Troubleshooting Tips For a Gas Dryer Not Heating

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We sell dryer parts for various brands including dryer heating element, thermal fuse dryer, belts, cords, motor, timer, thermostat and other parts for dryer.

We sell dryer parts for various brands including dryer heating element, thermal fuse dryer, belts, cords, motor, timer, thermostat and other parts for dryer.

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  • 1. Is your gas dryer not heating properly? There may be various reasons for the problem……. But the most common sources of the problem of dead dryer comes from several areas: • Igniter and Thermal Fuse • Thermostat and Radiant flame sensor • Power Issues • Heating coils for gas valve • Overloading • Wrong Settings
  • 2. Cause #1 :: A Broken Igniter or a Broken Timer Most primary cost for a dryer not heating is a broken igniter. If the igniter does not work properly, it will Not ignite the heater and the dryer unit will not dry your cloths.Check for blown fuses, as well as other brokenelements, as these could also be contributing tothe problem. A broken timer could also causethe heater and the blower to stay inactive.
  • 3. Cause #2 :: Defective Thermostat and Sensors Another reason may be a defective thermostat. When The thermostat is not fitted under the lint trap or it is not attached to the blower housing, the dryer may not dry. In this case, you need to replace the broken thermostat.The sensor could also experience the same problem.Sensors are like silver discs and they are located underthe drum. If they stop working, then the entire unit willfail to dry cloths.
  • 4. Cause #3 :: Failed power Connection Check if the dryer is properly plugged in and then check the wires and connections. it needs around 110 volts in a gas dryer to heat-dry clothsSometimes the dryer mail fail to power up due to overheating during previous use. The power cords mayburn out for this reason and the dryer require arepairing service to correct the problem.
  • 5. Cause #4 :: Defective Gas Valve Coils If there is a defect on the gas valve coils the dryer Will not heat. If the vent is Clogged, then it prevent airflow and will raise the temperature higher than what is set.Gas valve coils, which normally let the valve openand allow the gas to pass through, may need tobe replaced or perhaps you just need to give thevalves and the vents a thorough cleaning.
  • 6. Cause #5 :: Dryer Overloading and choosing wrong drying option Avoid filling the dryer with excess clothes and make sure that the air can flow freely inside the drum. Overloading a dryer will prevent the dryer from drying the load completelyYou should choose proper drying setting forProper result. Choosing the ‘DRY’ option willLeave the unit On for long time. Choose the‘NORMAL’ option for delicate fabrics.
  • 7. To troubleshoot the problem you need to check for any blown or broken parts. Telltale signs include smoky odors or a charred appearance in some dryer areas.You will need to open the dryer up in order tosee what is inside. Then replace the affected partWith Do-it-yourself appliances repairing parts fromPandora’s OEM ( . You can also email us your model numberand/or question and get an answer the same day!
  • 8. …………… Some of our top selling products are …………. Dryer Blower Wheel Dryer Control Board Dryer Heater Relay Dryer Knob Dryer Temp Thermostat Dryer Thermostat
  • 9. Our Store address :: Pandoras OEM Appliance Parts PO Box 330919 Murfreesboro, TN 37133 Website Address :: Fax :: 1-(615)-890-0107All parts sold on offerYou (the Customer) a free domesticshipping option.