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Prfed workbook.lo epub

  1. 1. public relations for everyday people:THE WORKBOOK /JOURNAL karen kay taylor
  2. 2. 4 public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal
  3. 3. public relations for everyday people: THE WORKBOOK/JOURNAL By Karen Kay Taylor
  4. 4. TaylorMade Media LLCNYCCOPYRIGHT © 2004Printed in CanadaCopyright © 2004 by Karen Kay Taylorpublic relations for everyday people: THE WORKBOOK/JOURNAL by Karen Kay TaylorPublished by TaylorMade BooksISBN: 0-9759106-0-4Cover and book design:
  5. 5. dedication: For my grandmother, aunt may, mother, aunt june, aunt shirley, sister and girlfriends…you have instilled a burning desire in me to do so much more. Your faith, love and belief keep mefocused every blessed day. I thank you. public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal 3
  6. 6. 4 public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal
  7. 7. whyidecidedtowritethisbook Everyday we all utilize the power of the press without ever knowing it. Essentially we are all walk-ing PR machines. We talk about the movies that we saw and encourage our friends and families to seethem; talk about what someone was wearing in the music video, the song, the book, the restaurantand the list goes on and on. Without even thinking, we are using our power as consumers to promoteproducts. How about if you used that power to promote yourself to get that job you wanted? Or, took achance towards entrepreneurship? This book is to help you value your importance and make yourealize that belief and confidence is the most important and under valued tool. Having an idea and being popular is only a small part of success. You need to align yourselfstrategically with the right people, network, and execute, execute, execute your goals. It’s really that sim-ple. Believe in you and you can accomplish everything. Take your time and read the workbook/journal,underline, study and use the application to get your word out there. I look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to contact me at Here’s to you! public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal 5
  8. 8. 6 public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal
  9. 9. message: This is a workbook/journal. It is what you put into it; utilize the journal to document yourthoughts. Empower yourself to use the workbook to get your juices following so you can maximizethe tips to get what you need from it. God Bless! public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal 7
  10. 10. (Excerpt taken from the forthcoming book, The TaylorMade Media Approach)whatispublicrelations? According to Webster’s New World Dictionary public relations relations with the general public as through publicity (any information,promotional material, etc.) which brings a person, place, product, or cause to the notice of thepublic; those function of a corporation, organization, etc. concerned with attempting to createfavorable public opinion for itself. KT’s definition is: PR = STRATEGY + PASSION One of the hardest working professions next to farming and irrigating crops the old fashionedway. Public relations is closely associated to the 3 P’s in marketing —product, positioning andpricing. Public Relations is a hodge podge of everything that you know with a no nonsense attitude,tenacity, creativity, drive and being a mild stalker to get what you want to make your client happy.In public relations you are essentially a sales person, however, the trick is to set your rules andhave everyone follow. There are tons of cars on the sales lot and you have to find a marketablequality in all. You learn by trial and error. You always have to think outside the box and be willingto have conviction. Most products fail because there is no set up, and most importantly, don’tover-hype a product and force it on the consumer. You can’t simply put something into themarketplace without any kind of history and expect it to succeed. As it relates to public relations there are tons of products vying for the consumer’s heart anddollars in the market place. Some brands are new & improved, having already cornered the marketand then a trillion brands are introduced to the market each year. Your assignment is to make alasting effect with an introductory brand, however, you have to believe in your product and find anextraordinary selling point. Remember, less than 5% of the product introduced will be remem-bered. 8 public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal
  11. 11. CASE STUDY: Jill Scott UPON HEARING THE ALBUM, many friends and music critics thought the Jill Scott demosounded remarkably like Erykah Badu and most importantly would not make it. My challenge wasto educate the media to simply listen to the ENTIRE album with an open mind before makingcomparisons. Upon listening to the body of art, they realized that this was an individual withsomething special. TaylorMade Media was then retained by Hidden Beach Recordings a brandnew label to design and set up a campaign that would be impactful and ignite people to con-verse and take notice. I came up with a campaign that was aptly titled, “Try” and sold it to thePhiladelphia Board of Education and Kodak. The campaign allowed Jill to develop a growingrelationship with the students; while giving back to her community; providing an artistic out-let for the schools; and educating children about the business of music. That is public relationsat its best, you have the support of your fan base and local media affiliates. Word of mouth iswhat made this project succeed. public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal 9
