T E D x Z A P | 2012


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First Draft Invitation BrainTrust

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T E D x Z A P | 2012

  1. 1. Zapopan!x = Independently organized TED event! MARZO 2012! This  independent  TEDx  event  is  operated  under  license  from  TED.  
  2. 2. Mission!In the spirit of ideas worth spreading,TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring peopletogether to share a TED- like experience. ! This  independent  TEDx  event  is  operated  under  license  from  TED.  
  3. 3. Mission! This  independent  TEDx  event  is  operated  under  license  from  TED.  
  4. 4. Global Boom!The  TEDx  Movement  is  spreading  all  around  the  world…     This  independent  TEDx  event  is  operated  under  license  from  TED.  
  5. 5. Program!Our   event   is   called   TEDxZapopan,   where  x=independently  organized  TED  event.      At   our   TEDxZapopan   event,   TEDTalks   video  and  live  speakers  will  combine  to  spark  deep  discussion  and  connecEon  in  a  small  group.    The   TED   Conference   provides   general  guidance   for   the   TEDx   program,   but  individual   TEDx   events,   including   ours,   are  self-­‐organized.   This  independent  TEDx  event  is  operated  under  license  from  TED.  
  6. 6. Zapopan Theme!  The  Power  of  Passion…  How  can  we  leverage  Jalisco’s  talent  in  order  to  increase  the  differenEaEon,  compeEEve-­‐ness  and  sustainability  of  our  region?    How  can  we  idenEfy  and  tackle  the  most  important  constraints  which  limit  our  community’s  development?   This  independent  TEDx  event  is  operated  under  license  from  TED.  
  7. 7. Zapopan Theme!T  The  Founda?ons  of  Compe??veness       3  TALENT   Passionate  human  energy  that  drives  change   TOLERANCE  &  TRUST   Diversity  &  compassion  integrates  the  society   TECHNOLGY   Tools  &  processes  assure  compeEEveness   This  independent  TEDx  event  is  operated  under  license  from  TED.  
  8. 8. Zapopan Impact! Phase  0   Expert   Define  Purpose   Speakers     Through   the   power   of   collaboraEon   we   are   able   to   drive   change   in   order   to   shape   the   future   of   our  Purpose   Audience   community  and  society.     We   will   set   an   ambiEous   goal  which  will  aTract  the   most   talented   speakers   BrainTrust   and  audience.   This  independent  TEDx  event  is  operated  under  license  from  TED.  
  9. 9. Zapopan Advisors! Phase  1   Expert   Form  Advisry  Board   Speakers     The   key   foundaEon   for   a   successful   TEDxEvent   is   content.   We   are   looking   for   a   group   of   thought  Purpose   Audience   leaders  and  experts  in  the   fields   of   talent,   tolerance   and   technology   who   will   help  us  assemble  the  best   possible  speaker  porWolio.   BrainTrust     This  independent  TEDx  event  is  operated  under  license  from  TED.  
  10. 10. Zapopan Speakers! Phase  2   Expert   Recruit  Speakers   Speakers     We   are   looking   for   two   types   of   Talented   and   Inspiring  personaliEes…   1.  P e o p l e   w h o   a r e  Purpose   Audience   acEvely   shaping   the   future   through   the   implementaEon   of   their  ideas.   2.  P e o p l e   w h o   h a v e   discovered   important   trends.   This  independent  TEDx  event  is  operated  under  license  from  TED.  
  11. 11. Zapopan Speakers! Define     Coach     Deliver  Propose     Select   Scope     Speakers   Engaging   &  Depth   Extensively   Prezi   Story  Board   PresentaEon  Design   Engaging  Delivery   Timing   Availability   Relevance   Overall  Fit   Commitment     This  independent  TEDx  event  is  operated  under  license  from  TED.  
