Making of Rolled Threaded Pipes
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  • 1. SHANGHAI PAN-CHINA FASTENING SYSTEM CO.,LTD CHITHREAD ROLLING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTDGREEN SAFE STEEL NIPPLES An Brief Introduction to Rolled Pipe Threads on Galvanized and Black Carbon Steel Pipe
  • 2. Rolling Thread Technology Via. Cutting By 2, 3 or more rollers, at room temperature, to roll the pipe placed in the rollers’ central axle into the NPT、BSPT or other pipe thread. It is a kind of mature cold forming, a no- What is the material-cut-away technology, widely used in modern industry. But IT has been specially developed by our Chinese Patent since 2003.Rolling Thread Technology ? isCutting Thread Technology
  • 3. I. Rolled Thread Nipples Are Safe Steel Nipples PCFS – CHITHREAD Green Safe Steel Nipples - Rolled Thread Pipe Steel Nipples1. Perfect Mating Between Male & Female Thread Increases Leak Tightness Greatly 100% Perfect Thread Teeth Profile – Excellent Teeth Surface Enhance Mating – Zinc Coating Kept – More “Thickness” of Pipe.2. Excellent Rust-Resistance on Rolled Thread Pipe 1.Original hot-dip zinc coating of the galvanized pipe remains intact, and is not cut away as with lathe cut ones. 2.The density of the rolled thread pipe is increased greatly and makes, at least, the “same thickness” as the original pipe itself, and forms an anti-oxidization layer of high metallic density against rusty.3. Pipe Material Not Cut Away Makes Thread Mechanical Connection Much Better The mechanical properties of the pipe thread are greatly improved as no material is cut away and the weight per unit length of rolled thread pipe remains unchanged, and further more the metal density is increased.
  • 4. 1. No Leaking Point Any More Galvanized Pipe Rolled Thread Nipple Connection with Standard Cast Iron Coupling popular in the MarketPerfect Thread – Excellent Surface Enhance Mating – Zinc Coating Kept – More “Thickness”
  • 5. 1.1 Perfect Thread - Enhance Mating – Zinc Coating Kept – More “Thickness”1.1.1 . Perfect Thread: 100% perfect teeth profile (geometry size),produced by long-life rollers (tools), fundamentally guarantees theexcellent integrity with female cut thread. The cut teeth, by easy-worn knife (tools), varies in profile time to time, can’t guarantee it.1.1.2 . Excellent Surface Enhance Mating: Surface roughness ofrolled thread is improved dramatically by 5 – 7 levels to Ra < 0.4due to the thread to be formed by the roller rolling on the pipe, andthe cut thread is by, knifing in the pipe, Ra > 3.2. Rolling makesmuch better mating between the male and the female thread. Rolled Thread Cut Thread1.1.3 . Zinc Coating Kept: Rolled thread of galvanized pipe is sealed mainly by original zinccoating which is metallic layer (hard) sealing & very good for suffering the weight of the pipe,plus traditional tape(soft) sealing. And the cut thread is sealed 100% by tapes(soft) which are un-appropriate for suffering the weight and can’t be 100% sure for lasting a period of years.1.1.4. More “Thickness” of The Pipe: As no material is cut away, the weight per unit length remainssame, plus a rolled teeth surface is much harder, those bring improvement in mechanical properties.
  • 6. 1.2 Factory Lab Max. Working Pressure Test--- The pressure capacity of rolled thread nipple connection without any sealant, after fracture, is up to 17Kgs After tensile fracture test, After bend fracture test, the pressure capacity of the pressure capacity of the rolled thread nipple the rolled thread nipple Water Pressure Capacity Test connection is up to 17kgs. connection is up to 16kgs. Stainless steel 304 coupling The broken end is sealed connection with rolled thread by bolt fastened with nipples without any sealant & tape. sealing tape.
  • 7. 1.3 Factory Lab Temperature Test from - 20℃ to + 175℃ -- The pressure capacity of rolled thread nipple connection without any sealant is up to 16Kgs without any sealing tapes The test procedure: Fill in the gas into the rolled thread nipple The result: connection of piping system without any sealing No pressure drops down during tapes at 16Kgs pressure for 24 hrs to check the & after the 24 hr. continuous test.changing of the pressure under condition that thetemperature was varied from - 20℃ to + 175℃.
