Apple mac book pro md213ll a review


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Apple mac book pro md213ll a review

  1. 1. Apple MacBook Pro MD213LL/AReview What Can Users Expect With This Awesome MacBook?
  2. 2. Dont settle for a typical notebook when you can getsomething superior: a MacBook with the OS XMountain Lion. The operating system for the AppleMacBook Pro MD213LL/A is superior to Windows.Visit buy macbook pro for more info. This system isalso equipped with great hard ware and softwareboth. Some of the features can even be customized.
  3. 3. The only thing it doesnt come with is an opticaldrive. However, you really wont need oneconsidering that the OS X Mountain Lion allows foryou to wirelessly use the optical drive of anotherMac or PC. If you have to take the MD213LL/A withyou when you travel, you can simply connect anoptical drive to one of the USB ports.
  4. 4. Additional mobile features include ultra-fast Wi-Finetworking and the latest Bluetooth technology.Since the machine doesnt weigh very much at all,its easy to carry around. Youll be able to connectto the internet anytime, anywhere.
  5. 5. This machine comes with a 13.3-inch Retina display.With millions of pixels, it offers a superior viewingexperience to say the least. Graphics and text lookincredibly sharp. From a normal distance, the humaneye cannot distinguish individual pixels. You willnotice textures and details in images like neverbefore. The native resolution is 2560x1600. Thedisplay uses innovative IPS technology in order toprovide users with a very wide viewing angle. Youcan see everything clearly from almost any angle. Ifthe 13.3-inch display isnt enough, you can expectthe same amount of quality if you connect theMacBook to a large high-definition television.
  6. 6. The processor is an i5 dual-core model at 2.6 GHz.With Turbo Boost technology, it can get up to 3.1GHz. There is 8 GB of onboard memory (1600MHz), so you can expect plenty of speed when youwant to run your favorite programs. The i5processor and 8 GB of memory make multi-taskingan easy process.
  7. 7. Speaking of speed, the transfer rate for this MacBook ismuch higher than that of the previous generation. TwoThunderbolt ports allow you to transfer data atsuperfast speeds. Turn this notebook into a versatileworkstation. Hook a variety of peripherals up to it viaUSB 3.0 ports.You can also expect speed with the flash-basedarchitecture. The system comes with 256 GB of flashstorage. Since there is no standard hard drive, theMD213LL/A is lighter and faster than other notebooks.
  8. 8. The Apple MacBook Pro MD213LL/A offers mostusers what they need for doing their favorite tasksand running important programs. Whether yourelooking for a notebook to handle your day-to-daytasks, homework, entertainment, etc., you cant gowrong with Apple.