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my presentation about Pakistan on front of international form last year 2012 my names is Shams contact 0923337996286
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  • Provincial tree; juniper/ provincial flower morina
  • International forum presentation final

    1. 1. Welcome to my Presentation On “The Diverse Cultures of Four Provinces of Pakistan” Dated: 2nd October 2012 Venue: AYRES 120 ( International Forum) Presented by Shams ud din Pandrani The Teaching Excellence & Achievement Pakistan 2012
    2. 2. Sindh IslamabadBalochistan Punjab Khyber Pakhtoon Khwah Introduction to The Islamic Republic of PAKISTAN Balochistan
    3. 3. LOCATION Pakistan is situated in South Asia, bodering the Arabian Sea, between India on the East , Iran and Afghanistan on the West and China in the North.
    4. 4. Facts  Date of Independence: August 14, 1947  Official Name: The Islamic Republic of Pakistan  Religion: Islam  Capital: Islamabad  Type of Government: Parliamentary Democracy  Population: 180 Million (2011 estimate)  Area: 310,404 square miles  National Language: Urdu  Regional Languages: Punjabi, Sindhi, balochi & Pashto  Unit of Currency: Pakistani Rupee  Major Crops: Wheat, Rice, cotton, Mize, Grams , Sugar cane,, pulses etc.
    5. 5. Characteristics of Pakistani People  Civilized  Hospitalable  Hard Working  Skillful  Patriotic  Brave  Direct  Respectful  Aesthetic Sense  Helpful  Spiritual  Business Minded  Daring  Caring  Forgiving  Loving  Creative
    6. 6. Religious Uniformity Pakistan is an ideological Islamic state. Its existence is due to Islam. So Pakistani culture is primarily based on the Islamic way of life.
    7. 7. Islamabad, The Capital City
    8. 8. The Mountain Ranges  Karakoram range  Himalayan range  Hindu kush range  Sulaiman Mountains range
    9. 9. PUNJAB
    10. 10. Map & Detail of Punjab Land of Five Rivers  Languages: Punjabi , Urdu & Siraiki  Capital City: Lahore  Area:205344km square  Literacy Rate: 56%  Districts: 34
    11. 11. RIVERS Punjab has been blessed with the “following five rivers, that is why it is called the “Land of Five Rivers”. 1. River Ravi 2. River Indus 3. River Sutlej 4. River Chenab 5. River Jhelum
    12. 12. Famous Buildings of Punjab
    13. 13. VILLAGE LIFE Of PUNJAB  Pakistan is an agricultural country.  Most of its population lives in the villages.  Villages of Pakistan are very traditional.  A typical Pakistani village is situated away from the noise of a city.  It is a peaceful and silent place.  There are green trees, vast meadows, and flowery bushes in every village.
    14. 14.  The blossoming flowers, fragrant air, the rising and setting sun all leave a healthy influence on the health of villagers.  Most of the village people have simple habits and limited needs. •It consists of unpaved paths and streets. •Its houses are made of mud. However, now villagers have started to make their houses of bricks. VILLAGE LIFE Of PUNJAB
    15. 15. DRESSES
    16. 16. Traditional Kurta Sherwani
    17. 17. Punjab Special Food
    18. 18.  Cholistan is in tact the biggest desert in Pakistan  This famous desert is 30 Km from Bahawalpur and comprises of an area of 16,000  The Thal desert is situated in Punjab, Pakistan. Its vast area is mainly between the Jhelum and Sindh rivers near the Pothohar Plateau. BEAUTIFUL DERSERS OF PUNJAB
    19. 19. BEAUTY OF PUNJAB
    20. 20. Marriage Ceremonies
    21. 21. Bridal Jewellery Gold & Diamond)
    22. 22. Bassant Kite Festival
    23. 23. Arts & Crafts
    24. 24. MUSIC
    25. 25. Sindh
    26. 26. SINDH PROVINCE (INDUS VALLEY 5000 YEARS OLD CIVILIZATION) Bab-ul-Islam (Gateway to Islam in the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent)
    27. 27. Map & Demographics of Sindh •History: Years Old ( Moen jo Daro) •Status: Province •Capital: Karachi •Area: 54,407 sq miles •Languages: Sindhi (Provincial) Urdu (National) English (Official) •Other: Punjabi, Pashto,Balochi, Saraiki, Birahwi &Gujarati •Districts: 23 •Towns: 119 •Main Crops: Cotton, rice, wheat and sugarcane, Orange, Mango, Dates Products: Goat, Lamb, Cow, Camel, Coal, Gas, Petroleum ( Badin Thar)Fertilizers Special Features: Seaport, River Indus, Indus Motor Company(Toyota), Oil Fields, Steel,
    28. 28. Traditional Sindhi Dresses
    29. 29. Art & Skills
    30. 30. Beauty of Thar- The Desert of Sindh
    31. 31. Jewelry of Sindh
    32. 32. Sindhi Cultural Objects Traditional lady’s Chappal Meal Pot Hand Fan
    33. 33. Poetry & Music Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai The Greatest Poet of Sindh Abida Parveen ( Sufi Music Singer) Alan Faqir
    34. 34. Public Entertainment of Sindh
    35. 35. Special Food of Sindh Palla Fish Lotus Root Lotus Seeds Lorh Pickle Sindhi Biryani Butter Desi Chicken Saag
    36. 36. Beautiful Landscape of Sindh
    37. 37. World Famous Personalities of Sindh Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah The Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e- Awam Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Former Primer Minister Of Pakistan Martyr Queen Benazir Bhutto Former Prime Minister of Pakistan First Woman PM in Muslim World Asif Ali Zardari The President of Pakistan
    38. 38. We show our respect for Mr. Barak Obama, The president of USA by giving him the traditional look of Sindhi Person
    39. 39. • Area: Largest province • Capital: Quetta • Division: 6 • Districts: 30 • Special Features: Mineral and Gawadar sea port.