  • 8. Conclusion: No Leaking Point Any More If female good Practical、Theory and Test have proven that there is no leaking point any more in rolled thread cconnection if female thread is qualified. The Safety Of Rolled Thread Connection Is Much Better ThanTraditional Cut Thread Connection, and its leak tightness is 100% Assured.
  • 9. 2. Rust Resistance of Rolled Thread Greatly Improved1.Original hot-dip zinc coating remains intact.2.After rolling thread, no metal material is cut away, the weight per unit length is as same The metal grain is not cut off by rolling as the original pipe, and further more it increases the metal pipe density on thread proportion accordingly. High density metal The metal grain is cut off by cutting layer forms a metallic anti-oxidization layer against rusty. The Rolling Thread Technology improves the rust resistance on thread proportion very greatly.
  • 10. 2.1. MA & ML SALT ACID SPRAY TEST ON ROLLED NIPPLES 1. Steel Brand: Tianjin Youfa DN15 Q195 2. Product: Rolled Thread Galvanized Welded Steel Nipples. 3. Testing in 50g/L±5g/L Nacl. solution. After 130hr. salt acid spray 4. There is no any corrosion spot appeared after salt acid spray on the rolled galvanized steel nipples up to 100 hrs. continuously. After 130 hr. continuous saltMA & ML Test Report on July 18th, 2008. acid spray, corrosion spots appear both on thread & pipe.
  • 11. 2.2. MA SALT ACID SPRAY TEST ON ROLLED & CUT THREAD Rolling & cutting pipe thread nipples BSP on galvanized steel pipe DN32 of Shanghai Yinhe. Rolled Thread Rolled Thread After Salt Acid Spray 175hrs. Cut Thread After Cut Thread Salt Acid Spray 5hrs. Painted Cut Thread Painted Cut Thread After Salt Acid Spray 24hrs. Before Salt Acid Spray Test MA Salt Acid Spray Report 11-03-2010 After Salt Acid Spray Test Corrosion spots appear on rolled thread nipple & cut one after salt acid spray 175 hrs. vs. 5 hrs.Rust-resistance of rolled pipe nipple is 35 times better than cut thread.
  • 12. Conclusion: Rust Resistance Greatly Improved By Rolling Original Zinc Coating remains intact . Rolled Thread Nipple Plus Not-Cut-Away Metal to be rolled into Higher Density Metal Pipe. Cut-Thinner-Wall-Thickness by Cut Thread Nipple Cut Thread makes the pipe 50% weak than original pipe. 1 + 2 After the zinc coating has been rusted off, the higher density, instead ofcut-thinner-wall-thickness, of the pipe thread still owns stronger rust-resistance. Total in all, the rust-resistance of the rolled thread pipe nipples is 40 times higher than cut thread pipe nipples.
  • 13. 3. Thread Mechanical Connection Greatly Improved The pipe becomes harder by Rolling Thread Technology instead of thinner by cutting. Continuous Grain 1.Tensile strength by 150% -1 80%; 2.Flexural strength by 150% - 170%; 3.Shear strength by 140% - 170%; Cut Grain Off 4.Surface hardness by 130%; 5.Fatigue strength by 250% - 400%. These percentage will be varied on different pipe thickness, size, material & etc. Continuous line-like kept ,instead of being cut off, and further more the metal grains are compressed & are more close to each other. The metallograph of The metallograph of Micro Fiber of Pipe Micro Fiber of Pipe Metal Grain Before Metal Grain After Rolling. Grade 6 Rolling. Grade 8.5It improves the organization of original metal fiber grain allocation & makes the pipe much stronger.