  12. 12. Zapopan Audience! Phase  3   Select  Audience     TEDxZapopan  will  serve  as  a   plaWorm   that   connects   three  groups  of  people…   1.  People  who  inspire  Purpose   Audience   2.  People  who  mulEply   3.  People  who  implement   Our   goal   is   to   build   an   ecosystem   which   will   not   only   spread   ideas,   but   also   maximize   the   probability   to   make  things  happen.   This  independent  TEDx  event  is  operated  under  license  from  TED.  
  13. 13. Zapopan Audience! VENUE  FOR  LIFE  EVENT   UDG   Our   team   is   currently   exploring   potenEal   UVM   UAG   venues   where   we   will   host   the   life   event.   ParEcipants   at   this   event   will   be   carefully   selected  in  order  to  maximize  the  probability   of   creaEng   a   dynamic   and   interacEve   experience.  UP   Zapopan   ITESM     SATELITE  EVENTS  IN  MAJOR  UNIVERSITIES   We  want  the  ideas  to  spread  and  involve  the   academic   community.   We   will   create   UNIVA   Etc.   incenEves   for   students   to   share   their   ideas   and  help  us  make  the  ideas  come  true.     ITESO   This  independent  TEDx  event  is  operated  under  license  from  TED.  
  14. 14. Zapopan Process! Define  Strech-­‐Goals   We  will  idenEfy  the  key  challenges   that  our  society  is  facing.   Build  Community  of  Experts   Recruit  experts  who  want  to  give  the   talk  of  their  lives  on  a  global  stage.   Design  Eco-­‐System  &  InteracEon   Connect  talented  and  moEvated   people  who  will  drive  our  evoluEon.   Create  Scalable  Solu?ons   Develop  concrete  trajsformaEon  plans.   This  independent  TEDx  event  is  operated  under  license  from  TED.  
  15. 15. Zapopan Media!WEBSITE   www.tedxzapopan.com   The   TEDxZapopan   Team   will   develop   an   integral   media   plan   in   order   to   aTract   the   best   visionaries,   thinkers   and   doers   to   the  BLOG   www.tedxzapopan.com/blog   event.     Social  Media  will  be  used  in  order  to  engage  SOCIAL  MEDIA   the   community   before,   during   and   aeer   the   2012  event.  Facebook  |  LinkedIN  |  TwiTer  |  YouTube     Community   engagement   will   help   us   co-­‐PRINT  MEDIA  Newspapers  |  Magazines  |  etc.   create   the   experience,   select   content,   moEvate   the   exploraEon   of   alternaEve   soluEons,  and  realizaEon  of  experiments.  PR  Local  |  Regional  |  NaEonal   This  independent  TEDx  event  is  operated  under  license  from  TED.  
  16. 16. Zapopan Invitation!BRAIN TRUST MEMBERSHIP!Big challenges demand the collaboration ofthe smartest people.!!We want to demonstrate to our communityand the world that we have all the ingredientsthat are required to drive change.!!We would like you to form part of theTEDxZapopan BRAIN TRUST. ! This  independent  TEDx  event  is  operated  under  license  from  TED.  
  17. 17. Zapopan Invitation!BRAIN TRUST ROLES!BrainTrust members are advisors, guidesand/or coaches who will …!1.  Help us define the key challenges that our community is facing.!2.  Identify the thought-leaders who are currently working on understanding and/ or solving these challenges.!3.  Provide candid feedback and other support to the TEDxZapopan Team.! This  independent  TEDx  event  is  operated  under  license  from  TED.  
  18. 18. Zapopan Team!FRANCISCO  ANGUIANO   BlackSwan  Consul?ng   PATRICIO  ARCE   DG  Consultores   GABO  CARABES   Haiku   JOHN  E.  COOPER   ITESM  Campus  Guadalajara   RAMÓN  ESCOBAR   Tequila  SoU     VICTOR  MARTÍNEZ   DG  Consultores   DANIEL  PANDZA   The  PassionBusiness  Project     This  independent  TEDx  event  is  operated  under  license  from  TED.  
  19. 19. Zapopan 2012!MUCHAS GRACIAS!www.tedxzapopan.com! This  independent  TEDx  event  is  operated  under  license  from  TED.