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Inversion -CPE Class Grammar Presentation....

Inversion -CPE Class Grammar Presentation....

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  • Just click on the download button, first! I'll find the time to upload it on the www.scribd.com , too, but when? And do consult grammar reference books for teachers for teachers to ensure I haven't omitted anything .

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  • 1. InversionFor formal Speech (writing & speaking)
  • 2. To emphasise or to express contrast. • Had it been completed as Calthorpe planned it, it would have been one of the great visionary new towns of the 20th century. • (if it had been…- inversion in a conditional sentence.)
  • 3. Inversion after a time adverbial phrase • Only once did I see any evidence of public transport. (a fronted time adverbial---only once--- with a question form –did I see).
  • 4. T o place emphasis • No sooner had we left, than it started to pour with rain.
  • 5. T o express contrast • Barely had Janie recovered from her operation, when she found out she was pregnant.
  • 6. T o emphasise • Only after a rigorous security check, were we allowed to enter the buil ding. (fronted time adverbial--- only after----- and noun phrase– a rigorous check…)
  • 7. Inversion with adverbials of place • Opposite the gallery entrance stands an imposing bronze statue. (opposite the gallery---an adverbial of place--- stands---main lexical verb).
  • 8. Inversion with adverbials of place • Under the table sat a tiny mouse with bright, beady eyes. (adverbial place--- under the table---main ,lexical verb -----sat).
  • 9. Inversion with <location> and verbs of movement (come, go, run). • Up the hill crawled the number 77 bus. (location- ----up the hill----verb of movement---crawled.)
  • 10. Inversion with <location> and verbs of movement (come, go, run). • Alongside the road runs the River Avon. (alongside the road------ location----runs----main ,lexical verb).
  • 11. Inversion after prepositional phrases with no • On no account should children be left unsupervised in this play area. (prepositional phrase-----on no account- -- lexical verb phrase---- should children be left).
  • 12. Inversion after prepositional phrases with no • In no way can a goalless draw be seen as a good result for United. (in no way----prepositional phrase ----can a goalless draw be seen--- predicate).
  • 13. Inversion after prepositional phrases with no • Under no circumstances was Sally going to admit defeat. (prepositional phrase----under no circumstances---- predicate-----was Sally going to …..).
  • 14. Inversion after not • Not only did the team win the county cup, they also came top of their league. (not only--- prepositional phrase--- main sentence follows).
  • 15. Inversion after not • Not one grain of encouragement did he show throughout the course. (particle---not---- noun phrase ----grain of encouragement--- main sentence –did he show).
  • 16. Inversion after little • Little did I think then , that I would miss the bright lights in years to come. (quantifier---little-- -inverted question---did I think-----sentence of result---that I….).
  • 17. Inversion after little • Little was she expecting Sam to walk through that door. (quantifier---little--- -question form inverted into a lexical sentence--- was she expecting…).
  • 18. Inversion with so/such…that • So popular has the system become that it now carries nearly two million passengers each day. (quantifier+ adjective---so popular + verb phrase –has the system become + that sentence of result---it now carries…)
  • 19. Inversion with so/such…that • Such was the outcry that the advertisement had to be withdrawn. (quantifier---such + predicate sentence--- was the outcry + that + sentence of concession -- -the advertisement hat to be withdrawn).
  • 20. Inversion with neither/nor • Yasmin doesn’t relish living in a high-rise apartment and neither do I. (quantifier – neither + auxiliary verb phrase– Do I.)
  • 21. Inversion with neither/nor • Jim hasn’t been asked to work overtime and nor should you be. (quantifier –nor + elliptical verb phrase ---should you be).