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Ergo news assignment
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Ergo news assignment


A news article

A news article

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  • 1. [1] October 29th BY: ALIC PANG GR.11 BISS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Do you meet the requirements? ERGONEWS
  • 2. ERGO NEWS October 29th 2010 INTHEAVERAGEWORKSTATION... very less is cared upon the health of the employees, bad posture and poor equipment can have serious consequences... Symptoms of Ergonomic Problems: Pain in wrists, forearms, elbows, neck, or back followed by discomfort Aching or tingling Dry, itchy, or sore eyes Loss of color in affected regions Blurred or double vision Cramping Numbness or a burning sensation in the hand Reduced grip strength in the hand Swelling or stiffness in the wrist joints Reduced range of motion in the shoulder, neck, or back Weakness Tension stress headaches and related ailments The main causes of are: Awkward posture Frequent repetitive motion tasks Stress at workplace Vibrations Forceful movements Poor workplace setup Sitting in same posture for continuous long hours Lower back support is inadequate Types of Ergonomic Related illness: Musculoskeletal Disorders Ergonomic Problem-Eye Repetitive Stain Injury Carpal Tunnel Syndrome How are you working these days?
  • 3. Ergonomics and the problems we face. In an everyday workspace area, colleagues or students work straight long hours in front of a computer. A bad posture may lead to several severe injuries, disease, pain, and eye problems etcetera. However there are several ways of preventing such from happening. First we must identify the problem, find a solution, and then use the solution. The best way to prevent over amounts of stress is to maintain a healthy posture. When students are working in front of a computer posture is a crucial factor towards their physical health and their back spines. Looking too close to the computer will cause extra stress upon the eyes. A bad wrist posture may lead to severe pain or even Carpel Tunnel syndrome; this is a disease where the nerves inside the hands are pressured towards the wrist, this results in pain, weakening and numbness. When working in front of a computer, numerous procedures can be taken to prevent over amounts of stress and pain. The chair should have an adjustable seat height for a more comfortable posture, the feet should be on the floor, backs should be straight and have a support on the back of the chair to help protect the spine. When looking towards the computer, the eyes should be looking down towards the screen, with a distance of around sixteen to twenty four centimeters. The elbow should have a ninety- degree angle with wrists straight on top of the keyboard. In modern society, the amount of work done is one thing, the health issues regarding it is another issue. If colleagues have difficulties working due to stress and pain their overall productivity will be lower. Many simple and effective methods and products are available for us to follow and use that will make our lives so much better. INTRODUCING THEERGONOMIC MOUSE Evoluent Vertical Mouse The evoluent vertical mouse offers comfortable arm posture, improved thumb rest. Most of all the arm remains neutral and not twisted compared to an original mouse. For just $89.99 USD You can reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Visit for more details Posture = Physical Health
  • 4. Test yourself! How are you working these days? 1.What position is your computer screen relative to your eye level of sight? a.Just a bit below (2 points) b.Exactly the same (4 points) c.Much higher (6 points) 2.What is your average sitting posture? a.Back straight, feet flat on the ground (2 points) b.Relaxed posture, back bent forward (4 points) c.Slouched posture, feet not on the ground (6 points) 3.The back supports on the seat are a.Well cushioned (2 points) b.Hard and not cushioned (4 points) c.None at all (10 points) 4.I type with a.My wrists are well relaxed and parallel with the table (2 points) b.My wrists are flat and making contact with the table (or keyboard) (4 points) c.My wrists are perpendicular, and stressed (10 points) 5.The characters on the screen are a.nice and clear (2 points) b.fuzzy and blurred (8 points) 6.The reflection on my screen a.Low reflection (2 points) b.Some reflection (4 points) c.Intense reflection (6 points) 7.The keyboard height is a.At around arm level (2 points) b.Above arm level (4 points) c.Below arm level (6 points) You are ergonomically healthy if you achieved 14-20 points You are ergonomically acceptable if you achieved 21-24 points You are ergonomically unhealthy if you achieved 25+ points Roller Mouse Pro 2 The roller mouse pro 2 offers softer cushioning for better palm support. Fully adjustable keyboard risers that can be adjusted to the height and angle desired. For only $205.35 USD You can reduce the risk of wrist stress and pain. visit Hurry and check yourself! CONTOURDESIGN ROLLERMOUSEPRO2
  • 5. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome The Wrist is normally surrounded with strands of tissue that supports the wrist. The gap between the wrist and the strands of tissue is called “carpal tunnel”. Strands of nerves pass through this narrow gap, if for any reason swelling or movements in this region damages the median nerve; this is known as carpal tunnel syndrome. The nerve that passes through the carpal tunnel controls sensations for the thumb, index, and middle finger. Damage can lead to intense pain, numbness. Eventually surgery is required. Repetitive Stress Injuries Repetitive stress injuries occur when too much stress is applied to one particular part of the body. This may lead to pain, swelling, muscle strain, or tissue damage.This symptom only occurs when the same movements or stress is maintained over a long period of time. Bad posture is one of the factors. Untreated Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Frequency of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome In the United States, 1-3 subjects of 1000 had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. In the United Kingdom 70-160 subjects of 1000 had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The best way to reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is by taking breaks between long working hours. FACTOR FICTION?