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Sonu project prepared by sam

  1. 1. A SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROJECT REPORT ON “Promotional Activities and Techniques Of HCL.Career Devlopment Center” Submitted By Sukadev Sahu MBA 2009-2011 Reg. No- 0906289005 Trident Academy of Technology CHANDAKA INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, NEAR INFOCITY, PATIA BHUBANESWAR-751030, ORISSA To the Biju Pattaik University of Technology (IN PARTIAL FULLFILLMENT OF THE MASTER IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION) Under the Guidance of INTERNAL GUIDE EXTERNAL GUIDEMr. Soumya Prakash Bala Mr. Sukanta Parida(Faculty, Marketing) Territory Manager Trident Academy of Technology CERTIFICATE
  2. 2. Guide Name: Mr. Soumya Prakash BalaDesignation: Faculty MarketingThis is to certify that the project report entitled “Promotional Activities and TechniquesOf HCL.Career Devlopment Center” has been prepared by Ms./Mr. Sukadev Sahuunder my supervision and guidance, for the fulfillment of Master In BusinessAdministration. His/Her field work is satisfactory.Signature and Seal of HOD Signature Director of Academics Signature of Guide ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is really a great pleasure to have this opportunity to describe the feeling of gratitude
  3. 3. imprisoned in the core of my heart.I convey my sincere gratitude to Name and designation of external guide Mr. SUKANTAPARIDA, Territory Manager for giving me the opportunity to prepare my project workin“Promotional Activities and Techniques of HCL.Career Devlopment Center” Iexpress my sincere thanks to all the staff members (of the company)HCL.CDC.I am thankful to Mr.Soumya Prakesh Bala for her/his guidance during my project workand sparing her/his valuable time for the sameI am thankful to Head of The Department Mr.Parthasarathi Das and other faculties of mydepartment.I am also thankful to my family for their kind co-operation which made my take easy.. Name: Sukadev sahu Regd No:0906289005 DECLARATION
  4. 4. I do hereby declare that this project work entitled “Promotional activities and techniques of HCL.CDC” submitted by me for the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Master In Business Administration (MBA) is a record of my own research work. The report embodies the finding based on my study and observation and has not been submitted earlier for the award of any degree or diploma to any Institute or University.Date:Name:Sukadev sahuRegd No:0906289005 AbstractI joined HCL CDC, BHUBANESWAR as an intern on 26 June, 2010. I was working inthe Marketing Department of HCL.
  5. 5. ScheduleVisiting all the IT institutes and studying about their products and prices, and marketingstrategies. Identify the concept of visual merchandising and how to make convince thetarget group and design the promotional target for the products, which are providing by theInstitutes. Analyse them for getting result which can be helpful in promotion of HCL andmake HCL as a leader among other IT sector...Timings: Login time: 9:30 AM Reporting time: before 8:00 PMThe works assigned to me during Training at HCL (CDC Ltd.)are:First week• In first week understands the products of HCL CDC• I registered me as a trainee in HCL. • I participated in education fair and distributed pamphlets.SECOND WEEK• In second week collect data from different schools and Colleges.• I gave IIR report to corporate guide.THIRD WEEK• Collect the information of HCL CDC compotator products and make a analysis of report.• prepare synopsis for project.FOURTH WEEKpromote YPSE examThe first ever HCL Yuva Pratibha Scholarship Examination is scheduled to attracttalented youth towards IT industry. The purpose is to narrow the gap betweensupply and demand of competent human resource for the industry. Studentscoming out of their schools (12th class) and those in colleges would be trained tobe industry ready IT Professionals.Eligibility:All Candidates who have completed Std-XII with an aggregate of minimum 50%and age less than or equal to 23 years as on 22st aug 2010 are eligible to applyfor HCL Yuva Pratibha Scholarship Examination.In order to appear for the HCL Yuva Pratibha Scholarship examination, theCandidates need to collect the Exam Ticket from HCL Center and appear for theScholarship Exam as per specified date.Yuva Pratibha Scholarship Examination Dates: August 22, 2010
  6. 6. All applicants are required to submit attested copies of the Std XIIth Mark sheet asproof of their standard XII performance.Successful applicants, on meeting the qualifying criteria in HCL Yuva PratibhaScholarship Examination and clearing personal interview, will be awarded one ofthe Scholarship Offers based on merit.Note: Students scoring less than 50% in Class XIIth should not be issued Examtickets as they are not eligible for HCL Yuva Pratibha Scholarship Examination2010.The Objective • To Attract, Reward and Retain the Meritorious and Deserving Students to Supply to the IT-Industry • Facilitate the “achievement” oriented and ambitious with the scholarship towards IT careers by incentivizing them. • Promote Flagship and Special Programs that have greater job opportunitiesThe proposition thus created in HCL Yuva Pratibha Scholarship Examination is tomeet the above objectives and at the same time retain the rigor of a goodscholarship program.Preposition:Evoking the career aspirant’s inner drive towards independence and extending the“Make it on your own” philosophy by offering a head start in the booming world ofIT.The 1st Yuva Pratibha Scholarship Examination from HCL Career DevelopmentCenter helps you to build a career with IT Skills in various Industries.Target Audience: The key focus is onStudents who are less than 23 years of age (as on 22st aug, 2010) and havecleared 10+2 examsBenefits: Merit based Scholarship on Test Performance and Personal InterviewScholarship Offer:The Selected and Wait listed applicants will be allocated scholarship based on theMerit Ranking. In order to maintain the input quality, a portion of the appliedcandidates will be rejected at this stage based on a minimum cut off score. The feestructure for the Selected and Loyal candidates are attached as Appendix A.
