Can cinderella marry to the prince
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Can cinderella marry to the prince

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It is the 'choose your own adventure' game for warm-up.

It is the 'choose your own adventure' game for warm-up.

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  • 1. Can Cinderella marry to the prince?
  • 2. I want to go to a dancingparty in the prince’s palace,but I have no pretty shoesand dress. How can I go to there?
  • 3. CHOOSE your own adventure !!!Cinderella find the box!What will she do? Not open open
  • 4. CHOOSE your own adventure !!!Mice come out the box !What Cinderella will do? Expel Talk
  • 5. CHOOSE your own adventure !!! Mice speak to Cinderella “Do you want to go to the dancing party? We can help you. “ Accept Reject
  • 6. CHOOSE your own adventure !!!One of the mice changes to a magician!She says to Cinderella.“Cinderella, I will show two pairs of shoes. Choose one!“
  • 7. It’s time to go~~Suddenly, she was dressed up.“You must come beforeMIDNIGHT.”“Yes, I do.” WOW!!Go to the palace
  • 8. CHOOSE your own adventure !!!She was happy while dancing with the prince.However, 1 minute before the midnight,the prince say to her.“Could you stay with me?” Say NO Say YES
  • 9. 100 POINTSThey danced all night, and the prince proposed toher in the next morning.Cinderella accept the proposal.
  • 10. Cinderella leaved the palace.She left a glass shoe. -70 POINTSIn the next morning,a servant of the princevisited to Cinderella’s house.She wore the shoe, but it didn’t fit.Because her feet became swollen… It doesn’t fit! She is NO!!! not her. TRYAGAIN
  • 11. SAD ENDING 0 POINT• Cinderella didn’t go to the dancing party, so she got upset and cried… NO!!! TRY AGAIN
  • 12. How could you do that?! I will revenge on you !!! 20 POINTS TRYAGAIN
  • 13. She became a model Thank you, magician. Dream comes true~!! I love my job and red shoes !!! 60 POINTS TRYAGAIN
  • 14. Cinderella’s step sister came in. -50“What is this? POINTSIt looks good, so I will take it!You just have to clean up,Cinderella!!” TRYAGAIN