  12. 12. doyouknowhowpowerfulyouare? Do you know how powerful you are? Probably not. I am certain that you think that everyone butyou have it all together. You are just flying by the seat of your pant, ‘cause if you had it all togetheryou would have that job, career, apartment, car and lifestyle that you want? Well, let me tell you that you probably have it together better than most. And, we put toomuch faith in others and not ourselves. At this moment, I want you to take a minute and take a deep breath, relax, think of your earlychildhood thoughts of what you always wanted to do. Somewhere along the line the plans gotaltered because you put you on the backburner. Isn’t that easier to do? There is always some-thing/someone to deter you from your goals. It must stop now. You must really believe how pow-erful you are. We all have the gift from God which leads us to our ultimate purpose. Don’t getcaught up in where you are in your life right now. Change occurs second to second. I want you to meditate and say to yourself daily: I am powerful I am blessed I have the power to realize and actualize my dreams. I am powerful Make that your mantra and say everyday, put on the refrigerator and screensaver. People are successful because they visualize their glory and believe theydeserve more. Don’t you?10 public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal
  13. 13. public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal 11
  14. 14. definingyourpersonalmission It is very important for you to define your personal mission if you are going to get the most outof this book. This exercise might sound tedious to you; however, in order to actualize your goal you musthave a plan. A plan is an outline in writing that you can refer to, offer inspiration, motivate and keepyou on track to become the all that you can be. Write your personal mission in 75-100 words.12 public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal
  15. 15. ( Everything has power. Don’t become alarm if you can’t hear yours. Quiet power is the most powerful. )public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal 13
  16. 16. positioningyourselfforanopportunity We have all been there, really wanting something so bad that you can smell, taste, drink and revelin it. The beauty of public relations is that it is universal. Regardless, of where you live, your ethnicity, yourcurrent status…we can all use it. We use pr to generate attention so we can get that great job; be seenin hip places; have perks; land the ultimate interview on Oprah; achieve notoriety, or, get noticed onyour job so that you can secure a promotion. It all sounds so simple, however, how is this really done? You have tried on your own and have gotten nothing but resistance. Ready to make a change? Here are a few steps to get noticed: ›› Make certain that you are always well briefed on current events; therefore, you can have aconversation with anyone in the company. ›› Be prepared. You must have that look about you. Dress appropriately depending on theposition that you are vying for. Your appearance should be neat and be prepared to be called in ameeting if you supervisor is out sick, so you can be the representative. ›› Let your work speak for you. You should make certain that your deadlines are met on time,always be prepared, and PLEASE be punctual. In the universe it is all about timing. ›› Let your voice be heard that you are interested in the position. Don’t rely on someone to be yourpublicist; you are the best candidate to sell yourself. You know the most about you. *If you have toplay office politics, email everyone and leave a paper trail of emails to all so that you are at least given theinterview to and sell yourself the higher ups. ›› Stay out of gossip. ›› Don’t share your dreams with people unless they are like minded and possess the same energyas you. Everyone is out for themselves. Share your dreams with family, close friends and God. You canshare the great news with a co-worker once you get the job. ›› Be consistent.14 public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal
  17. 17. public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal 15
  18. 18. 16 public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal
  19. 19. public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal 17
  20. 20. toolsyouwillneedtogetstarted: In the game of hype it is all about perception. You want to project that you have everythingunder control to get to the next phase. Here are some of the tools that you will need: ›› Mentor – to guide and offer advice about career and balance ›› BIO ›› Database ›› Press release ›› Business Cards ›› Blackberry ›› Cell Phone ›› Email address – keep it professional ›› Website ›› Business Address – you can always rent a box from the Post Office or UPS ›› Voicemail ›› Business Folders ›› Fax Machine ›› Lap top ›› Printer – KINKOS will get expensive ›› Altoids ›› Credit Card ›› Daily Newspaper ›› Internet ›› Wardrobe (suitable for profession) Is there a tool that is missing that would make the most sense for you? Please list it and justifywhy you need that item.18 public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal
  21. 21. ( It is easier to be prepared than unprepared. Find the time to make YOU count. )public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal 19