  7. 7. The Key BTL activities to be done at the field level would be the following and isaimed to increase visibility and attract meritorious students to HCL CDC Program:- a) Utilization of various College Connect database with Tele-calls to database b) College Reach out through Presentations, stalls for information dissemination, displays at vantage positions etc. c) Mass Hand-out/Insert distribution through applicable media and education campuses through Business Executives. d) Mobile Displays & Outdoor displays at existing/new vantage locations at the city e) Mailers to college database generated though various events f) Cable Scroll in popular local channels.The city should be sprayed with ATL messages all around during this month suchthat the dominance of HCL Career Development Center could be felt by allconcerned.Student benefits: a) Those who are in the “Selected” list would be given a scholarship upto 25% based upon their performance in HCL YPSE. b) Those who are in the “Waitlisted” list would be given an opportunity to avail the above benefit only in case a “Selected” list candidate doesn’t join. c) The list for “Rejected” candidates would not be announced. d) There is another category of students called “HCL Loyal Students”. These are the students who would be getting the benefits mentioned if they take admission before 24th of August 2008 (i.e. upto August 23 rd, 2008). They would be getting a scholarship of upto 10% on the stipulated fee (Please refer Appendix A for the exact fee structure).In all the above statements, the term admission would mean that the studentwould be deemed admitted into HCL Career Development Center only if he/shehas paid the first DP (Down Payment) completely. Please refer Appendix A forexact amount.All these lists would be announced by HO Authorized personnel only.In case the student in “Selected” list fails to take admission by 28 th of August,2010, the opportunity would be given to the “Wait-listed” candidate. The last dateof the price benefit is 30th August, 2010 for all categories of students.
  8. 8. 1 A candidate registering before 24th of August would get 10% scholarshipand in case he/she falls under “Selected “ candidates, he/she would getadditional 5% scholarship (i.e. 15% total)
  9. 9. List of Figures
  10. 10. page no-23-HCL Range of Products – Our Areas of Expertisepage no:-28-HCL CDC Advantagepage no:-29- Global Education Alliancespage no:-33-Placement In the Industry List of Tablespage no:-20-COMPANY PROFILEpage no:-36-product Price List of AbbreviationsCDC- Career Devlopment CenterMCSE –Microsoft certifiedsoftware engineerCCNA –Cisco certified networkassociateRHCE –Red hat certified Engineer CHAPTER I Introduction
  11. 11. Executive summaryHCL Career Development Centre or CDC is an initiative that enables individuals to benefitfrom HCL expertise in the space and become Industry ready IT professionals. HCL is anIT company and it is an Indian company and it produce computers & laptop.HCL CDC isthe subsidy of the HCL LTD that’s growing in service sector. HCL CDC provides thetraining to students & employees in the field of Hardware, Software, Networking andTelecommunication.Sales promotionThe Main objective of sales promotion is to boost the sales of a product by creatingdemand, i.e. both consumers demand as well as trade demand. It improves the performanceof the middle man and act as a supplement to advertising and personal selling.The hcl.cdcusing different sales promotion these are:-Point of Purchase,Trade Show,FreeSample,Coupon,Bonus,Contest OBJECTIVE AND SCOPE OF STUDY 1. To find out the ways to counter competitors and increase the market share.. 2. To do the competitive analysis. 3. To find out the current market share. 4. To understand ground reality of a industry. 5. To understand marketing strategy in Competitive Market. THEORETICAL BACKGROUND Marketing“The Process of planning and executing the conception, pricing promotion and distributionof ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizationalgoal.”
  12. 12. - American Marketing AssociationMarketing management is analysis planning, implementation and control of programsdesigned to create, build, maintain mutually beneficial exchanged and relationship withtarget market for the purpose of achieving organizational goal.-Philip Kotler Promotion:-Promotion represents all of the communications that a marketer may use in themarketplace. Promotion has four distinct elements: advertising, public relations, word ofmouth and point of sale. A certain amount of crossover occurs when promotion uses thefour principal elements together, which is common in film promotion. Advertising coversany communication that is paid for, from cinema commercials, radio and Internet advertsthrough print media and billboards. Public relations are where the communication is notdirectly paid for and includes press releases, sponsorship deals, exhibitions, conferences,seminars or trade fairs and events. Word of mouth is any apparently informalcommunication about the product by ordinary individuals, satisfied customers or peoplespecifically engaged to create word of mouth momentum. Sales staff often plays animportant role in word of mouth and Public Relations .Promotion is one of the four elements of marketing mix (product, price, promotion,distribution). It is the communication link between sellers and buyers for the purpose ofinfluencing informing, or persuading a potential buyers purchasing decision.The following are two types of Promotion: • Above the line promotion: Promotion in the media (e.g. TV, radio, newspapers, Internet, Mobile Phones, and, historically, illustrated songs) in which the advertiser pays an advertising agency to place the ad • Below the line promotion: All other promotion. Much of this is intended to be subtle enough for the consumer to be unaware that promotion is taking place. E.g. sponsorship, product placement, endorsements, sales promotion, merchandising, direct mail, personal selling, public relations, trade showsThe specification of five elements creates a promotional mix or promotional plan. Theseelements are personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, and publicity.A promotional mix specifies how much attention to pay to each of the five subcategories,and how much money to budget for each. A promotional plan can have a wide range ofobjectives, including: sales increases, new product acceptance, creation of brand equity,positioning, competitive retaliations, or creation of a corporate image. Fundamentally,however there are three basic objectives of promotion. These are:1.) To present information to consumers as well as others.2.)To increase demand.
