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E-commerce in nepal

  1. 1. e-Commerce in Nepal Sunil Pandey Nepal College of Information Technologies
  2. 2. Agenda • What is ecommerce? • eBusiness process • eCommerce SWOT • Type of ecommerce • Fact file • eCommerce in Nepal • Importance of Ecommerce 3/20/2014 2Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  3. 3. What is eCommerce? • eCommerce, Consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the internet and other computer network 3/20/2014 3Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  4. 4. Examples • ATM(only one watchman can handle the business). • Selling Physical goods using websites • Reserving hotel room over the internet • Purchasing movie, travel and other event tickets 3/20/2014 4Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  5. 5. eBusiness process customer relationship redesign business process(outside-IN) applying technology Why What How 3/20/2014 5Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  6. 6. The eCommerce Funnel • SEO and Marketing • Managed Content • Shopping Cart • Payment Solution • Order tracking Customer Service General interest- contacts Research and refine Choose and compare Shop Bye Retain 3/20/2014 6Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  7. 7. eCommerce SWOT • Strength • Engages Consumers with “Instant Buy” capabilities • Creates a strong link between marketing and sales statistics • Enables pricing, availability etc to responding directly and instantly to market pressure 3/20/2014 7Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  8. 8. • Reduces the cost of rolling out new products • Increases customer engagements • Creates strong drive add-on sales Strength cont… 3/20/2014 8Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  9. 9. eCommerce SWOT • Weaknesses • Entering the online market requires you to be competitive and have the highest level of customers service in place • Reviews and negative comment’s can spread quickly and damage customer brand –Must stay on top of • Cost of entry can be high 3/20/2014 9Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  10. 10. • Doing it poorly can be worse that not doing it at all • Online market makes it easy for customers to comparison shop • Real-time nature requires constant attention • Web change (new browser, technologies, capabilities, competitive advantages etc)require web development to be ongoing not one time expenses 3/20/2014 10Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  11. 11. eCommerce SWOT • Opportunities • First to market ecommerce sites can capture market share swiftly • New customer information can be used to identify and exploit new markets • Responsive marketing and sales can drive new sales opportunities 3/20/2014 11Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  12. 12. • Integration with back end system can improve transaction turn around and increase productivity • Automated processing and systems can keep customer well informed 3/20/2014 12Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  13. 13. eCommerce SWOT • Threats • Being 2nd or later to market requires significant difference or improvement from existing sites to overcome first-to- market • Learning web technologies and how to leverage them can be daunting –not knowing them can be disastrous 3/20/2014 13Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  14. 14. • Big Players can be almost impossible to complete with(Even by other Big players)- you are unlikely to be the next e-bay, the next amazon • Copy and renew is a normal development strategy • Your backend system must be able to handle the front end and be integrated 3/20/2014 14Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  15. 15. Type of ecommerce • B2B • B2C • C2B • C2C 3/20/2014 15Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  16. 16. B2B • Companies doing business with each other such as manufacturers selling to distributors and wholesalers selling to retailers 3/20/2014 16Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  17. 17. B2C • Business selling the general public typically through catalogs utilizing shopping cart software. 3/20/2014 17Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  18. 18. C2B • A consumer posts his projects with a set budget online and within hours companies review the consumers' requirements and did on the projects The consumer review the bids and selects the company that will complete the project. 3/20/2014 18Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  19. 19. C2C • There are many sites offering free classifieds, auctions, and forums where individuals can buy and sell thanks to online payment systems like PayPal where people can send and receive money online with ease. ebay's auction service is grate example hamrobazar.com for Nepal 3/20/2014 19Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  20. 20. Fact file 3/20/2014 20Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  21. 21. Fact file Global Ecommerce Sales % Age by Region • EU- 34% • USA-29% • ASIA-27% • Other-10% 3/20/2014 21Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  22. 22. Fact file Shoppers by Age Group • Age 18-30: 54% • Age 31-44: 68% • Age 45-54: 64% • Age 55-65: 68% • Age 66+: 48% 3/20/2014 22Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  23. 23. 3/20/2014 23Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  24. 24. 3/20/2014 24Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  25. 25. 3/20/2014 25Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  26. 26. eCommerce in Nepal Population: 29,391,883 Age structure: 0-14 years : 34.6% 15-64 years: 61.1% 65 years and over: 4.4% Median age: total: 21.6 years male: 20.7 years female: 22.5 years 3/20/2014 26Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  27. 27. Mobile Market In Nepal Total GSM market size of Nepal: 10.12 Million Sim Subscriber (GSM) NTC : 49% in GSM NCELL : 51% in GSM Market reach in all form of Telecom NTC : 54% NCELL : 41% UTL : 4% Others : 1% 3/20/2014 27Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  28. 28. eCommerce in Nepal • For Ecommerce Online payment method is most important • Trust and security is another factor for growing ecommerce trend • Other required infrastructure like: Internet, Power backup, 24X7 service and support, Delivery of order in time, Quality of products etc 3/20/2014 28Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  29. 29. Payment types used by online Shopper in Nepal How many of you are using online Shopping here at Nepal? 3/20/2014 29Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  30. 30. Payment types used by online Shopper in Nepal Any Payment Gateway you have used? 3/20/2014 30Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  31. 31. Some top E-commerce site in Nepal 3/20/2014 31Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  32. 32. Payment types used by online Shopper in Nepal 3/20/2014 32Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  33. 33. Web Based Systems 3/20/2014 33Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  34. 34. Your wallet in the web and in your mobile device Redirect to https://esewa.com.np With amount and Tran ID Login to Gateway Sites With eSewa ID Pay Amount to TicketSewa Back to TS Get Ticket 3/20/2014 34Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  35. 35. Mobile Based Systems 3/20/2014 35Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  36. 36. Initiate Call To Valid HP User Mobile no With amount and Tran ID Get IVR Call By customer and verify transaction by putting Pin No Back to TS Get Ticket 3/20/2014 36Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  37. 37. Initiate SMS To Valid HP User Mobile no With amount and Tran ID Get SMS with verify Code By customer and verify transaction by replying SMS With Pin no. Back to TS Get Ticket Easy secure SMS Payment 3/20/2014 37Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  38. 38. You can directly transfer fond from your Bank Account Redirect to Bank web Site With amount and Tran ID Login to Bank Site With eSewa ID Pay Amount to TicketSewa Back to TS Get Ticket 3/20/2014 38Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  39. 39. Essential Things Your E-Commerce Site Should Have 1. Clear Logo 2. Deals, Freebies And Free Shipping 3. Latest News And Most Popular Products 4. Brand Products 5. Shopping Cart, Login Box And Search Box 3/20/2014 39Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  40. 40. 6. Payment Systems Icons 7. Social Media Links 8. Phone Numbers And Online Chats 9. Store Finder 10. Trustmarks 3/20/2014 40Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824
  41. 41. 3/20/2014 41Sunil Pandey MCIS-III Roll:12824