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  • 1. Pam Thompson My Blogging journey
  • 2. What is a blog?
    • Put simply by the people at Commoncraft:
    • Blogs in plain English
  • 3. So why blog?
    • Rachel Boyd, a teacher from Nelson, NZ, sums it up in this video
    • Why let our students blog?
  • 4. My intended audience
    • Students from our class
    • Parents & family members
    • Colleagues at school
  • 5. Actual audience
    • Students from our class
    • Students from other classes
    • Students from other schools
    • Colleagues
    • Educators from around the globe
    • Parents – but probably not to the extent I’d hoped
  • 6. How do we use our blog?
    • Sharing news & events
    • Sharing work
    • Accessing information, e.g. spelling lists, homework
    • Linking to other student/class blogs
    • Links for projects via our del.icio.us site
    • Feedback on what’s happening at school
  • 7. Benefits for students
    • Authentic audience
    • Familiar form of communication
    • Student voice
    • Multimedia capabilities – sharing of digital work
    • Global communication – via wiki set up with school in Scotland
    • Feedback from others
  • 8. Benefits for me
    • New skills
    • Consider new ways of doing things, e.g. podcasts
    • Contact with other educators, both in Australia & overseas
    • Development of wiki with school in Scotland
  • 9. Why edublogs?
    • Not blocked in schools, unlike some others
    • Easy to use
    • Ability to moderate comments
    • Registering students at different levels
    • Ease of uploading files, media etc
    • Edublogs forum
    • The edublogger
  • 10. Points for consideration
    • Moderation of comments to avoid inappropriate content
    • Student anonymity & privacy
    • Class blog with student posts or individual blogs?
    • Blogging is about reading as well as writing – which blogs will you add to your blogroll?
    • Consider subscribing to a blog reader for updates on favourite blogs, e.g Google Reader
    • Comments – relevant & appropriate
  • 11. Widgets for your blog
    • Clustermaps – see where your visitors are coming from
    • Weatherpixie – widget showing weather
    • Widgetbox – lots of widgets, e.g. clocks, games
    • Counters – how many visitors are you getting?
    • Vokis – record a welcome message for your visitors
    • Avatars – use an avatar instead of a photo – great for students to have identity but stay anonymous
    • More avatars