  13. 13. 3.)To differentiate a product. SALES PROMOTIONSales Promotion refer to those activities (Other than Advertising personal selling andpublicity) which stimulate market Demand for product through short term incentives whichare Essentially temporary and none recurring in nature sales promotion Technique buildsbridge the product and the consumer.As an activity taken out to boost the sales of a product it can Include a host of activitieslike running advertising campaign, handling public relation activity, distribution of freesample, offering free gifts, conducting trade fairs, exhibitions and competitions, offeringtemporary price discounts, launching door to door selling and telemarketing. OBJECTIVES OF SALES PROMOTIONThe Main objective of sales promotion is to boost the sales of a product by creatingdemand, i.e. both consumers demand as well as trade demand. It improves the performanceof the middle man and act as a supplement to advertising and personal selling. The Salespromotion also helps in achieving the following purpose1) Encourage the customers to try a new product.2) Attract new customers.3) Encourage the customers to use the product or service and make them brand loyal.4) Counter a competitor’s promotional activities.5) Increase the sales during the slack period.6) To improve the public image of the firm and the product.7) To provide the knowledge about product METHOD OF SALES PROMOTION a) Method of Sales b) Promotion c) Point of Purchase d) Trade Show e) Free Sample f) Coupon g) Bonus h) Contest
  14. 14. i) Demonstration j) Price cut Offer Trade Show:It Consists of Display & Demonstration of product in a stall in Exhibition organized by themanufacturers & traders-Associations. Free Sample :This involves distribution of products/ services at free of Cost. Coupons:A coupon is a certificate which entitles its holder to a specified saving discount or gift onthe purchase of a particular product. Price Cut offer:Price Cut offer is an Offer to get the Product at Price lower than the Normal Selling Price. According to target market we use these activities:There are seven main aspects of a promotional mix. These are: • Advertising - Any paid presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor. Examples: Print ads, radio, television, billboard, direct mail, brochures and catalogs, signs, in-store displays, posters, motion pictures, Web pages, banner ads, and emails. • Personal Selling - A process of helping and persuading one or more prospects to purchase a good or service or to act on any idea through the use of an oral presentation. Examples: Sales presentations, sales meetings, sales training and incentive programs for intermediary salespeople, samples, and telemarketing. Can be face-to-face or via telephone. • Sales promotion - Media and non-media marketing communication are employed for a pre-determined, limited time to increase consumer demand, stimulate market demand or improve product availability. Examples: Coupons, sweepstakes, contests, product samples, rebates, tie-ins, self-liquidating premiums, trade shows, trade-ins, and exhibitions.
  15. 15. Public relations - Paid intimate stimulation of supply for a product, service, or business unit by planting significant news about it or a favorable presentation of it in the media. Examples: Newspaper and magazine articles/reports, TVs and radio presentations, charitable contributions, speeches, issue advertising, and seminars. • Corporate image - The Image of an organization is a crucial point in marketing. If the reputation of a company is bad, consumers are less willing to buy a product from this company as they would have been, if the company had a good image. • Direct Marketing is often listed as a the fifth part of the marketing mix • Exhibitions - are try-outs. You make your product, and let potential buyers try the product, s way, you know directly what people see in your product. The downside, your competitor can see exactly what you are doing. Marketing managementMarketing Management is a business discipline which is focused on the practicalapplication of marketing techniques and the management of a firms marketing resourcesand activities. Rapidly emerging forces of globalization have compelled firms to marketbeyond the borders of their home country making International marketing highlysignificant and an integral part of a firms marketing strategy. Marketing managers areoften responsible for influencing the level, timing, and composition of customer demandaccepted definition of the term. In part, this is because the role of a marketing manager canvary significantly based on a business size, corporate culture, and industry context. Forexample, in a large consumer products company, the marketing manager may act as theoverall general manager of his or her assigned product. To create an effective, cost-efficient Marketing management strategy, firms must possess a detailed, objectiveunderstanding of their own business and the market in which they operate. In analyzingthese issues, the discipline of marketing management often overlaps with the relateddiscipline of strategic planning. Marketing strategyIf the company has obtained an adequate understanding of the customer base and its owncompetitive position in the industry, marketing managers are able to make their own keystrategic decisions and develop a marketing strategy designed to maximize the revenuesand profits of the firm. The selected strategy may aim for any of a variety of specificobjectives, including optimizing short-term unit margins, revenue growth, market share,long-term profitability, or other goals.To achieve the desired objectives, marketers typically identify one or more target customersegments which they intend to pursue. Customer segments are often selected as targets
  16. 16. because they score highly on two dimensions: 1) The segment is attractive to serve becauseit is large, growing, makes frequent purchases, is not price sensitive (i.e. is willing to payhigh prices), or other factors; and 2) The company has the resources and capabilities tocompete for the segments business, can meet their needs better than the competition, andcan do so profitably. In fact, a commonly cited definition of marketing is simply "meetingneeds profitably."The implication of selecting target segments is that the business will subsequently allocatemore resources to acquire and retain customers in the target segment(s) than it will forother, non-targeted customers. In some cases, the firm may go so far as to turn awaycustomers who are not in its target segment. The doorman at a swanky nightclub, forexample, may deny entry to unfashionably dressed individuals because the business hasmade a strategic decision to target the "high fashion" segment of nightclub patrons.In conjunction with targeting decisions, marketing managers will identify the desiredpositioning they want the company, product, or brand to occupy in the target