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Geography powerpoint new Presentation Transcript

  • 1. United States Geography The eastern coast has more plains while the western coast is more mountainous.The Grand Canyon is one of the famous tourism attractions of the west.
  • 2. 50 StatesThere are 50 states in total which is also featured as the stars in theirnational flag, including Alaska and Hawaii.
  • 3. Population: 314,712,000It is the 3rd most populous country in the world as of Oct 1, 2012
  • 4. Capital: Washington, DCIs the place of the white house, where the president lives with his family.Was known previously as the District of Columbia.
  • 5. Bird: Bald Eagle
  • 6. The United States is broken into 5 major parts or regions. What is a REGION? Places that have similar characteristicsthat make them different from surrounding areas.
  • 7. Compass Rose A compass rose helpsus give a name to the regions.
  • 8. Let’s start with a map of the entireUnited States of America…
  • 9. The United States is broken into 5 regionsNortheast RegionMidwest RegionSoutheast RegionSouthwest RegionWest Region
  • 10. 5 Regions
  • 11. Northeast Region 9 states - The New England states of Connecticut, Maine,Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermontand the Mid-Atlantic states of New Jersey, New York andPennsylvania.
  • 12. Midwest Region Theodore Roosevelt National Park is located in the Badlands of North Dakota. Mount Rushmore is famous for the carved president heads is located in South Dakota. Also called the breadbasket of America, because of the plain grasslands12 states in the north-central and north-eastern United States: Illinois,Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, NorthDakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.
  • 13. Southeast RegionStates of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky,Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina,Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.
  • 14. Southwest RegionStates of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada,New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.
  • 15. West RegionStates of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho,Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington,and Wyoming.
  • 16. Time Zone of USA
  • 17. Major Bodies of Water in the UnitedStates
  • 18. Oceans Atlantic PacificAtlantic Served as the highway for explorers, early settlers, and immigrants. Located east of the United States.Pacific An early exploration route. Located west of the United States.
  • 19. Rivers Mississippi Missouri Ohio Columbia Colorado Rio Grande
  • 20. Mississippi River Transportation artery for farm and industrial products. Links to ports and other parts of the world. Flows through the Interior Lowlands into the Gulf of Mexico. Part of the longest and most important river system.
  • 21. Missouri River Transportation artery for farm and industrial products. Links to ports and other parts of the world. Flows through the Great Plains, the Interior Lowlands into the Mississippi River. Part of the  longest and most important river system.
  • 22. Ohio River Was the Gateway to the west. Flows into the Mississippi River.
  • 23. The Columbia River wasexplored by Lewis and Clark.
  • 24. The Colorado River was explored by the Spanish.
  • 25. The Rio Grande River forms the border with Mexico.
  • 26. Lakes Grand Canyon Huron Ontario Michigan Erie SuperiorThere are five Great Lakes.Inland port cities grew in the Midwest along the Great Lakes.Form part of the border between the United States andCanada.
  • 27. Gulf Gulf of Mexico Provided the French and Spanish with explorationroutes to Mexico and other parts of America.
  • 28. Top 5Waterfalls Niagara Falls Yosemite Falls Lower Falls Bridal Veil Falls Vernal Fall and Nevada Falls
  • 29. The Atlantic ocean served as the highway for explorers, early settlers, and later immigrants.
  • 30. The Pacific Ocean was an earlyexploration route.
  • 31. Thank You Presented ByPonnoviumAnneSufiaPandiarajan IM&ES Team