  • 14. 3.1 Rolled Thread Don’t Loss the Material for Teeth Profile and Taper Teeth height + Taper are cut away by cutting process. Mechanical properties of the cut thread is lower than the original pipe by 30% - 50%.The cold rolling process doesn’t cut the metal fiber off,instead the rolling compresses the metal fiber and makeit stronger. Therefore the strength of tension, bend,shear and fatigue are increased, as well as the surfacehardness. Chi-Thread nipples act very good mechanicalconnection performance, and could protect the pipingsystem well from subsidence, drift and lateraldisplacement & etc. under stress. Rolled thread Cut thread
  • 15. 3.2 Not Cut-Away-Material Thread & Its Continuous Grain . Surface of teeth becomes more harder. Thicker, harder & more solid Continuous Grain Cut Grain OffAfter rolling it hardens the teeth bottom by cold compressing micro solid metal fiber from grade 6 to grade 8.5.
  • 16. 3.3 Mechanical Property Performance TestTest Material : Force Pipe Material Brand: Tianjin Youfa, China; Galvanized Steel Pipe: DN15, Q195; Wall-Thickness: 2.2mm; With Stainless Steel 304 Pipe Coupling.Test Requirement:Rolled Thread Nipples connection with stainless ForceSteel 304 pipe coupling without any sealing tapes.Turnaround 3 circles by hand, and turnaround 2circles by tool to fasten the connection.Experimental Basis:1. For Tensile Strength Test: <<GB/T228>> ForceTensile Strength Test Methods for Metal Material atRoom Temperature;2. For Bend Test: <<GB/T244>> Pull Off Two Rolled Thread Bending Two Rolled ThreadBend Test Methods for Metal Pipe. Nipples until one of carbon Nipples until one of carbon steel nipples is fractured. steel nipples is fractured.Test Institute: Tensile Strength Test Bend TestShanghai Quality Supervision & Inspection StationOf Building Materials & Components.
  • 17. 3. 4 AL & MA Mechanical Property Performance Test ReportAfter Mechanical Fracture Without Any Sealing Tapes AL & MA Test Report in the Connection between the Test at 54 kN & 70° Rolled Thread Nipple & Coupling. One of the two rolled thread nipples is fractured, as showed in yellow circle, when the tensile load 54.2kN was applied. The other of the two rolled thread Broken Nipple nipples is still connected well with the stainless steel 304 coupling. 54.2kNUn-Broken Nipple One of the two rolled thread nipples is fractured, as showed in yellow circle, when the bend test at 70° (d=6a ). Broken Nipple The other of the two rolled thread nipples is still connected well with the stainless steel 304 coupling. 70° (d=6a )
  • 18. 3.5 Working Pressure Test after Fracture in Tensile and Bend Test After Tensile Fracture Test After Bend Fracture Test it still can afford 17kgs pressure . It still can afford 16kgs pressure. No leaking at both rolled thread nipple connected with the coupling either for tensile fracture or bend fracture test Broken Nipple Broken Nipple No tapes No tapes Un-broken Nipple Un-broken NippleOne end of the broken nipple is sealed by a fastener with enough sealing tape to be sure no leaking from thisend. And filling in water to the pipe from the one end of un-broken nipple up to a certain working pressure. Itshows that both coupling connection with broke & un-broken nipples, without any sealing tapes, have a noleaking at 17 kgs for the one of tensile fracture test and 16 kgs for the bend fracture test respectively.
  • 19. 3.6 Mechanical Properties Comparison Among Pipe, Cut & Rolled Thread <<GB/T3091-2008>> Cut Thread Bend Items Tensile Welded Pipe For Low - (Earthquake) Test made by Bend Fracture Fracture Test Institution Pressure Fluid Flow National Association of Load (Degree) (kN) Transportation Manufacturers, USA. ObjectiveComparison Basis <<GB / T3091-2008>> Shanghai Quality Supervision & Pipe 41.65 90° Inspection Station Of Building Materials & Components. Shanghai Quality Rolled Supervision & Thread 54.2 70° Inspection Station Nipples Of Building Materials & Components. Cut 10.1°, National Association Thread 12.3°, of Manufacturers, Nipples 14.4°. USA
  • 20. 3.7 Rolled Thread Nipples Almost Double The Maximum Working PressureThe calculations are quoted from the Wheatland Tube Company U.S.A. and it shows that the pipeafter cutting thread significantly decreases the max. working pressure by 32% - 57% on differentsize and wall thickness of the welded pipe. In other word, as per previous information in this PPT, thepipe after rolling thread will not reduces the max. working pressure, and in another word, under samecondition, we can save a huge (12% up) pipe material if we use the rolled thread on the pipe.