  22. 22. youmustnetwork! Networking is the key. How effective you are in coming out of your shell and being your bestcheerleader will determine if you will win in this game. You must want success more than any-one wants it for you. Networking as an art form seems very intimidating; however; just think ofit as you socializing with your friends, but on a much larger scale. The following tips will help you break the ice: ›› Feel good about you. Smile. ›› Write a prepared statement (paragraph) about yourself that you will memorize and edit as you see fit. ›› Practice in the mirror how you want to appear in front of people… your facial expression and body language. ›› Business cards – Always have them handy to give out. ›› Make it your business to meet at least one (1) new person in the room. ›› If you attend with friends you must separate. Groups are intimidating. ›› Listen and observe before you engage in a conversation. ›› Always look for a common thread when talking with someone for the first time. ›› Make certain that you are sober and coherent. ›› Have fun, remember your objective. Example of a prepared statement: Hi, I am Karen Taylor. The founding partner of TaylorMade Media, a full service public relations,marketing company that specializes in creating dynamic tailored media campaigns in entertainment,sports and community affairs. The company’s true talent is taking products from obscurity to notoriety.20 public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal
  23. 23. Exercise:Create your own prepared statement: ( You are the talent. go forth and spread the good news. ) public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal 21
  24. 24. 22 public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal
  25. 25. describeyourbestqualities Describe your best qualities as if you were a telemarketer selling a product. Play up what youthink is special about you. public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal 23
  26. 26. 24 public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal
  27. 27. promotingyourbusiness/project: Helpful tips on promoting your business and project. Remember: everyone will garner different results depending on the passion, time and execution. ›› Send out a press release (4) weeks prior to the local papers. ›› Offer free VIP treatments to business editors, community editors, at respective weekly, daily and monthly papers. ›› Enlist your family/friends to assist you. Find people with big mouths. ›› Promote the event by distributing fliers, posting fliers in the area and making signs. ›› Always use bright colors to attract attention. ›› Have promotional giveaways for everyone. Make it simple. ›› Invest in T-shirts, key chains and website. ›› Invite the local radio station to broadcast live from your event and offer giveaways and VIP treatments. ›› Invite local/area celebrity to attend respective event. Make certain you have something special to offer them as an incentive (tv crews/press). ›› Utilize the barter system. Partner with companies that can help you provide a service and you can barter for what you need. ›› Hire good looking people to promote your event and wear your product i.e., T-shirts, etc... ›› Follow up with the press (2) weeks prior to event to secure your coverage. ›› Create a timeline and refer to it throughout. What would be needed to promote your business or project? public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal 25
  28. 28. 26 public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal
  29. 29. commonlyusedPRwordsNOTE: A word is not just a word; it is a profession. These are my personal definitions.Publicist- the person who takes an unknown product (the embryo) and devises a plan of attack to intro-duce the product to the marketplace; consumers and makes it newsworthy for the press.Media Relations – the nucleus of publicity, mother of the art of public relations. Has numerous off-spring; public relations, artist development, damage control and media strategist. The essentialfunction of dealing with the so -called ‘MEDIA.’Media Mogul – a powerful, filthy rich individual who has branded heshe name and owns a mediaempire. Ex: Orpah Winfrey, Rupert Murdoch.Corporate Publicist – a maestro who is well adapted and connected to deal with the jargon andstrategical nuances of corporate communications. Example: Has power meetings with the staff atthe Wall Street Journal.Entertainment Publicist – deals with the genres of television, film, music and cable to name a few.Usually more laid back and ultra creative. Deals with publications such as Rolling Stone, VIBE, TVGuide, Extra! USA Today to name a few.Label Publicist – Publicist that works for a respective label or company and is not hired by the artistor management office.Media Strategist- A publicist that understands the power of the media, and uses it as an art form todevise unique campaigns to suit a particular productclient.Sports Communication- a publicist that liaison with the respective sports teams. Can either work forthe league (NBA, NFL, etc.) or work as an independent.Damage Control- When a situation is way out of control and the media has broken a negative storybefore the publicist can spin a positive. Ex: Puff Daddy & gun charges.Media Campaign: A plan that is used to sell and introduce the product to the consumers and themedia. Usually has several stages, tiers, and is updated as the product grows in the market place. public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal 27
  30. 30. SpinAngle: How you position the productstory to the press and stretchy the truth.Press Release: a structured body of words that is usually considered immediate and importantannouncing an activity and event.Prepared Statement: 1-2 paragraphs written or dictated by the artist about something tragic, lastminute, or great news. Ex: Announcing upcoming nuptialsOverexposure: Too much exposure in the marketplace – Ex: Beyonce, Jennifer LopezTastemakers: The influential folks, who are “supposedly” cool, set the trend in fashion, music,literature, etc..Biography: A document that has all the pertinent information about the product. A bio is usually 1-3 pages, informative, accurate, witty and factual.Press Kit: Features the bio, publicity photos, the product being promoted, contact information and isplaced in a 2 pocket folder.Media Alert: Take all the important information from the press release and make a 1 page succinctdocument announcing the event in a who, what, where, when, how, why format. This is used to remindthe media of the event the week of.Cold Call: Placing a phone call to someone that you do not know.Editor: Top person at a magazine who has the power to say “yes” or “no” to your pitch.TV Booker: A person that you have to sweat, they have the power to put a celebrity/artist on television.Figure Head: Person who has a high post job and no power.Decision Maker: Person with clout, power and influence.Freelance journalist: An independent writer for various publications. Freelance journalist(s) are verypersistent and will work harder than the staff writers at a magazine or newspaper.28 public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal
