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Show, Don’t Tell
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Show, Don’t Tell


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  • 1. “ Connecting with Audiences through Patient Experience Video Sharing” PAMELA JOHNSTON Lahey Clinic Director of New Media @LaheyClinic @PamJohnston
  • 2. aka: SHOW Don’t Tell ! Using Video to Tell Your Stories
  • 3. Because we're addicted to technology! Why Video? Why Now?
  • 4.
    • >30 minutes of video online daily
    • 71% year-over-year growth
    • >2 billion unique YouTube views daily
    • 1 in 3 people regularly watch healthcare videos
    • Health videos = 6th most popular category
      • Behind movies, news, humor, music & weather
    People Love Watching Video Online
  • 5.
    • True fans love sharing the love
    • Videos permanently celebrate success
    • Real people are today’s best spokespeople
    • In a techie world few are camera shy
      • Even when the story is embarrassing
    People Love Starring in Video Online
  • 6. Case in Point: The Beautiful Becky
  • 7. Inside Job: Meet Your PCP
  • 8. Dare to Experiment
  • 9. Facebook Contests and Giveaways Stuff We’ve Tried
  • 10. “ Ask The Doc” More Stuff We’ve Tried
  • 11. Topical News You Can Use Even More Stuff We’ve Tried
  • 12. Concepts to Consider:
    • Success Stories
    • Testimonials
    • Tours
    • Patient Education
    • Promotions
    • Introductions
    • Topical Info
    • News you can use
    • Procedures
    • Events
  • 13. Getting Started
    • Who are you trying to reach and why?
    • Select ideas that resonate with that audience
    • Develop a strategy and editorial calendar
    • Ask for help and feedback
    • Produce, share and measure
    • Rinse and repeat
  • 14.
    • Inexpensive
      • Flipcam, video phone, HD digital camera
    • High quality
    • Light kit
    • Tripod
    Basic Equipment Rifa Lite Kit $650 Panasonic HPX5000 $10,000 Cannon VIXIA $300 Flipcam $175
  • 15.
    • Share positive, strategic stories
    • Encourage customers to tell their own stories
    • Create value, not commercials
    • Shoot something worth sharing
    • Practice, Create, Share & Learn
    Key Takeaways
  • 16. Thank You! PAMELA JOHNSTON Lahey Clinic Director of New Media @LaheyClinic @PamJohnston
  • 17. URLs for Videos Addicted to Technology : Dr. Mourtzinos on Bladder Control: Becky on YouTube: Becky on Meet Dr. Elizabeth Nilson: Meet Dr. Polly Fraga: Unsedated Colonoscopy: Lahey’s New Info Desk: Facebook Contest: Ask The Doc: Slip and Fall: Pink Glove Dance: Lahey Clinic Cancer Walk: http:// =xf5QMNQ_qXM&feature=