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Marketing Your Ministry Presentation[1]

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How to Market YOUR Ministry by Pam Perry,

How to Market YOUR Ministry by Pam Perry,

More in: Business , Technology
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  • 1. “ Digital Evangelism: Get Connected” Presenter: Pam Perry,
  • 2. The Assessment
    • Written Plan/Strategy
    • PR Hits
    • Staff
    • Technology
    • Image
    • Media Contacts
    • Website/Email database
    • Video Production
  • 3. Issues / Problems Facing Ministries
    • Priority
    • Expertise
    • Staff /Infrastructure
    • Plan / Strategy
    • Budget
  • 4. Pyromarketing Principles
    • Gather driest tinder (or: the most impassioned members)
    • Touch with match (or: marketing plan)
    • Fan flames
    • Save coals.
    The strategy used for “The Purpose Driven Life”
  • 5. Web Marketing
    • Internet is a tool for ministry
    • Internet is a mission field
    • Internet is an effective way to reach people
    • A ministry’s communications efforts should be ongoing – successful online communication requires sustained effort, commitment & consistency over time.
  • 6. Web Site Wonders & Email Etiquette
    Examples of new initiatives for growth
    • Viral campaigns designed to motivate members to reach out to friends/family/coworkers
    • Launch of regularly scheduled email communications
    • Better integration of online and offline communication
    • Weblogs, web-only videos, and other web-only content
    • Strategic use of surveys to acquire info about members
    • Website redesigns
  • 7. Constant Contact
    • Keep your brand in front of all members & prospects to keep them excited, encouraged, informed and your friend.
    • An e-mail newsletter is a great way to show what your ministry has to offer, demonstrate your expertise, make you look established and professional, and keep your brand top of mind.
    • Note: Don’t spam, always get permission.
    E-mail marketing can reinforce your other media efforts--or stand on its own--to draw in an audience.
  • 8. Poem by Pastor Lyle Dukes from the book “Possessing the Kingdom Anointing”
    • Procrastination is a thief that steals precious time. It robs your potential breeds slothfulness of mind.
    • It cheats you out of experience that could lead to great success. It takes away your challenge to pass every test.
    • Oh, how many people who should be anointed, powerful and great, but could not fulfill the call because they procrastinate.
    • James 1:22 says, “But be ye doers of the word,
    • and not hearers only…”