GDI WordPress 2 January 2012


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The slides from the second class of the January 2012 session.

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GDI WordPress 2 January 2012

  1. 1. Administration and Management
  2. 2. Today's Plan ● Resources for WordPress online ... and in Philly ● The WordPress "Backend" ○ Changing your site's settings ○ Content types in WordPress ○ Writing in WordPress ○ Changing the theme Goals ● You will have added some resources to your toolbelt (or bookmarks bar) ● You can update your site's settings ● You can update your site's content and themes in the backend
  3. 3. Resources Online ... and in Philly ● WordPress Codex: ● GDI Philly's WordPress Group: http://www.facebook. com/groups/gdiphillywordpress/ ● Philly WordPress Meetup: WordPress-Meetup-Group/ ● Philadelphia WordPress website: ● The GDI Intro to Programming has some more seats! Get on the waitlist:
  4. 4. More resources ... ● PANMA list: ● Girl Geek Dinners (social): ● WordPress mailing lists: ● WordPress Development Updates: ● ●
  5. 5. We have a website - now what? What's your site's story? is a site that posts awesome things. They also consult on being awesome. Now let's walk through setting up on the admin side.
  6. 6. Exercise: Changing your site's settings Complete/Answer the following: ● Change your site's "tagline" ● Update your permalink structure ● What tab would you go to to change the default image sizes? ● What version of WordPress are you using? Where did you find out? Gold Star! [Extra Credit] ● Disable comments by default ● Turn off pingbacks from your site ● Change your RSS feed to show 20 items. What was the default number?
  7. 7. Activity: Content Types Here are some examples of content that could appear on your site. Should they be Posts or Pages? ● Contact us ● 10 reasons you should get a kitten ● An item for sale on an e-commerce site ● Privacy policy ● A job listing ● Meet my cat Luna ● Bio of an artist for a gallery with many artists
  8. 8. Exercise: Writing and Updating Complete/Answer the following: ● Write a Post and a Page on edit screens in two different windows. Note the differences. ● Make a category and add your post to it. Can you add pages to categories? ● Add tags to your post. What are the benefits of tags? Gold Star! [Extra Credit] ● Go to your Post edit screen and choose "Screen Options." Add/remove areas and drag and drop for your preferred layout ● Trash a post and restore it ● Schedule a post for 2 minutes in the future ● Add a "Featured Image" to a post. What happens?
  9. 9. Media, Links, Comments ● Links can help you organize links outside your menu ● Approve and manage comments in the Comments area
  10. 10. Exercises: Media, Links, Comments Complete/Answer the following: ● Upload a picture to the Media area (from your computer or the Web) ● Unapprove the default comment added by WordPress ● Add a link to the Links area Gold Star! [Extra Credit] ● Crop the image you uploaded to a new size and save it ● Write a comment on a post on your site and see what happens ● Make a new link category and organize the links in a new way
  11. 11. Lessons Learned Do you ... ● Remember what our main resources are? Are you ... ● Able to update the name of your site and other settings? Can you ... ● Write and update content on your site? Are you ... ● Able to change your theme?
  12. 12. Homework! ● Join the Facebook group! ● Work on your site - updating the settings, writing sample content ... ● Research themes and find one that relatively fits your site's goals And ... ● Find hosting if you want to launch next week