    40. 40. The history of Baluchistan covers thousand of years from the first century to the third century with Iran and Afghanistan .Before partition of the subcontinent Baluchistan was an independent state but when Pakistan came into being then Mir Ahmed Yar khan who was the king of Baluchistan decided to affiliate with the government of Pakistan
    41. 41. EDUCATION
    42. 42. •social FESTIVALS
    43. 43. Eid is our religious festival which we celebrate two time in a year. we also celebrate Eid meelad ul Nabi which is the birthday of our holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
    44. 44. Sibi mela is our social festival that is traces its roots to ancient human civilization. this festival attracts people from across the country. It is attended by the common folk, ministers and other government officials.
    45. 45. SIBI MELLA ( Festival)
    46. 46. Food  Sajji is the favorite food of Baluchistan people. It is roast mutton.  Baluchi eat sajji with chapatti.  Kiddy kebab.
    47. 47. •Men wear mostly shalwar and kameez ( shirt and trouser) with waist coat and use turban. Men also wear Baluchi chapel shoes. •Women wear specially designed Baluchi suits.
    48. 48. Dance and music  Dance in a circle( chap)  Baluchi folk violin and drums are played.  We have balochi dance at the beat of music around  the dramers
    49. 49. Bolan pass Gawadar sea port Ziarat valley
    50. 50. Treasure Minerals Beautiful Landscape Palm trees in Panjgur
    51. 51. Treasure Minerals found in Recode Beautiful Landscapes Palm Trees in Panjgur
    52. 52. Markhor , Wild Goat (Chiltan) Natural gas (Sui) Coal in Chamalang
    53. 53. Baluchistan produces fruits
    55. 55. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is largely located on the Iranian plateau and Eurasian land plate. while peripheral eastern regions are located near the Indian subcontinent and this has led to seismic activity in the past. It covers an area of 74,521 km² (28,773 sq mi). It is the smallest Province of Pakistan by area. It lies in a region where Indian subcontinent meets the Hindu kash of Afghanistan Geography
    56. 56. History Since the ancient times numerous groups have invaded Khyber Pakhtunkhwa including the Persian, Greek, Turks. Mughals and the British b/w 2000 and 1500 BC. The Aryans spilt off into and Iranian branch represented by Pashtun which is came into being as dominant.
    57. 57. KPk Education Institutions
    58. 58. SPORTS
    59. 59. People and culture . •Simple and loving •Hospitable •Brave •Patriotic Language •Regional language is Pashto and some people speak Hindko .Balti
    60. 60. Main Cities Of KPK D.I .Khan Mardan Nowshera Charsada Hazara Abbotabad Kohat
    62. 62. Customs and Traditions of KPK
    63. 63. Dress and music in KPK 1. Rabab 2. Drum 3. Guitar etc
    64. 64. Dresses In big cities usually wear shalwar kameez (shirt and trouser) and women cover their head with dopatta.
    65. 65. Tourism Attraction •The northern areas in KPK are famous and attractive for the tourist. •They are rich in natural beauty. •The second highest mountain peak of the world that is K2 is also in northern areas.
    66. 66. Tourism Attraction Wadi e nieelam
    67. 67. K2
    68. 68. CROPS OF KPK
    69. 69. JEWELRY & GEMS OF KPK
    70. 70. DAMS OF KPK
    71. 71. Dresses & Embroidery
    72. 72. Thank you Very Much for Being here to my Presentation On “The Diverse Cultures of Four Provinces of Pakistan” Dated: 2nd October 2012 Venue: AYRES 120 ( International Forum) Presented by Shams ud din pandrani cell 0923337996286, The Teaching Excellence & Achievement