  31. 31. Line Item: The budget item, bottom line.Press Junket: An all expense paid trip for journalist to check out the product first hand. In a perfectworld they will write about the product and publicize it in various media outlets. public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal 29
  32. 32. samplepressrelease: 18 May 2004 For Immediate Release: Contact: Karen Taylor/516-285-4999 HIDDEN BEACH RECORDINGS JILL SCOTT RETURNS WITH HER LATEST CD, BEAUTIFULLY HUMAN: WORDS AND SOUNDS, Vol. 2 The Platinum-Plus Selling Soul Singer Unveils Her New Body of Work on August 31 Fans have been waiting for it. The music industry has been anticipating it. And now threetimes Grammy nominated neo-soul leading light Jill Scott is about to deliver yet another collec-tion of luminous and poignant songs as her new CD, Beautifully Human, Words And Sounds Vol. 2,is unveiled August 31 on Hidden Beach Records. Scott, who after nonstop promotion of her 2001 multi-platinum-selling debut CD, Who Is JillScott? Words And Sounds, Vol. 1, took time off to exhale. She married her soulmate and enjoyed lifeas a newlywed. Scott, a former Broadway actress (Rent), also quenched her thespian thirst bydoing some acting and, of course, she carved out some downtime to write and create music. Afterembarking on other creative outlets, Scott is ready and excited about expressing herself againthrough song. While Scott got back into the mindset to craft enchanting music and more inspir-ing lyrics, she appreciated all the positive vibes and patience her fans gave to her. This alluring wordsmith has again created songs that are nurtured in the heart and sung withlove. In fact, the first single, “Golden,” talks about freedom and empowering oneself to live to thefullest, to look at life as if it is golden. Scott will soon shot the music video for “Golden” in thecoming weeks. With a definite message to convey, for this CD Scott turned to some of the same pro-ducers from, Who Is Jill Scott?—James Poyser, Andre Harris and Vidal Davis, Ivan and Carvin(“Mama’s Boys”). Scott also sought a fresh approach by going into the studio with producers she hadlong wanted to collaborate with such as Ant Bell, P-nut, Pete Kuzma, and Raphael Saadiq.30 public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal
  33. 33. Taking her music back to its grassroots, instead of relying on overblown hype, Scott will debuther new work at intimate listening sessions. And though Beautifully Human has yet to be released,Scott is already receiving media coverage. She will be featured on the cover of the August issue ofEssence magazine. During her three-year hiatus, Scott did remain in the public eye. She completeda movie for Showtime called Cavedwellers with Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon and appeared inan episodic arc (4 episodes) of the UPN’s series “Girlfriends.” She also secured a publishing deal withSt. Martins Press. But Scott’s focus now is pure music. Her vision is Beautifully Human. For updated information, please visit: ### (Press release written by Ann Brown) public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal 31
  34. 34. abouttheauthor Jill Scott. Herbie Hancock. Dianne Reeves. Musiq Soulchild. D’Angelo. These are just some ofthe stars whose careers and public images have been shaped by Karen Taylor, founding partner ofTaylorMade Media. Taylor has amassed an astounding list of accomplishments on top of launch-ing her own publicity firm in 1999 in Jersey City, New Jersey. Taylor, who started her career as a fundraiser before transitioning into public relations, and isusing her finely tuned communication skills to inspire others. Taylor, who is also a publishedauthor, having penned “Souls of My Sisters” in 2001, is one of the country’s up-and-coming moti-vational speakers. Taylor has already spoken at her alma mater John’s University, Learning AnnexNYC, Columbia University and New York University. Through her hands on approach at TaylorMade Media, she has introduced the masses to twogroundbreaking musicians—D’Angelo and Jill Scott. Her boutique agency, which is now based inValley Stream, Long Island, has been able to compete with the major players for coverage in suchA-List media outlets as “Vanity Fair” magazine, the “Oprah” TV show, Ebony, Essence, LA Times,TIME magazine, the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” just to name a few. And her client roster is just as impressive. TaylorMade Media clients include (past and present):Herbie Hancock, Hidden Beach Recordings, NBA players Ray Allen and Chris Webber, songstressDianne Reeves, ABC Radio Network’s The Doug Banks Show, Musiq Soulchild, and Jill Scott. For more information visit public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal
  35. 35. 4 public relations for everyday people: the workbook/journal
  36. 36. price: us $10.00/canada $12.00www.taylormademediapr.comcover and book design: str8tdesign.comscover photographs [clockwise from upper left]:© brand x pictures, © photodisc, © thinkstock, © photodiscisbn 0-9759106-0-4