4101 02 Group Awesome Proposal


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4101 02 Group Awesome Proposal

  1. 1. Brand Proposal Presentation<br />Team “Awesome”<br />(aka Sam Dungan, Liz Miller, Brittany Hefner, and James Yuh )<br />
  2. 2. 3 Proposed Brands<br />Lomography<br />Polaroid <br />Tyler State Park <br />
  3. 3. Brand Backgrounds<br />Tyler State Park<br />Lomography<br />Polaroid<br /><ul><li> Was first introduced as a line of instant cameras under the founder Edwin H. Land in 1948 (Polaroid Corporation)
  4. 4. In 2001, the Polaroid Corporation underwent bankruptcy due to the increased usage of the digital camera amongst consumers
  5. 5. Polaroid Corp. was also responsible for the ever-so popular polarized sunglasses that were also out on the market (these were the first real buzz Polaroid ever had, before the instant camera)
  6. 6. In 1986, Polaroid beat out Kodak over the instant camera patent war (Kodak ended up leaving the business of instant cameras)
  7. 7. In the 1990s, Polaroid was involved in corporate sponsorship for NASCAR and are currently sponsoring Juan Pablo Montoya
  8. 8. located just outside of Newtown
  9. 9. numerous picnic areas, water sports, equestrian, walking and bicycling trails and more
  10. 10. originally part of the Tyler estate
  11. 11. 1,711 acres
  12. 12. Neshaminy Creek meanders through the park, dividing the land into several interesting sections
  13. 13. Recreational activities:</li></ul> Hiking<br /> Biking<br /> Horseback Riding<br /> Fishing<br /> Boating<br /> Disc Golf <br /> Wildlife Watching <br /><ul><li> Commercial trademark for Lomographische AG, for products and services related to photography
  14. 14. LOMO PLC of Saint Petersburg Russia – 35MM LC-A Compact Automat
  15. 15. 1991 – Lomography discovers LC-A and becomes sole distributor outside Soviet
  16. 16. Casual snap shot photography – over-saturated colors, blurring, fisheye – “don’t think, just shoot”
  17. 17. Now produce own line of cameras</li></li></ul><li>Current Position<br />Tyler State Park<br />Lomography<br />Polaroid<br /><ul><li>Polaroid has teamed up with pop sensation Lady Gaga to re-introduce the brand (more than less trying to redefine the brand) in January 2010
  18. 18. Gaga will not only help the brand sell cameras, but it is announced that she will be the company’s creative director which will help Polaroid mix “the old” with “the new” technology & fashion
  19. 19. Polaroid is wanting to become “New, new new” on every approach and sense of the word. Repositioning and redefining for today’s culture.
  20. 20. Tyler is a well known park, if you are from Philadelphia/Bucks County
  21. 21. There is no direct website for the park. You can find information on it either through Bucks County’s website or the DCNR
  22. 22. Although more people are catching on to Tyler, no one really knows anything about it, more or less, if there are any upcoming events and attractions
  23. 23. Does not produce high end or digital cameras like Polaroid or Nikon
  24. 24. Global Community – creative and experimental photography
  25. 25. Art Form/Brand – “Lomographers”
  26. 26. 10 Golden Rules</li></ul>1.Take your camera everywhere you go<br />2. Use it any time – day and night<br />3. Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it<br />4. Try the shot from the hip<br />5. Approach the objects of your lomographic desire as close as possible<br />6. Don’t think (william firebrace)<br />7. Be fast<br />8. You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film<br />9. Afterwards either<br />10. Don’t worry about any rules<br />
  27. 27. Missed Opportunities<br />Tyler State Park<br />Lomography<br />Polaroid<br /><ul><li> On the opening homepage, with as much and rich history as Polaroid has – there should be a far more visually appealing introduction
  28. 28. On a visual note: Old Polaroid photos could’ve been incorporated with newer photography from newer models to represent the verging of the two concepts
  29. 29. Reduce the amount of products shown on the homepage and increase the awareness of Lady Gaga’s new position within the company (will create more appeal and interest instead of thinking of solely purchasing a camera)
  30. 30. Not many know of this merger within the company and with having such a huge celebrity within your company, it needs to emphasized a great deal – there are no advertisements or anything displaying this information
  31. 31. Tyler offers so much land for all kinds of activities, but doesn’t utilize to gain more recognition
  32. 32. No website, no real brand
  33. 33. Could benefit extremely from social media/ interactive
  34. 34. Barely has any presence online
  35. 35. Losing traffic to other local fun spots:
  36. 36. New hope/ Peddler’s Village
  37. 37. Lake Nockamixon
  38. 38. Washington Crossing Historic Park
  39. 39. Wineries
  40. 40. Twitter, Facebook, Online Community, Newsletter, Online Magazine – but no traditional advertising.
  41. 41. Strong brand identity and recognizable style, but name not as recognized.
  42. 42. Digital?
  43. 43. US classes and tutorials
  44. 44. Events, stores.</li></li></ul><li>Brand Challenges in Category<br />Tyler State Park<br />Lomography<br />Polaroid<br /><ul><li> With such a competitive edge over the competitors in the camera business, they need to make it known of Gaga’s role within the company
  45. 45. There is a vast number of brands that are producing newer electronics/cameras and have been aware of what the consumer wants more so than Polaroid
  46. 46. Competitors have kept up with the curve, Polaroid has stayed within the shadows
  47. 47. There is no real marketing strategy with Polaroid at this moment, other than blending the old with the new
  48. 48. Polaroid’s name has disappeared into the background (have you heard of any products advertised by them lately? I didn’t think so)
  49. 49. Mainly is losing a lot of traffic and recognition from other local fun spots
  50. 50. With winter approaching, not as many people will be walking through the park
  51. 51. Will be losing a lot of activities due to cold weather
  52. 52. Will be gaining a lot of activities, but no one really knows the park offers them
  53. 53. No public transportation
  54. 54. No signs around the area letting you know the park is there
  55. 55. Local fun spots have websites and brands that they promote taking away from Tyler
  56. 56. Film cameras are being taken over by digital cameras and are becoming less and less common.
