iPads in Early Childhood Education


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This presentation focused on sharing ideas and ways I have used iPads to capture student thinking and learning in the early childhood setting. This presentation was given at #BLC14 (Building Learning Communities 2014) in Boston, MA.

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iPads in Early Childhood Education

  1. 1. iPads in Early Childhood Education Sharing ways to capture student thinking and learning Apps for this session Educreations (Free) Tell About This (Free)
  2. 2. Pana Asavavatana Twitter: @PanaAsavavatana! Blog: mspanasays.com! COETAIL: coetail.com/mspanasays! Class blog 2013-14: blogs.tas.edu.tw/ asavavatanap
  3. 3. My Projects #KchatAP (Kindergarten Chat Asia Pacific): kchatap.weebly.com! Traveling Teddy: travelingteddybear.com
  4. 4. Easy Blog Jr. Easy Blogger Jr. Easy Class Cam @easyappco theeasyappcompany.com
  5. 5. Easy Blog Jr. Why Anjali Loves Engineering blogs.tas.edu.tw/asavavatanap/2014/05/28/why-anjali-loves-engineering/
  6. 6. Draw and Tell Princess Fairy Tale Maker Superhero Comic Book Maker Chatterpix Kids @duckduckmoose duckduckmoose.com
  7. 7. Draw and Tell Phonics Review vimeo.com/66789853
  8. 8. Shape Attributes Chatterpix Kids Comparing Types of! Paper (vimeo.com/98981029) (vimeo.com/98980608)
  9. 9. Simple Digital Storytelling Sonic Pics Write About This Tell About This
  10. 10. Try it Out! Tell About This 1. Create a prompt! ! 2. Swap devices with a neighbor and respond to their prompt
  11. 11. Whiteboard Apps Paid Free Explain Everything Doodlecast Pro Educreations Show Me
  12. 12. Explain Everything vs. Doodlecast Pro
  13. 13. Explain Everything vs. Doodlecast Pro
  14. 14. Educreations vs. Show Me
  15. 15. Educreations vs. Show Me
  16. 16. Try it out, this time with PRIZES! ! 1. Log into Educreations using the provided username and password! 2.Using the prompt from Rory’s Story Cubes ! create an scene from a story to explore the different features of Educreations Educreations
  17. 17. Augmented Reality mspanasays.com/using-aurasma-to-create-interactive-displays/
  18. 18. WARNING
  19. 19. The Magic Formula Follow ! ! Channel ! ! Aura ! Aura = trigger image + overlay
  20. 20. App vs. Studio iPad/Tablet! Trigger image: Physical image/object! Less accuracy on printed photos! 1 overlay per trigger image! Easier for younger children Computer! Trigger image: Digital! More accuracy on scan! More than 1 overlay on a trigger image (will play simultaneously)! Recommended grade 2-3 and up & teachers
  21. 21. Using the Aurasma App youtu.be/z6SvsSCibvI
  22. 22. Using Aurasma Studio youtu.be/onlsK0OChzw
  23. 23. Sharing Ideas! padlet.com/panalee/AurasmaBLC14
  24. 24. For resources from this presentation: ! mspanasays.com/ workshops
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