believe that the PillManager app will help grow my business by putting my Pharmacy into patientspockets (ie on their phones), as well as giving patients a computer based online prescription orderingfacility. So patients are now able to order their repeat prescriptions 24hrs a day, 365 days a year, thePatient Manager Pharmacy interface is extremely useful too, as it helps keep patients informed on theprogress of their repeat prescription in the ordering / dispensing process and memos can be sent out (ifrequired) to inform patients when a prescription is ready for collection.The App as well as acting as an Aide Memoir for patients with compliance issues, allows patients to storeand record eg. BP, blood sugar and side effects etc.I have found PillManager as a company to be extremely helpful, always on the end of the phone or emailwith their expert technical help and support. They have supplied templates for leaflets for printing, with QRcodes included, which will help customers to start using the PillManager app.I have also integrated the PillManager YouTube demo video on my own Company website to showcustomers how simple the PillManager app is to use.“ Hope Pharmacy, Mountain Ash, WalesContact: Kevin Hope Tel: 01443 478833Additional Pharmacy Reference Installations– Fishlock Pharmacy, Burscough, England• Contact: David Fishlock Tel: 01704 894391– Mistry’s Pharmacy, Leicester, England• Contact: Shanti Mistry Tel: 01858 467027– Asterwell Pharmacy, Solihull, England• Contact Paul Asterwell Tel: 0121 744 1642** Over 250 Installations completed within 10 Weeks of Product Launch!Delivering Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Tomorrows Challenges
  13. 13. References:End User References:• “I would like to thank everyone involved with PillManager for this fantastic app. I have Degenerative DiscDisease, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Lymphatic Venous Disease. I take 21 tablets a day, 6 of them are Morphinebecause of these and the consent pain I’m in, most days I can’t think straight and used to forget if I took mytablets. Since I started using PillManager I no longer have to worry about taking my tablets or when I’m duemy next prescription because all the information and reminders are in the app. I showed PillManager to adoctor who works in a casualty department and he thinks it is great to have your medication details and yourG.P’s contact information at the touch of a button. I would recommend PillManager to anyone on medication.Donna Mc Cabe Co. Down, Northern Ireland• “love the app :)” Nadine Harris• “this app is absolutely invaluable for people like me ! the reminders are so useful and the ability to reorderwithout visiting surgery is an absolute godsend . love it !” Marie Bent• “just been diagnosed with diabetics this app will be invaluable” John NewtonDelivering Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Tomorrows Challenges
  14. 14. Summary Smartphones will be the Device of Choice for Ecommerce by 2015 PatientManager is the only Product today that lets you Connect Directly from yourPharmacy Computer to Your Customer You Manage When and How to Broadcast Your Services and Your Brand to YourCustomers -- No need to pay any IT org to do this for you. Marketing support of the PillManager App. All Data is fully Protected and Conforms to DPA Act of 1998 Try it FREE for 6 Months Now! You have nothing to lose. Register Today at www.PillManager.Co.UKPillManager is now an approved App in the NHS HealthApps Library – afterweeks of review and testing!Your Choice --Provide Pharmacy Services to a Growing Market or be left Behind!Delivering Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Tomorrows Challenges
  15. 15. ContactsFor Further Details, Please contact: Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Tomorrows Challenges
  16. 16. 16Copyright: Healthnet (UK) LtdThis Document May Not be Distributed, Reproduced or CitedWithout Express Written PermissionDelivering Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Tomorrows Challenges