Project manager professional responsibility


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Project manager professional responsibility

  1. 1. Project manager - Professional Responsibility
  2. 2. Supplement – Professional Responsibility• Objectives in this process area – Insuring Integrity and professionalism – Contributing to the project management knowledge base – Enhancing individual competence – Balancing Stakeholders’ interests – Interacting with team and stakeholders in a professional and cooperative manner• Understand Project Management Professional Code of Conduct – Ethics – Legal Issues – Cultural Sensitivity – Managing conflicts of interest
  3. 3. Supplement – Professional Responsibility• Integrity and Professionalism – Understand the legal requirements surrounding the practice of projects – Know ethical standards that should govern the behavior of project managers – Comprehend the values of the community and the various project stakeholders – Practice proper judgment in the pursuit of successful project work – Compliance with all organizational rules and policies • Upon a reasonable and clear factual basis report violations • Responsibility to disclose circumstances that could be construed as a conflict of interest or appearance of impropriety
  4. 4. Supplement – Professional Responsibility• Integrity and Professionalism – Provide accurate and truthful representation to the public – Maintain and satisfy the scope and objectives of professional services – Maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information – Ensure a conflict of interest does not compromise legitimate interests of client/customer or interfere with professional judgment – Refrain from accepting gifts, inappropriate payments, compensation for personal gain unless in conformity with applicable laws or customs
  5. 5. Supplement – Professional Responsibility• Contribute to advancing the project management profession – Overall understanding of project management principles – Understand the community and media surrounding projects – Knowledge of research strategies available and proper communication techniques – Learn to communicate and transfer knowledge effectively as a coach and mentor and to use available research strategies – Respect and recognize intellectual property
  6. 6. Supplement – Professional Responsibility• Enhance Individual Competence – Understand the project manager’s strengths and weaknesses and learning style – become aware of instructional processes and tools – Know the useful competencies for project managers and possible training – Be able to perform self-assessment and competencies development plan – Ability to apply lessons learned
  7. 7. Supplement – Professional Responsibility• Balance Stakeholder’s Objectives – Understand the various competing stakeholders’ interests and needs – Comprehend the conflict resolution techniques useful in handling differing objectives – Be able to resolve conflicts in a fair manner – Exercise negotiation skills based on proper information
  8. 8. Supplement – Professional Responsibility• Interact with team and stakeholders in a professional and cooperative manner – Understand cultural diversity, norms and stakeholders’ communication styles – Show flexibility towards diversity, tolerance and self control – Becoming empathetic to differences