  • 21. 3.8 Sch.40 Pipe May Replace Sch.80 By Rolling Thread Technology Identification Carbon Steel Wall Inside OutsidePipe Size Thickness Diameter Diameter Nominal Weight(inches) -t- -d- (inches) (Mass) Per Unit (inches) (inches) Length Plain End Iron Pipe Schedule (lb/ft) Size No. STD 40 1.13(1.69kg/m) .113 .824 3/4 1.050 XS 80 1.48(2.20kg/m) .154 .742 ¾” NPT Cut Thread Steel Nipple Sch. 80 Take the ¾” DN20 Sch.80 Cutting Pipe Thread as an example:The ¾” NPT teeth height is 0.057inch(1.45mm) + The taper (1:16) loss is from0.006 – 0.021inch, therefore after cutting,the original nominal wall thickness was cut off and varies from the min. 0.076inch / 1.93mm (0.154 – 0.057 – 0.021) tothe thickest 0.091inch / 2.295mm (0.154 – 0.057 – 0.006). The thickest after cut thread is only 0.091inch (2.295mm),19.47% less than the Sch.40 one and the max. working pressure is only 1150 psi as per the calculations last page. Take the ¾” DN20 Sch.40 Rolled Pipe Thread as comparison:The weight (mass) per unit length after rolling (the wall thickness is rolled and compressed) is same as the plain endpipe itself. i.e. the max. working pressure is 1450 psi as per the calculations from Wheatland Tube Co., last page. The max. working pressure of rolled thread ¾” DN20Sch40 pipe or nipple is 26% higher than the cut one of Sch80. And at meantime we can easily get the material saved by 0.35 lb/ft ( =1.48 -1.13 ) or 24% ( = 0.35 / 1.48 ).
  • 22. 3.9 Saving Material on Different Size by Sch.40 Replacing Sch. 80 GREEN CONCLSION: If rolling thread on the pipe, ¾” SCH.40 pipe can replace ¾” SCH.80 pipe with 26% higher max. working pressure as per following table. The Cut Loss of Pipe Material NPT Thread Sch.80 vs.Sch.40 Rolled Thread Rolled Thread on Thinnest Wall Thickest Wall Nominal Weight Sch.40 Better Nominal Wall Max. Taper Min. Taper Teeth Height Thickness After Cut Thickness After Cut (Mass) Per Unit Than Cut ThreadNPS DN Schedule Thickness Cut Loss Cut Loss Thread Thread Length On Sch.80 In Pressure Capacity (mm) (Inch) (mm) (Inch) (mm) (Inch) (mm) (Inch) (mm) (Inch) (mm) (Inch) (kg/m) (lb/ft) Sch.40 2.77 0.109 1.451 0.057 1.27 0.851/2 15 25% Sch.80 3.73 0.147 1.451 0.057 0.517 0.020 0.164 0.006 1.762 0.070 2.115 0.084 Sch.40 2.87 0.113 1.451 0.057 1.69 1.133/4 20 26% Sch.80 3.91 0.154 1.451 0.057 0.529 0.021 0.164 0.006 1.930 0.076 2.295 0.091 Sch.40 3.38 0.133 1.767 0.070 2.50 1.68 1 25 29% Sch.80 4.55 0.179 1.767 0.070 0.636 0.025 0.199 0.008 2.147 0.084 2.584 0.101 Sch.40 3.56 0.140 1.767 0.070 3.39 2.271-1/4 32 22% Sch.80 4.85 0.191 1.767 0.070 0.649 0.026 0.199 0.008 2.434 0.095 2.884 0.113 Sch.40 3.68 0.145 1.767 0.070 4.05 2.721-1/2 40 18% Sch.80 5.08 0.200 1.767 0.070 0.649 0.026 0.199 0.008 2.664 0.104 3.114 0.122 Sch.40 3.91 0.154 1.767 0.070 5.44 3.66 2 50 6% Sch.80 5.54 0.218 1.767 0.070 0.659 0.026 0.199 0.008 3.114 0.122 3.574 0.140 Sch.40 5.16 0.203 2.540 0.100 8.63 5.802-1/2 65 20% Sch.80 7.01 0.276 2.540 0.100 0.902 0.036 0.286 0.011 3.568 0.140 4.184 0.165 Sch.40 5.49 0.216 2.540 0.100 11.29 7.58 3 80 14% Sch.80 7.62 0.300 2.540 0.100 0.958 0.038 0.286 0.011 4.122 0.162 4.794 0.189 Sch.40 5.74 0.226 2.540 0.100 13.57 9.123-1/2 90 8% Sch.80 8.08 0.318 2.540 0.100 0.994 0.039 0.286 0.011 4.546 0.179 5.254 0.207 Sch.40 6.02 0.237 2.540 0.100 16.07 10.80 4 100 Same Sch.80 8.56 0.337 2.540 0.100 1.009 0.040 0.286 0.011 5.011 0.197 5.734 0.226
