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Pecha Kucha Script
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Pecha Kucha Script


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Script to my Pecha Kucha on surveillance.

Script to my Pecha Kucha on surveillance.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Script To Pecha Kucha On Surveillance Christopher Panayi and Lewis Apps
  • 2. Slide 1 - CCTV - Before focusing on our two features of surveillance we decided to look into the threats associated with mass surveillance. Starting with CCTV. - The UK has the more CCTV Cameras than any other European country. - 1 camera for every 14 people in London, resulting in a total of about 422, 000 cameras. - Evidence of your movements can be held for a month.
  • 3. Slide 2 - NSA - Gathered personal data from thousands of individuals using government technology requesting the personal information from organisations that hold peoples personal information. - By using there power and influence they gained access to emails, chat logs, stored data and social network data. - With access to all these companies and information there is no wonder there are concerns over surveillance and personal information.
  • 4. Slide 3 - ACTA - Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement - Agreement aimed o establish an international legal framework for internet targeting file sharing and other goods that infringe copyrights. - Issues arose when concerns were raised with constant monitoring of file sharing imoeeding on basic human rights and privacy.
  • 5. Slide 4 - SOPA - Stop Online Piracy Act - The ACTA bill has taken many forms in the past, Stop Online Piracy Act was a legislation to stop the act of online file share. - Again opponents to the bill claimed it threatens free speech and privacy, it would block access to certain sites. - People and internet users strongly against surveillance took part in a huge black out at various sites. For example Google and Wikipeadia blocked access to their sites to raise awareness - Largest online protest in history.
  • 6. Slide 5 - PIPA - Protect Intellectual Property Act - PIPA was a proposed law for online monitoring of personal intellectual property. - A rewrite of the Combat Online Infringement and Counterfeit Act, which failed to pass in 2010. - PIPA is the first of the three bills we’ve discussed to cause online upheaval. - SOPA and PIPA are closely related to each other. And both were an attempt to widen America’s grasp over online interactions.
  • 7. Slide 6 - Web 2.0 - Web 2.0 is a concept rather than an actual update of software. - The concept of multiple devices working together seamlessly and in real time, narrowing the grasp between people and countries alike. - Both beneficial and problematic when concerns about surveillance are raised.
  • 8. Slide 7 - Issues - Constant tracking - Any one with a smart device, ability and know how can find personal information about others who have willingly or not put the information out. - Links to NSA - People are always being profiled whether they know it or not. - People with ignorance to this, such as uploading personal information, location tagging practically digitalising a map of their life.
  • 9. Slide 8 - Positives - Web 2.0 idea has benefited public services like the police force and hospitals with crime solving, missing peoples and finding person info. - Nothing major can happen without the world finding out, EG. Ukrainian Revolution - Access to information about countries and world news awe now driving this digital age - Can transform the smallest person into a celebrity within a day, but can also have the opposite effect and expose or end the careers of corrupt individuals with one fail swoop. Justine Sacco.
  • 10. Slide 9 - Global Village - Being closer together, narrowing the gap between countries and people - places like reddit, apps like instagram driving a new era of user created media and content, shared the world over, on the go social media keeping us connected.
  • 11. Slide 10 - Global Village - We see the global village as part of the web 2.0 ideal. Bringing us closer together is again a threat to persona security and new media not only gives way for new content but also new scams and viruses. - We need to stay vigilant with what we use. Not that it matters much since we are all being monitored anyway.
  • 12. Slide 11 - Smart Phone Surveillance - With growing development in technology surveillance is able to take new forms, sometimes unrecognisable to users. - Majority of people now have smart phones which are capable of taking all sorts of data and personal information and uploading it for the word to see. - eg FaceBook, Flicker, PlaceMe
  • 13. Slide 12 - About PlaceMe - Described as both the scariest and amazingly futuristic app. - PlaceMe tracks your activities, locations and environment. And can give suggestions to your daily routine simply by recording everything in the background of your smart phone.
  • 14. Slide 13 - Scariest - The technology records everything about your day-to-day life; where you shop, where you work, what routes you take, location tagging, spending, what activities you get up to. - Although the app ensures that data is not broadcasted and is encrypted, events like the NSA scandal may put people of an app that records so much about their life. - The app is arguably the most pervasive type of mobile software to date.
  • 15. Slide 14 - Amazingly Futuristic - If you can get past the fact this app will learn basically all it can about you there is huge potential for what it will be able to do in the future; check for routes to and from work, re-routing depending on the traffic that day and other factors and even check wheres cheapest for petrol when you pull in to a petrol station. - - It will act as a personal assistant making daily activities a lot easier for the user.
  • 16. Slide 15 - Overview - Surveillance is a growing part of life, it is likely to become more acceptable in society in the form of apps and other fems of technology, as it is something younger generations are growing up with as part of normal life. - Yet users of this technology should not worry about authorities finding this information is they have not done anything wrong/ illegal. The concern should be if this information is hacked by another source which is a hard task