  57. 57. Lomography is a fairly unknown brand with a very specific group of people who use their products.
  58. 58. Digital cameras are becoming more advanced with every new model that comes out causing people to just not want to use old-fashioned film.
  59. 59. A Lomography camera is at the cheapest, $50, only getting more expensive from here. Each camera typically only comes with one effect (except for the more expensive ones) and many people do not have the money to spend on multiple cameras with different effects.</li></li></ul><li>Competitive Analysis<br />Lomography<br />Tyler State Park<br />Polaroid<br /><ul><li>Kodak: Their website isn’t as clean as Polaroid’s. I like the incorporation of the company colors, but they need better visual judgment</li></ul>Overall, the two companies have the same website layout which is both a demise and plus<br /><ul><li>Nikon: The website is horrible. There is no real “opener” just list upon list of products/services/news. Even when clicking on “Your Location,” nothing special happens, just another list.</li></ul>** Polaroid has it fairly easy when it comes to the design portion of their website after taking just a few looks at similar competitors such as: 3M, Fuji Film, Philips, etc.<br />Looks like the camera industry in general needs an update.<br />Bucks County Competitors<br /><ul><li>Lake Nockamixon- rent small sailboats, motorboats and pontoon boats.
  60. 60. Wineries- Bucks County has some excellent vineyards. Most of them offer wine tasting and tours
  61. 61. New Hope- hundreds of boutique shops, restaurants and cafes
  62. 62. Doylestown- bookstores, antique shops, great restaurants and cafes.
  63. 63. Museums- The Mercer Museum, Fonthill, The Grundy Mansion and Washington Crossing Historic Park
  64. 64. River Road- scenic, rural beauty.
  65. 65. Digital Cameras: Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Canon
  66. 66. Film cameras are becoming less common to have and digital cameras are taking over the market.
  67. 67. Digital cameras now have the options to do all of the effects that Lomography does, ex. fisheye, colorsplash, pinhole
  68. 68. Polaroid: Polaroid has the same old fashioned reputation with their instant pictures. Their website is visually pleasing and easier to navigate than Lomography. Their products section are more user friendly for beginners.</li></li></ul><li>Online & Offline Presence <br />Tyler State Park<br />Lomography<br />Polaroid<br /><ul><li>Online: Average, layout is visually pleasing in terms of white space and curves of menu buttons, etc.</li></ul> - Needs more Gaga! (I’m telling you, it will boost the brand sufficiently!) Polaroid has a huge punch they haven’t thrown <br /> - Not visually pleasing; It’s a company based on photography and that certain established “Polaroid look” (So incorporate it!)<br /><ul><li>Offline: Haven’t heard one word through the media/advertising about new products, or the corporation in general.</li></ul> - It is an established brand that many remember back when the Polaroid instant camera was produced<br /> - Have a HUGE new addition; GAGA<br /><ul><li>Online: Does not really exist; is a sub-website from bucksviews.com
  69. 69. Bucksviews.com is also really outdated
  70. 70. Offline: Very well known if you are from the area
  71. 71. Difficult to find by nearby signs
  72. 72. Online: Layout is pleasing to look at and somewhat easy to navigate. However it is simple and somewhat boring.
  73. 73. Can purchase cameras, films, and accessories online, but as a first time user can be very confusing.
  74. 74. Has user pictures that were submitted separated by country
  75. 75. Has helpful tips for users
  76. 76. Offline: Have never seen an advertisement for Lomography products.
  77. 77. Sold in Urban Outfitters stores</li></li></ul><li>Possible Fixes<br />Tyler State Park<br />Lomography<br />Polaroid<br /><ul><li> Pushing the new identity of Polaroid, which is “merging old with new” to create something appealing to the masses
  78. 78. Update the website; More visual appeal, more use of older/newer photography through Polaroid cameras to allow the brand to really express what they represent
  79. 79. GAGA, GAGA, GAGA! I can’t stress it enough (as said before) She is one of the biggest pop stars of our time; To have her as a creative director of the company is a big deal. It can bring in all kind of business opportunity and turn around the camera industry as a whole
  80. 80. Get rid of some of the products shown on the homepage, needs to be more about welcoming the customer then throwing products at their faces
  81. 81. Create website and begin building brand recognition
  82. 82. Install street signs to help interest people that have never been / help them find the place
  83. 83. Advertise what the park has to offer to increase awareness and uniqueness
  84. 84. During all the seasons listing fun things you can do if you visit
  85. 85. It’s a beautiful park! Need to spread this word and people will be sold!
  86. 86. Add a social networking aspect to their website
  87. 87. Users can upload their pictures to their own page
  88. 88. There can be discussion boards about how to achieve different effects and different questions they might have.
  89. 89. Users can become friends with people whose work they like.
  90. 90. So many other possibilities
  91. 91. Make the products page more user friendly. It’s difficult for new users to understand what product is under what category.
  92. 92. More visually appealing. It’s a very simple layout almost to the point of boring. It’s a website about creative expression but the website doesn’t reflect that.</li></li></ul><li>Wrap-Up<br />Lomography, Polaroid, and Tyler State Park are all brands that are in dire need of a make-over. No make-up needed, just a new positioning and marketing plan for each. Once this is established, let the creative juices stir and manifest as soon as the brand is clear on what they represent. No website should be created around something without little being known of the brand itself. Everything must mean something – to that company/service and it must be portrayed to the consumer.<br />