Center Grove TEP Training

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  • 1.  
  • 2. What is a Transitional Employment Plan (TEP)? Effective January 1, 2012 Transitional Employment Plan (Return-to-Work Program) When your injury keeps you from being able to go back to your regular job right away, your return to work might be described as Transitional Work, Light Duty, Modified Duty or Alternate Duty.
  • 3. Can I choose not to participate?
    • The Transitional Employment Plan is not voluntary.
    • Participation is mandatory if modified work is available.
    • An eligible employee cannot substitute paid leave because he/she does not feel ready to perform modified duty.
    • Refusal to participate will place an employee’s Workers’ Compensation benefits in jeopardy.
  • 4. Benefits of Transitional Work
    • Better and faster recovery
    • Remain active and productive
    • Maintain necessary job skills
    • Maintain company benefits
    • Maintain social contact and support from co-workers while you heal
    • Maintain financial credibility
  • 5. Returning to Work
    • Modified Duties;
    • Shorter Hours; or
    • Work that is entirely different (due to physical abilities or limitations or required skills)
    You want to return to your regular job, but your injury may prevent this right away. So, you may have to change your job a bit. This may be a temporary change to your regular job such as: Each return to work situation is unique. Some jobs may be modified whereas others may not.
  • 6. Employee Responsibilities (After Injury Occurs) Communication is Key ! Immediately upon the occurrence of any work-related injury or illness (no matter how small it may seem):
    • Report your injury to your immediate supervisor
    • If needed, seek medical attention (school nurse/ MedCheck)
    Authorization for Treatment required for all outside medical treatment.
  • 7. Employee Responsibilities (After Injury Occurs)
    • If necessary, go to the hospital
    • Make sure Accident Report is completed and returned to your supervisor within 24 hours.
    Be sure to complete all information and describe injury in complete detail.
  • 8. Employee Responsibilities (After Injury Occurs)
    • Advise doctor that, if work restrictions are prescribed, Center Grove will provide a Transitional Work assignment to accommodate any level of ability.
    Employee Work Ability form required regardless of work status.
  • 9. Employee Responsibilities (After Injury Occurs)
    • Report back to work/supervisor immediately after treatment (during scheduled working hours).
    • Regular Duty – Back to work
    • Modified Duty – Meet with Principal, Director or Designee for TEP assignment
    • Take Employee Work Ability Form
    • Unable to Work – Notify supervisor immediately (via phone). Contact Pam Parker next scheduled work day (in person or via phone).
  • 10. TEP Process
    • Principal, Director or Designee will…
    • Meet with you to review restrictions and discuss possible temporary job modifications, alternative work, and/or reduced-hour work.
    • Determine start and end date of Transitional Employment Plan (TEP)
    • Complete TEP Assignment Agreement and review TEP and Employee Information Sheet with you
    • Give you signed TEP Assignment Agreement
    • Forward copy of TEP Assignment Agreement to immediate supervisor and original to Sally Hacker
    • Meet with you at the conclusion of the TEP to discuss whether the plan should be terminated, extended or altered
  • 11. Employee Responsibilities (TEP Assignment)
    • Report to your TEP assignment as directed. You must return to work as soon as the physician releases you to do so (with or without restrictions).
    • Do not exceed work restrictions during the TEP and notify your supervisor of any medical appointments that require you to be away from work.
    Leave Form Required Be sure to complete Section 2 – note “Work Comp Appointment.”
  • 12. Employee Responsibilities (TEP Assignment)
    • Immediately notify your supervisor of any difficulties encountered while performing the assigned tasks.
    • Advise your supervisor of the recovery status and work capabilities after every doctor’s appointment. Employee Work Ability Form Required (after each doctor’s appointment)
    • Immediately notify your supervisor when your treating physician releases you to Regular Duty.
  • 13. Stay in Touch… with Your Doctor It is easy to stay in touch with your doctor through your appointments:
    • Go to your doctor appointments, and
    • Follow your doctor’s recommendations for recovery
    Take advantage of your appointments and talk to your doctor about going back to work. Please schedule appointments for physician office visits and physical therapy during nonworking hours. Exceptions must have prior approval (via Leave Form).
  • 14. Pay While Working a TEP Assignment
    • Employee is paid his/her current rate of pay regardless of TEP assignment.
    • If a full-time employee returns to Modified Duty on a part-time basis (by order of the treating physician), the employee is paid his/her current rate of pay for actual hours worked. The employee will also receive work comp temporary disability benefits for any hours they are Unable to Work.
    • If an employee is Unable to Work and later returns to Modified Duty on a full-time basis, the employee’s work comp temporary disability benefits will stop.
  • 15. Working Together It takes everyone working together to make an early return to work happen – which is good for everyone.
    • You get the benefits of working and returning to a normal routine;
    • Your doctor is successful in helping you improve enough to return to work; and
    • Center Grove has an experienced employee back to work.
  • 16. Don’t Forget
    • Focus on getting well
    • Talk to your doctor
    • Keep in touch with Center Grove:
    • Director/Supervisor
    • HR Department, or
    • Other point of contact
    • Work toward returning to your regular job, full-time
  • 17. Please be sure to complete the Transitional Employment Plan Acknowledgement of Program form. For Additional Information: Sally Hacker, HR Director – ext. 1672 Pam Parker – ext. 1627