  • 23. Conclusion: A Safe Pipe Connection Technology - Rolled Thread 1. Minimizing the Leakage in Rolled Thread Nipple Connection. 2. For Galvanized Pipes and Nipples, Original Zinc Coating remains Intact &, at meantime, Strengthen the Metal Protective Layer. 3. The Performance of Mechanical Connection Greatly Increased.
  • 24. II. Rolled Thread Nipples Are Green Steel Nipples Minimizing possibilities of the leaking in the thread connection of pipe network; Saving valuable natural gas, water resources & etc.; Saving valuable steel material & saving the sealant & tapes in installation; Create a friendly environment for workers both in production and in installation; Further enhance the city safety.
  • 25. Saving Both in Production and Installation MANUFACTURING No metal waste scraps is from rolling thread, material saving; Production environment is clear and friendly; INSTALLATION ON SITE More Safety; Easy & convenient tightening; 50% - 70% saving of sealant and tapes; A trial test of piping system 100% successful pass in 1st time; No re-call work; Over 50% efficiency up in installation; Daily maintenance on thread connection of piping system zero. Much improving in quality of piping network installation and safety & saving a lot of material and labor.
  • 26. Shanghai Pan-China Fastening System Co., Ltd. Creating Value Chi-Thread Rolling Technology Co., Ltd. Together with You Limbiate Italy Trigolo, CR, Italy Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 1307 Souter Dr. Troy, MI, USARoom502, Nr.1122, XinJinQiao Road, Shanghai, China 201206 Tel: +86-21-61462100 Fax: +86-21-61462118 PCFS@PANCHINAFS.COM
  • 27. Shanghai Pan-China Fastening System Co., Ltd. Creating Value Chi-Thread Rolling Technology Co., Ltd. Together with You In 2009, Chi-Thread Rolling Technology Co., Ltd was found to focus on developing new applications of this Chinese Rolling Thread Technology in many industry sectors in order to benefit our human being.Room502, Nr.1122, XinJinQiao Road, Shanghai, China 201206 Tel: +86-21-61462100 Fax: +86-21-61462118 PCFS@PANCHINAFS.COM
  • 28. Shanghai Pan-China Fastening System Co., Ltd. Creating Value Chi-Thread Rolling Technology Co., Ltd. Together with YouPCFS (Chi-Thread) G.S.S.N., with BSP and NPT threads are supplied in several types ofsurface finishing according to domestic and international standards, and guarantees long-lasting applications in the most diverse usage conditions as the special strong pipe thread.Room502, Nr.1122, XinJinQiao Road, Shanghai, China 201206 Tel: +86-21-61462100 Fax: +86-21-61462118 PCFS@PANCHINAFS.COM
  • 29. Shanghai Pan-China Fastening System Co., Ltd. Creating Value Chi-Thread Rolling Technology Co., Ltd. Together with You 谢 谢! 감사합니다 ありがとう Gracias Grazie Vielen Dank Merci Спасибо धन्यवा Ευχαριστούμε Teşekkür ederiz Thank You!Room502, Nr.1122, XinJinQiao Road, Shanghai, China 201206 Tel: +86-21-61462100 Fax: +86-21-61462118 PCFS@PANCHINAFS.COM