customersmind. This positioning is often an encapsulation of a key benefit the companys product orservice offers that is differentiated and superior to the benefits offered by competitiveproducts. Implementation planningAfter the firms strategic objectives have been identified, the target market selected, and thedesired positioning for the company, product or brand has been determined, marketingmanagers focus on how to best implement the chosen strategy. Traditionally, this hasinvolved implementation planning across the "4Ps" of marketing: Product management,Pricing (at what price slot do you position your product, for e-g low, medium or highprice), Place (the place/area where you are going to be selling your products, it could belocal, regional, country wide or International) (i.e. sales and distribution channels), andPeople. Now a new P has been added making it a total of 5Ps. The 5th P is Politics whichaffects marketing in a significant way.Taken together, the companys implementation choices across the 4(5)Ps are oftendescribed as the marketing mix, meaning the mix of elements the business will employ to"go to market" and execute the marketing strategy. The overall goal for the marketing mixis to consistently deliver a compelling value proposition that reinforces the firms chosenpositioning, builds customer loyalty and brand equity among target customers, andachieves the firms marketing and financial objectives.In many cases, marketing management will develop a marketing plan to specify how thecompany will execute the chosen strategy and achieve the business objectives. The content
  17. 17. of marketing plans varies from firm to firm, but commonly includes: • An executive summary • Situation analysis to summarize facts and insights gained from market research and marketing analysis • The companys mission statement or long-term strategic vision • A statement of the companys key objectives, often subdivided into marketing objectives and financial objectives • The marketing strategy the business has chosen, specifying the target segments to be pursued and the competitive positioning to be achieved • Implementation choices for each element of the marketing mix DistributionPhysical distribution (or place) is one of the four elements of the marketing mix. Anorganization or set of organizations (go-betweens) involved in the process of making aproduct or service available for use or consumption by a consumer or business user. DIRECT SELLING PROCESS ADAPTED FOR CUSTOMERSProspecting for evaluating the potential customer-It is a process of finding and evaluatingpotential customer. I identified if the potential customer has the ability, willingness andauthority to buy the product.1) Generating leads- A sales lead can be in the form of an individual or an organizationthat might need or buy the company’s product.2) Identifying organization- A prospect is a person In the organization that indicates needfor a product Approach –In this stage I made an initial contact with the potential customer and tried to find out hisneeds. Presentation –It is the most important stage in the sales process. The aim of my presentation is to attractthe prospect’s attention, stimulate his interest and stir a desire for the product, so that hetakes appropriate action. The main aim is to communicate the product’s benefits effectivelyto the prospect and convince him to purchase the product. I not only spoke about thebenefits the customer is looking for, but also convinced him about the additional benefitsof the product. Handling Objections -I clarified the doubts or objections that the customer had.
  18. 18. Closing –In this stage I asked the potential customer to make the purchase. Follow up –It was my last stage wherein I aimed to develop a long-term relationship with the customer. Marketing mixThe four main fields of the Marketing mix.The term "marketing mix" was first used in 1953 when Neil Borden, in his AmericanMarketing Association presidential address, took the recipe idea one step further andcoined the term "marketing-mix". A prominent marketer, E. Jerome McCarthy, proposed a4 P classification in 1960, which has seen wide use. The four Ps concept is explained inmost marketing textbooks and classes.
  19. 19. According to four p”s we do promotion activities a. Product b. Price c. Place d. Promotion COMPANY PROFILE In 1976, Shiv Nadar, quit an executive job with Delhi Cloth Mills (DCM)along with five of his friends (Arjun Malhotra, Subhash Arora, Badam Kishore Kumar, T.VBharadwaj & Arun Kumar H) to start a new company, Microcomp Limited. The focus ofthe company was design and manufacturing of scientific calculators. The venture providedits founders money to start a company that focused on manufacturing computers. Thecompany was renamed as Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL) and received support fromthe Uttar Pradesh government to setup their manufacturing in Noida. In 1981, NIIT was started to cater to the increasing demand in computereducation. By early 2000s, Nadar divested his stake in this venture The HCL Enterprise isone of Indias largest electronics, computing and information technology company. Basedin Noida, near Delhi, the company comprises two publicly listed Indian companies, HCLTechnologies and HCL Infosystems. HCL was founded in 1976 by Shiv Nadar, Arjun Malhotra, Subhash Arora,Ajai Chowdhry, DS Puri, & Yogesh Vaidya. HCL was focused on addressing the IThardware market in India for the first two decades of its existence with some sporadicactivity in the global market. On termination of the joint venture with HP in 1996, HCL became anenterprise which comprises HCL Technologies (to address the global IT services market)and HCL Infosystems (to address the Indian and APAC IT hardware market). HCL hassince then operated as a holding company.
  20. 20. HCL Technologies is a global IT Services company headquartered in Noida, a suburb ofDelhi, India led by Mr Vineet Nayar, HCL Technologies, along with its subsidiaries, hadconsolidated revenues of US$ 5 billion, as of 2010, and employed more than 60,000workers. HCL offers services including software-led IT solutions, remote infrastructuremanagement, Engineering and R&D Services and BPO. The company provides servicesacross industries including Financial Services, Retail & Consumer, Life Sciences &Healthcare, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Telecom and Media, Publishing andEntertainment, amongst others. HCL’s key services include: • Custom Application Services • Enterprise Application Services • Enterprise Transformation Services • Infrastructure Management • Engineering and R&D Services • Business Processing outsourcing Swot analysis Strength: - a. Brand name b. quality of education c. Placement record Weakness: - a New in this field b. Less experience faculty c. Less proper coordination with employee d. Less strength of marketing team Opportunity:- 1. It Industry is booming at fast rate every year.
