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Circle untuk kelas 8 Circle untuk kelas 8 Presentation Transcript

  • MATHEMATICSMATHEMATICSSTANDARDSTANDARD: VI: VIBombay Cambridge GurukulBombay Cambridge GurukulCircle
  • SRadiusOMCentreMChord PQPEDQG ArcREOFDiameter DECircle in daily lifeCircle in musicCircle in sportsCircleCentreCircumferenceCircular regionRadiusDiameterChordArcSemicircleSegments of a circleCrossword
  • A circleBACK
  • Many musical instruments have a circular surface.For example:Bingo Drum TablaSnare Drum Bass DrumBACK
  • Five rings in the logo of Olympic gamesBACKA circle
  • A circle can be drawn with the help of a circular object.For example: A circle drawn with the help of a coin.A circle is a closed curve in a plane.BACK
  • This fixed point (equidistant)inside a circle is calledcentre.A circle is a closed curveconsisting of all pointsin a plane which are at thesame distance (equidistant)from a fixed point inside it.OCentreA circleA circle has one and onlyone centre.BACK
  • The distance around a circle is called its circumference.OCentreA circleABACK
  • A circle divides a plane into three parts.2. Interior of a circle3. Exterior of a circleA planeOCentreThe interior of a circle together with its circumferenceis called the circular region.1. The circleBACK
  • RadiusA line segment that joins any point on the circle to its centreis called a radius.MA point on the circleCentreO(Contd…)
  •  Radii ( plural of radius) of a circle are equal in length. Infinite number of radius can be drawn in a circle.RadiusCentreKOLMN(Contd…)BACK
  • Diameter ABA line segment that joins any two points on the circle andpasses through its centre is called a diameter.ABA circleO Centre(Contd…)
  • A circleOM Infinite number of diameters can be drawn in a circle. As the radii of a circle are equal in length, its diameters tooBQ(Contd…)CentrePAN
  • The length of the diameter of a circle is twice the length of itsradius.Radius OMCentreMONRadius ONDiameter MNDiameter MN = Radius OM + Radius ONRadius OM = Radius ON(Contd…)BACK
  • A line segment that joins any two points on the circle iscalled a chord.OBAA is a point on thecircleB is another pointon the circleA line segment that joinspoint A and BChord
  • Diameter is also a chord of the circle.OChord CDC DMNKLChord MNChord KL(Contd…)Diameter CD
  • The diameter is the longest chord.ODiameter CDC DM NChord MN(Contd…)C DM NChord KLLK
  • LKM NChord MNO CentreInfinite number of chords can be drawn in a circle.Chord KLChordGHGHBACK
  • OCentreAn arc is the distance between any two points on thecircumference of a circle.K L(Contd…)
  • OCentreLKAn arc is named by three points, of which two are the endpoints of the arc and the third one lies in between them.XNaming an arc(Contd…)Arc KXL
  • OCentreLKXYAn arc divides the circle into two parts: the smaller arc iscalled the minor arc, the larger one is called the major arc.Minor Arc KXLMajor Arc KYL(Contd…)
  • An arcAn arcBACK
  •  Half of a circle is called a semicircle.CentreODiameterD ES A semicircle is also an arc of the circle.RArc DSESemicircle DRE(Contd…)Semicircle DSEArc DRE
  • ECentreO DiameterSemicircle DSESemicircle DRESemicircular regionSemicircular regionThe diameter of a circle divides it into2 semicircular regions.DBACK
  • A chord divides the circular region into 2 parts, each ofwhich is called a segment of the circle.CentreOD EChord DEMinorsegment of a circleMajorsegment of a circleSR(Contd…)
  • CentreOD EChord DEMinor segment ofthe circleMajor segment of thecirclePQMinor arc DPEMajor arc DQE The part of the circular region enclosed by a minor arc andthe chord is called a minor segment. Minor segment does not contain the centre of the circle. The part of the circular region enclosed by a major arc andthe chord is called a major segment. Major segment contains the centre of the circle.BACK
  • Radius Diameter Chord ArcSemiCircleCentreO
  • Radius Diameter Chord ArcSemiCircleRadius OMCentreMO
  • Radius Diameter Chord ArcSemiCircleCentreEDDiameter DEO
  • Radius Diameter Chord ArcSemiCircleCentreChord PQPQO
  • Radius Diameter Chord ArcSemiCircleCentreEGArc PQROF
  • Radius Diameter Chord ArcSemicircleSCentreODiameterSemicircleD ESemicircle DSESemicircle
  • C2CUMFERNCEAEIDown1. The distance between any twopoints on the circumference of thecircle.2. The distance around the circle.3. The distance from the centre of thecircle to a point on the circle.RDIUSR1C3RAAcross:4. The line segment that joinsany two points on the circleand passes through itscentre.5. A closed curve in a plane.6. All points on the circle areequidistant from this point.7. A line segment that joins anytwo points on a circle.4D A M TE E5 I R L E6C E N T EH RO D7