VC Funding Opportunities for Nokia Developers


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VC Funding Opportunities for Nokia Developers

  1. 1. Nokia Developer Summit 2009 Creating tomorrow’s technology VC Funding Opportunities for Nokia Developers
  2. 2. Nokia Growth Partners Overview Global Active Focused Success
  3. 3. Value Proposition Premier growth stage investor Global perspective on mobile technology in mobility space Deep domain expertise, network & exclusive Active investor in United States, Europe, & Asia; focus on mobile sector investments in 7 countries Thematic approach to investing; prepared Leveraging Nokia, NAVTEQ & NSN global mind helping growth stage companies scale presence, insight & wireless expertise Global engagement – catalyst to accelerate Deep understanding of both developed as well growth & extend global reach as emerging market Structured to offer best of financial & Nokia affiliation and branding strategic investors Financially aligned to maximize company Access to Nokia global platform, network & value strategic insight Aligned with & deep knowledge of premier Arms length guide to Nokia committed to company in mobility space leading global mobile convergence
  4. 4. Thesis Driven Investment Approach Identify common interests & coordinate on companies that meet business and investment requirements Nokia NGP Business Investment Criteria Criteria
  5. 5. Venture Eco-System Growth Stage Strategic Investing Nokia Fund Investments Extended Venture Network and Co- Investors Co-invest with leading funds in Asia, America, and Europe
  6. 6. How We Can Work Together
  7. 7. A business platform for your start-up? Developer network and Start-Ups ecosystem Funding for strategic + partners Nokia Growth Sourcing Forum Nokia OVI Partners Go-to-market support Devices Corporate Services & Business Business Technology co-operation Software Development Development Other strategic co-operation 14 devices per second …
  8. 8. A Platform for Revenue and Growth Development & Funding Sell Go to Market Nokia Growth Start Ups Forum Nokia OVI Partners Developer Funding for App store Applications ecosystem strategic partners Consumer Services Carrier marketing revenue Growth capital Devices Device & Services Strategic 1B Nokia introductions introductions phones Games Promotions 14 devices per second…
  9. 9. What Interests Us? Solutions and Verticals Entertainment “Prepared Advertizing Health and Payments Wellness Technology to Markets Mobile Mind: Thesis Driven Software Service Enablers Enablers Investments” Handset Hardware components
  10. 10. What Interests Us? Devices Services Business Models New Markets Strong Teams
  11. 11. Specific Interest Areas: Devices Themes : Power Minimisation, Integration, Simplification Camera (Sensor, Actuator, Optics, Coating) Display (Touch, Power) Pico Projectors Power Amplifiers Sensors Multi standard radio Battery Technologies
  12. 12. Specific Interest Areas: Services Themes: Sharing, Distribution, Crowdsourcing Payment, Monetisation, Mobile Social Networking Loyalty Mapping Gaming Information Location Based Services ”Social Location”
  13. 13. Engage With Nokia Contact Nokia Growth Partners: Bo Ilsoe, Contact Forum Nokia: Partner, Nokia Growth Partners Contact OVI Store:,
  14. 14. Questions? America Europe Asia China California Europe 545 Middlefield Road, Room 42, 14th Floor IBM Tower Keilalahdentie 2-4 Suite 210 Pacific Century Place 02150 Espoo 2A Workers Stadium Road North Menlo Park, CA 94025 Finland Chaoyang District Phone: 1 (650) 328-5508 Phone: + 358 504821277 Beijing China 100027 Phone: +1 86-137-0120-0897 +1 86-139-1032-9712 New York 102 Corporate Park Drive India While Plains 5th Floor, Tower A&B, New York 10604 Cybergreen, DLF Cyber City Phone: 1 (914) 368-0400 Sector 25A, Gurgaon, Haryana –122002. Phone: +1 86-137-0120-0897
  15. 15. About the Presenter •Over 20 years experience in Bo Ilsoe venture capital, investment management, and operations. Partner M&A transactions generating in excess of $300M. •12 years business unit leadership with Nokia. Venture Investor and portfolio manager for Vertex Management, Founder of 2 companies. •Masters in Electronics Engineering from Aalborg University, Denmark. •Based in Europe.