  21. 21. 2. Increasing consumer awareness about It education. 3. Tremendous demand of it professional in India. 4. Tie ups with various companies enable to extract their core competencies. Threats:- a. Lots of player in this field. b. High course price. c. Less number of jobs in market. Milestones 1976 - HCL (Hindustan Computers Limited) is created. 1977 - Forms distribution alliance with Toshiba for copiers and notebooks 1978 - Developed the first indigenous Microcomputer 1988 - Development of fine-grained multiprocessor Unix operating system 1986 - HCL becomes the largest IT company in India 1989 - HCL America is created with Sanmina SCI as its manufacturing partner. 1991 - Entered into a partnership with HP to form HCL HP Limited. Developed a custom Multiprocessor Unix for HP 1994 - Tied up with Nokia for mobile phone distribution and Ericsson for telephone switch distribution.[3] 1996 - Partnership with HP ends. 1997 - HCLs R&D division is spun off as HCL Technologies [4] 2001 - HCL BPO is created. 2006 - HCL cdc is created
  22. 22. HCL Range of Products – Our Areas of Expertise ABOUT HCL cdcHCL cdc. Dominates the IT space as a leader 58000 gifted professionals, a colossal US$5.0 billion turnover an international presence in 19 countries,and most impotently, a deep-rooted commitment to innovate makes it a true technology giant. As the fountainhead ofthe most significant pursuit of human mind, HCL believes only a leader can transform meinto a leader HCLcdc. Is an initiative that enables individuals to be benefit industry readyIT. Opportunities and beyond:HCL takes students to the core of IT fundamentals and the most advanced cuttingproblems. Its course modules are structured to give me the best of both worlds, academicand hands-on. Whether any body are beginner or a working professional, HCLcdc. Canmake a difference to our learning curve and there by to our curve. Empowering students to bring out the best:
  23. 23. As the fountainhead of the most significant pursuit of human mind (IT), HCL, stronglybelieves “only a leader can transform me into a leader “HCLcdc. Is a formalization of thisexperience and credo which has been perfected over three decades? it is an initiative thatenables aspiring individuals to benefit from HCL’s longstanding expertise in the space andbecome industry ready IT professionals. Vision statement “To create industry ready professionals “ Mission statementTo provide world-class information technology and services in order to enable ourcustomer to serve their customer better. Core ValuesNothing transforms life like education.I shall honor all commitmentsI shall be committed to Quality, Innovation and growth.I shall be responsible corporate citizens. About HCL CDCIntroductionHCL Career Development Centre or CDC is an initiative that enables individuals to benefitfrom HCL expertise in the space and become Industry ready IT professionals. HCLdominates the IT space as a leader. 45,000 gifted professionals, a colossal US $4 Billionturnover, an international presence in 17 countries, and most importantly a deep-rootedcommitment to innovate, makes it a true Technology Giant. HCL CDC career programequips a student to meet emerging industry challenges with finesse and ease. Opportunitiesto grow with HCL CDC are limitless, catapulting a student to high level controllingpositions in Mega Corporates. With top HCL professionals as the trainers, customisedcareer programs, hands on experience, state of art infrastructure and world class trainingprogram the students career graph is bound to follow a steep rise.HCL CDCs provide specially designed courses in high-end software, hardware andnetworking integration to groom students into industry-ready professionals. HCL CDCsalso offer placement support to all their students who excel in their academics and displaya remarkable performance during the course.As the training arm of HCL Infosystems, HCL Career Development Centre (CDC) carriesforth a legacy of excellence spanning across more than three decades. HCL CDC is an
  24. 24. initiative that enables individuals and organisations to benefit from HCLs deep expertise inthe IT space.Among the fastest growing IT education brands in India, HCL CDC offers a completespectrum of quality training programs on software, hardware, networking as well as globalcertifications in association with leading IT organizations worldwide. Quality at HCL CDC"We shall develop and Impart Industry relevant ICT Education to meet the requirement ofcustomers, Industry and society by continually updating technology content and improvingour processes"Certification of quality standards"In its pursuit of excellence", the company has developed a quality management system inline with ISO 9001:2000 standards.Business Excellence InitiativesThe organization follows a framework developed by EFQM (European Foundation forQuality Management). Organization policies and strategies are aligned with EFQM Model.The "Quest of Excellence" is taken as a mission which drives the quality of TrainingDelivery and associated services. Advantage of HCL CDCAt HCL cdc, we pride upon the fact that our training programs provide students with asustainable competitive edge that not only helps them secure the initial placement butrather remains as an asset throughout t heir career span.01 Learn industry nitty-gritty from Top HCL professionals02 Customized and industry specific career program. Hands on experience03 After HCL CDC certification leave behind your placement worries! HCL CDC Advantage  HCL HeritEdge=> HCL cdc combines our heritage of excellence with cutting- edge IT expertise across multiple IT domains.  ISO 9001:2000 Certification=> Our students share the benefit of ISO 9001:2000 certified training practices and procedures. Must have a attitude and be a self starter. The right candidate will progress really fast within the organization.  Cutting-Edge Courseware=> Our courseware is designed and developed in consultation with seasoned IT professionals and is continuously updated as per the changing industry trends.
  25. 25.  Global Alliances=> Through partnership with leading technology companies including Microsoft, Oracle and Red Hat, HCL cdc conducts certification programs in software, system and network administration offering you a distinct edge in the job market.  International Recognition=> All our training programs is backed by HCL successful brand image that is well recognized all across the world.  Hands-on Training=> We place major emphasis upon the application and practical training aspect of IT training to make the students industry-ready from day one.  Widespread Network=> HCL cdc has set up premier IT Training centres across the geography of India and the network is growing at a rapid pace with ambitious global expansion plans on the anvil.  100% Placement Record=> Our dedicated team of placement professionals offers employment support through regular interface with the industry. CDC prides upon a 100% placement record with students having been placed in leading organisations in the IT/non-IT space..
