Cutting The Trees Of Knowledge
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Cutting The Trees Of Knowledge



PPT for my presentation of DRP class

PPT for my presentation of DRP class



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Cutting The Trees Of Knowledge Cutting The Trees Of Knowledge Presentation Transcript

  • Cutting the trees of knowledge: social software, information architecture and their epistemic consequences Michael Schiltz, Frederik Truyen and Hans Coppens Yu Cheng May 5th, 2009
    • Niklas Luhmann: “man is not able to communicate; only communication is able to communicate”(1991: 31)
    • Friedrich Kittler: “Media are no pseudopods, stretching out of the human body. They follow the logic of escalation, leaving us and the history of writing behind themselves.” (1993: 188)
  • From the printing press to the digital age
    • The printing press: one direction
    • The internet: interactive communication
  • The cry of open access
    • “ Scholarly communication crisis”
    • Open Access Movement
    • ‘ free as in free beer’
    • ‘ free as in free speech’
  • From social software to social knowledge
    • What is the social software?
    • 1. a range of software programs
    • 2. the procedures of society (Wikipedia)
  • What constitutes a belief in the first place?
  • the procedure of installing Linux
    • Search the web for the necessary documentation, which the expert will find;
    • Participate in a forum discussion to disambiguate some procedures;
    • Chat online with other experts who will quickly help him out.
  • Downloadable beliefs
    • “ Justified true beliefs”-> “Metabeliefs”
    • “ There are reasons to believe that a social knowledge network has the right properties to connect to the truth-establishing external conditions. ”
    • “ The act of knowing is taking place in the network rather than in everyone’s mind”.
    • (Schiltz et al, 2007)
  • It’s a knowledge economy
    • The social organization of knowledge save our time;
    • With the network, complex projects could be achieved.
  • ‘ Idle human intelligence’ From
  • Cutting the trees of knowledge
    • Innovative possibilities for arrangements of data and information
    • Not only how we know is changing, but also what is known is changing
  • “ The limitative nature of Euclidean space”
    • Linear order like in Euclidean space;
    • or in hierarchical order with two-dimensional in the form of a tree;
    • an analytico-synthetic system.
  • Niklas Luhmann’s solution
    • ‘ Zettelkasten’
    • 1.Infinite possibilities for further subordering;
    • 2.Possibilities of referring;
    • 3.A Register.
  • Zettelkasten
    • From
  • The future of classification
    • Blog posts and tags
    • Blogs are ordered on the basis of the time they are post.
    • tags as the second layer of classification to create order.