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  • 1.  Would rather is used to express a preference in English. Would rather is the same in meaning as would prefer. These two phrases are used interchangeably to express a preference when making a choice. Here are some examples of short conversations that use would rather to either state or ask for a preference.
  • 2. John: Lets go out tonight.Mary: Thats a good idea.John: How about going to a film? Theres a newfilm out with Tom Hanks.Mary: Id rather go out for dinner. Im hungry!Sue: Im not sure which topic to choose for myessay.Debby: Well, what are your choices?Sue: I can write about the economy or about abook.Debby: Which would you rather write about?
  • 3.  The form would rather is a little strange because rather is not a verb but is part of an expression that means would prefer to. Rather is usually immediately followed by a verb in base form (verb without to). Its common to use would rather in the shortened d rather form in positive statements. All subjects take would rather. Would rather can be used to refer to the present moment or a future moment in time.
  • 4.  Subject + would rather (d rather) + base form of verb Peterd rather spend time on the beach. I would rather learn a new language than study math.
  • 5.  Would + subject + rather + base form of verb Would you rather stay at home? Would they rather do homework tomorrow morning?
  • 6.  Would rather is often used with than with two verbs or objects when making a choice between two specific actions. Would you rather work for Tom than for Mary? She would rather play tennis than go horseback riding.