  26. 26. How hcl cdc different between other institute?Undergoing IT education in India has become quite customary. One can find numerousnumber of IT institutes in the market. With the emerging trend of IT study in the country,IT training centers have been mushrooming in India over the years. IT sector provides themost advanced career option for various job seekers and expert and which is why ITeducation in India has become an important study option for maximum number of studentsin the country.As an IT aspirant, one has to choose the right IT institute of his choice and get enrolledthere. When it comes to a particular IT training institute a lot of questions come up uponstudents minds. What bothers them particularly is whether they will avail of qualitytraining program, placement assistance, hands on training experience etc. HCL CDC as anIT training center caters to all these queries of IT students. The training center has designedand developed a unique IT study program for students who have a key .Interest in IT andcomputers.HCL cdc has differentiated itself from other IT training institutes in India by imparting anexceptional IT training program to its students. HCL cdc students hold a prestigious badgeas compared to other students from other IT training institutes. This is because HCL cdcimparts IT study in a much technologically advanced mode. HCL cdc team keeps onupdating the latest technology content and tools so that its students avail of the best handson training experience during their training period.HCL cdc is one of the top computer institutes in India which provides the right andtargeted IT study programs to IT aspirants. After getting trained at HCL cdc it is not atough task for an individual to get a job in any IT or Non IT sector. The cdc also providesfacilities for placement assistance to its students. Those students with an exceptional skillor proficiency get offer letters from various blue chip companies even before coursecompletion.HCL cdc believes in producing only the best IT professionals who can easily fit in anyhigh-ranked IT company. This is the reason why HCL cdc has devised, designed anddeveloped the most relevant IT study program for its students. HCL cdc team also keepsimproving its process so that they suit and adapt well with the changing market scenario.Through continuous efforts and meticulous methodologies HCL cdc has proven itself asone of the most reputed IT training institutes in India which impart the most relevant ITtraining to the burgeoning number of IT students in the country. HCL Alliances and PartnershipsTo provide world-class solutions and services to all our customers, they formed Alliancesand Partnerships with leading IT companies worldwides HCL Info systems has allianceswith global technology leaders like Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Bull, Toshiba, Nokia, SunMicrosystems, Ericsson, VIDIA, SAP, Scan soft, SCO, EMC, Veritas, Citrix, CISCO,Oracle, Computer Associates, Red Hat, In focus, Duplo, Samsungand Novell. To provide world-class solutions and services to all our customers, we haveformed Alliances and Partnerships with leading IT companies worldwide. HCLInfosystems has alliances with global technology leaders .These alliances on one hand giveus access to best technology & products as well as enhancing our understanding of thelatest in technology. On the other hand they enhance our product portfolio, and enable us to
  27. 27. be one stop shop for our customers What HCL CDC offers?  HCL HeritEdge  Cutting-Edge Courseware  Global Alliances  International Recognition  Hands-on Training  Flexible Training Options  Widespread Network  Professional Employment Support  Life-Long Alumni Support The HCL HeritEdge – Overall Readiness  Soft-skills  Call Handling, Personality Development and English Speaking / Communication Enhancements  Management  IT Asset Inventory Management  Call Management  Services Business Management  Service Centre Audits  Experience  200 Hours of Industrial Exposure  Optional Involvement  Visit to HCL Manufacturing Plant  Visit to HCL Centre for Excellence  During Course Internship for 5 Months (1st and 2nd Year – 2 Months, 3rd Year – 1 Month)Global Education Alliances Enterprise Learning Solutions
  28. 28. Our Placement In the Industry Government Training Placements @ HCL
  29. 29. More Placement Partners Target market of HCL cdc
  30. 30. 10+ students 12+students Under graduate students Companies’ employees Product of HCL CDCHCL is an IT company and it is an Indian company and it produce computers &laptop.HCL CDC is the subsidy of the HCL LTD that’s growing in service sector. HCLCDC provides the training to students & employees in the field of Hardware, Software,Networking and Telecommunication. Hcl cdc coursesTo join the pampered tribe of IT wiz kids, the Career Development Centre or CDC offers anumber of industry relevant courses.○ MCSE –Microsoft certifiedsoftware engineer○ CCNA –Cisco certified networkassociate○ RHCE –Red hat certifiedEngineerTo provide world-class solutions and services to all our customers, we have formedAlliances and Partnerships with leading IT companies worldwide. HCL Infosystems hasalliances with global technology leaders . These alliances on one hand give us access tobest technology & products as well as enhancing our understanding of the latest intechnology. On the other hand they enhance our product portfolio and enable us to be onestop shop for our customers. Structured program provide by HCL cdcHCL Certified Enterprise Engineer (HCE+)HCL Certified Network Engineer (HCNE)Advance NetworkingNetwork Technology and DevicesSystem EngineerLinux Administrator
  31. 31. HCL Certified Software Engineer (HCSE Dot NetTrack)HCL Certified Software Engineer (HCSE JavaTrack)HCL Certified Software Engineer (HCSE OracleDeveloper Track)Implementing Windows Application usingVB.NetImplementing Windows Application usingC#.NetCore Java 1.5Advance Java 1.5Basics of IT HardwareMS OfficeCC++HTMLInternet and MailHCL Certified Service Pro (HSPro) Price
  32. 32. Competitors of HCL cdc In domestic market HCL cdc has many competitors Some small players also hascompetition in IT education sector.These are the competitors of HCL cdc :- a. G.T b. IIJT c. NIIT d. IIHT e. JET KING RESEARCH METHODOLOGY SAMPLE SIZE Sample size for the research is fixed. It counts to 100.. That is the HCL companies and corporate selling and feed of HCL in comparison between other IT sectorsMY OWN WORKSThese are the places where we did our activities PLACE :- BHUBANESWAR,CUTTACK a. UTKAL UNVERSITY b. RAVENSHAW UNVERCITY c. TRIDENT COLLEGE d. SRUSTY COLLEGE e. CILICON COLLEGE N f. COLLEGE OF ENGENERING BHUBANESWAR g. KOUSTAV COLLEGE
  33. 33. h. AJAYA BINIAK COLLEGE i. CHUDWAYAR COLLEGE j. AKAMRYA COLLEGE k. R.D.WOMANS COLLEGE l. TINGI COLLEGE m. MITS COLLEGE RESEARCH PROBLEM • HCL Corporate selling and feedback and market share of HCL and compared to other IT companies. • The business of HCL and the company through its researchers wants to know the potential in order to expand and retain its market share.Research Design • Determined the Information Sources: The researcher gathered data through secondary sources. • PRIMARY DATA is collected through questionnaire, search and research through place where todays computer has been mostly used. • SECONDARY DATA is being search sites like magazines, newspapers, journals, websites and the data has been collected through other approaches.DATA COLLECTIONThe researcher collected information through the official websites, magazines andjournals.DEVELOPED THE RESEARCH FRAME: This included deciding upon various aspects for the project on which the entireresearch is based. The research frame included:NATURE OF STUDYThe project on which the researcher worked is descriptive and inferential in nature.DATA SOURCESThe researcher took the help of both primary as well as secondary sources. Secondarysources being interaction with various IT people of the selected and has been chosenfor the research by the researcher. Secondary sources are being the internet as themedium and the official sites of the companies of IT sectors and corporate selling andfeedback of HCL.INSTRUMENT USED
  34. 34. The researcher for the research used a Questionnaire cum Schedule for market research for both the segments horizontal and vertical. The Questionnaire was prepared by the researcher and Schedule was provided by the company in which the researcher did its research report. FINDINGData reduction Graphical representationQ.1. Which IT institute do you like? a) NIIT b) HCL cdc c) IIHT d) GT e) IIJT f) JET KING
  35. 35. N O. OF C US T OME R 100 N IIT 1 8 % IIJT 1 2 %a) NIIT:-18%b) HCL cdc:-30%c) IIHT:-13% GT 7%d) GT:-7%e) IIJT:-12%f) JET KING:-20% JE T K IN G IIH T 1 3 % Q.2. Which course do you like of HCL cdc ?a. MCSE –Microsoft certified Software engineerb. CCNA –Cisco certified network Associatec. RHCE –Red hat certified Engineerd. Advance Networking
  36. 36. A dv a nc e N e tw ork ing 2 2 %a) MCSE –Microsoft certified Software engineer:-25%b) CCNA –Cisco certified network Associate:-37%c) RHCE –Red hat certified Engineer :-16%d) Advance Networking:-22% R HC E 16% C C NA Q.3. Why do you like HCL cdc ? a. Brand name b. Placement c. Infrastructure d. Quality of study
  37. 37. n u m b e r of s tu d e n t 1 0 0 qua lity of s tudy 3 5 %a) Brand name :-30%b) Placement:-20%c) Infrastructure:-15%d) Quality of study:-35% pla c infra s tuc ture 1 5 % Q.4. How did you know about HCL cdc ? a. News paper b. Friends c. Brochure d. Hand bill
  38. 38. News paper:-30% Friends:-30% Brochure:-18% Hand bill:-22%Q.5. According to you which offer is useful for you? a) Discount b) Coupon c) Bank loan d) others
  39. 39. n o. of d a ta -1 0 0 othe rs 6 % c oupon 1 dis c ount 1 8 % Discount:-18% Coupon:-12% Bank loan:-64%others:-6% ba nk loa nQ. 6. How do you grade them according to their sales promotion activity? a. Poor b. Fair
  40. 40. n o.of d a ta 1 0 0 poor 2 0 % a. Poor:-20% b. Fair:-80%Q.7. Why had you specifically chosen HCL cdc only?a. Qualityb. Pricec. Brandd. Other
  41. 41. n o. of d a ta othe r 1 % bra nd 4 4 %a. Quality :-33%b. Price:-22%c. Brand:-44%d. Other:-1% pric e 2 2 %Q.8. Which medium do you like the most in which company contact to you? a. Hand billing b. Road show c. Seminar d. Area campaigning
  42. 42. n o. of d a ta roa d s how 1 % A re a c a m pa ig ning 4 1 %Hand billing:-23%Road show:-1%Seminar :-35%Area campaigning :-41% se Q.9. Which course would you prefer long term or short term? a. Long term b. Short term
  43. 43. c o lle c t e d d a t a 1 0 0Long term:-40%Short term:-60% s hort te rm Q.10. Which timing would you prefer for courses? a. Morning b. Evening c. Noon d. Night
  44. 44. c o lle c t e d d a t a 1 0 0 othe rs 1 % noon 1 7 % Morning:- 35% Evening:-47% Noon :-17% Night :-1% QUESTIONNIREQ.1. Which IT institute do you like? a. NIIT b. HCL cdc c. IIHT e v e ning 4 6 % d. GT e. IIJT f. JET KINGQ.2. Which course do you like of HCL cdc ? a. MCSE –Microsoft certified Software engineer b. CCNA –Cisco certified network Associate c. RHCE –Red hat certified Engineer d .Advance NetworkingQ.3. Why do you like HCL cdc ? a. Brand name b. Placement c. Infrastructure d. Quality of study
  45. 45. Q.4. How come know about HCL cdc ? a) News paper b) Friends c) Brochure d) Hand billQ.5. According to you which offer is useful for you? e) Discount f) Coupon g) Bank loan h) OthersQ. 6. How do you grade them according to their sales promotion activity? a. Poor b. FairQ.7. Why you had specifically chosen HCL CDC only? a. Quality b. Price c. Brand d. OtherQ.8. Which medium do you like most in which a company contacts to you? a. Hand billing b. Road show c. Seminar d. Area campaigningQ.9. Which course would you prefer long term or short term? a. Long term (2years) b. Short term (3months to 6months)Q.10. Which timing would you prefer for courses? a) Morning b) Evening c) Noon d) Night ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION
  46. 46. The findings of the project are as follows:1. During my survey well asking that which IT institute do you prefer then out of 100 Customer 30% said that they will prefer HCL cdc. The reason which is given by them is HCL cdc is one of the good brand in IT firm & by joining HCL there placement got secure.2. As HCL cdc is providing major type of courses which I have surveyed the area of interest which I find out of student more towards CCNA. Which is one of the hardware courses the reasons behind that is most of the student are mainly concern with hardware or they may be having a degree or diploma in software which is provided by many other institute.3. When I asked from the student why they like HCL cdc then most of them had answered that they will get a quality instead of quantity in HCL which is later on followed by brand name because the student know that HCL company is known to everyone & is very much obvious that the courses which provided by HCL will be quality oriented.4. During my survey related to its awareness amongst student most of the student replied they get the information related to HCL cdc is mainly through newspapers and broachers. As one of the new courses so most of the students are not aware of these courses so because of very few students can able to know about the courses to their friends.5. As HCL is providing various facilities like discount coupons, Bank loans so where asking which offer is beneficial to students most of them i.e. almost 64% is said that they will prefer opt for Bank loan instead for discount and coupon the reason which is got is most of them were having the perception that they will go for loan it will be the responsibility of HCL to provide the job.6. The promotion activities of HCL were graded as fair by 80% of the students because for its facility of loan brand name and courses that is offered.7. Well I curiously asked for most of the students that why they are choosing the HCL cdc the answer which I got very much similar which I expected most of them choosing HCL cdc because HCL having brand and good reputation in the market. The marker apart from its quality and price.8. Company was doing various promotional activities like Hand Billing, Road shows, Seminar and area campaign but where asking which was the most prefer by the students 41% said that area campaign is one of the best way to contact with them 35% were agreed for seminar and 23% for Hand billing this is so because area campaign the way by which most of the students weather he is from college or school going or road side one can able to know what exactly HCL cdc offering them which is not fulfill by seminar or hand billing in a satisfactory position.
  47. 47. 9. After asking which courses mostly preferred by the students the answer which I got is majority for short term courses which is having duration of six month or one year minority were asking long term courses which is having duration of two year. This is so because the majority of students which I surveyed were doing job so they mostly preferred short term courses over within six month and one year. 10. Lastly I asked that which timing is mostly suits them 47% said that evening is most suitable for them as I have said earlier that most of them doing job so they don’t want to hamper their job for this course but as this course was really suited to them they really want to do it as a part time courses. Swot analysis Strength: - a. Brand name b. quality of education c. Placement record Weakness: - a New in this field b. Less experience faculty c. Less proper coordination with employee d. Less strength of marketing team Opportunity:- a. It Industry is booming at fast rate every year. b. Increasing consumer awareness about It education. c. Tremendous demand of it professional in India. d. Tie ups with various companies enable to extract their core competencies. Threats:- a. Lots of player in this field. b. High course price. c. Less number of jobs in market. Conclusion“Excellence has always been achieved by those who dared to believe thatSomething inside them was superior to circumstances. So believe in yourselfand try your level best”.By, SUKANTA PARIDAThis phrase says it all. It is truly inspiring that one must believe in what one is doing andstandby your decision and work hard towards it, so that you may achieve excellence.
  48. 48. Summer internship for any MBA would be an experience by itself, so was it for me.Working to me was something new, as I had not worked anywhere else before. But thisvoyageof internship taught me a lot about my profession as Marketing person.HCL has given me a platform to work in the corporate and understand the workingpractices in the Education Environment. This internship was like a fresh start for mycarrier, thelearning which I have undertaken here will stay along with me through my journey ofworking.My experience working as a trainee was tremendous. I got to understand & learn how aBigEducation Hub Company works. I got to understand the marketing process & its variousFunctionalities. At HCL cdc I had the opportunity to learn about the Market PromotionStrategies. My Interns were basically focused on how to promote the different Hardware,Software & Networking courses provide by HCL cdc to the students. I learnt variousaspects ofthese strategies.After my tenure of working here has benefited me a lot and has given me confidence in myownwork and decisions. My experience here was more than my expectation. The workenvironmentwhich I was not use to was made very friendly by my Mentor Mr. VENKET RAMANTRIPATHY. And Iwould remember his help which he provided me during my tenure of internship. RECOMMENDATIONS 1. HCL cdc needs to advertise more and spend more on ‘Above the line activities’. This will increase popularity of the brand of HCL cdc. 2. Prices of some of the coursers are match with that of the courses of competitors but prices some of courses are priced higher. So price of some courses are to be reduced to increase number of registrations. 3. Proper follow ups are required at right time. As time lag will put a negative impact on the minds of the customers. 4. A plan made should be executed properly. It should not be diluted by execution of
  49. 49. new plan. 5. Colleges should be approached we it reopens and when they don’t have any kind of exam schedule. 6. I feel that less emphasis is given on Software courses as compared to Hardware and Networking courses. 7. Regular touch with mass should be maintained in form of journals and publishing in daily News papers and magazines. These will put an impact on consumers mind. 8. Promote its educational products under the brand name of HCL by putting up kiosks and conducting interviews process for interested candidates in job fairs and educating the Candidates about the importance of industry specific HCL certified courses and global Certification programs in their centers. BIBILIOGRAPHYFor making and complet this project Ihad reffered some books and website,magazines.Websites 1.http://www.Hcl 2. 3. 4. 5. Primary Data Collection: · · · ·
  50. 50. • Business Line • India TodayBooks • Methodology of Research: C.R Kothari • Sales Management, book by HCL CDC. • Marketing Management (13th Edition) A SOUTH ASIAN PERSPECTIVE by Philip Kotler, Kevin Lane Keller, Abraham Koshy, Mithileshwar Jha.