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Twitter101forjobsearchersrjm 124517690932 Phpapp02


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Information on how to use Twitter in job searches.

Information on how to use Twitter in job searches.

Published in: Career

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  • 36% of Twitter users are 45-54 years old 30% of Twitter users are 25-34 years old According to Twitter is fastest growing site and has had growth of 1382%. And in second, FaceBook has 228% growth.
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Twitter 101 for Job Searchers A Crash Course in Twitter Bob Moseley @RobertMoseley
    • 2. What is Twitter?
      • A micro-blogging community where members post answers to a question, “What are you doing?” in 140 characters or less.
      • Explosive Growth
      • Source for information, marketing, networking, recruiting & business
    • 3. Getting Started
      • Open a Twitter Account at
      • Takes 10 Minutes
    • 4. Tweet Network Specialized "design" page
    • 5. Time to Twitter
      • First you'll want to set up your profile.
      • To do that, you'll go to "settings" (not profile)
    • 6. Account
      • Use your real name
      • Create a user name symbolic of you or your business (Unlike LinkedIn, you CAN have more than one profile)
      • Use a valid email address (you can always create one in gmail or hotmail just for twitter if you are worried about spam)
      • If you have a website, make sure you put your URL in here. (It should help your Google ranking.)
      • Great time to define yourself in 160 characters or less for your BIO
      • Be honest about your location.
      • Use English if you know enough of it.
      • I suggest NOT protecting your updates. If you do it will be hard to grow your network. Many people won't bother taking the extra step to follow you.
      • Don't forget to hit SAVE
    • 7. Passwords
      • Choose a unique password. There are a lot of secondary apps (like Tweetdeck) that will ask for your username and password. Don't use the one you use for everything else.
    • 8. Devices
      • This feature proves your obsession.
      • You can have all messages go to your cell, no messages go to your cell, or just DM (direct message) go to your cell.
      • You can also specify WHEN you want to get messages.
    • 9. Notices
      • More addictions.
      • These are all options to have Twitter send you emails.
      • I don’t have any but it’s up to you.
    • 10. Pictures
      • Keep thinking about branding.
      • Headshot is best
      • Many folks use avatars.
      • If you are representing your business use a logo.
    • 11. Now you are ready to dive in!
      • Start following people, target companies and job posting users
      • Start Tweeting (be relevant and give of yourself – or ask questions)
      • ReTweet information you think followers would appreciate.
      • Build your Network
    • 12. Following
      • You can search people by name to start following.
      • Look to see who they follow and follow those that are interesting.
      • Source for recruiters and job posters is later in the presentation
      • Follow those that follow you if you see value or common interest areas. Many will be mass networkers.
    • 13. Brands on Twitter (Follow your Targets)
    • 14. Following
      • To do that, write a Tweet with their user names using the @ sign in front of their names.
    • 15. Following
      • Then double click on the user, and Twitter will take you to their profile. The just hit "follow".
    • 16. Unfollow
      • You can always block or unfollow Tweople who do not live up to your expectation 
    • 17. Favorites
      • Favorites is a neat little tool that allows you to "star" your favorite tweets that Twitter will keep in one place for you.
    • 18. @Replies or @Name
      • @Replies or @Name is a way of grabbing someone's attention on Twitter.
      • Any time there is a "@" sign before your name, Twitter will let you know.
      • This is PUBLIC , so keep that in mind.
      • Want to start a conversation without your whole network being dragged into it, use DM (direct Mail) (Only works if they are following you)
    • 19. DM – Direct Mail
      • Direct Mail allows you to privately converse with another user without giving away your email address. DM's remain private to you and the person you are conversing with.
    • 20. # (Hash) Tags
      • Used as a way to filter / find content for group conversation
      • I.E. #job – to follow what people are saying about jobs right now
      • All you do is include “#” + “letters” in your tweet and it becomes instantly searchable
      • People use # tags for topics – I.e. #career, #followfriday and #sales
    • 21. Download Tweetdeck
      • Tweetdeck is a free application that allows you to create "groups" for your Twitter Network.
      • Unlike Twitter, it's search function works.
      • It will allow you to create Tiny URL's right from the app screen plus much much more.
    • 22. Tweet deck for your desktop
    • 23. Key Job Search Twitter Sites
      • Follow me @RobertMoseley and see who I follow. 90% are recruiters or job posters
      • Go to and set up a search agent. Receive email notices.
      • List of 1000 Recruiters on Twitter
      • List of job search accounts on Twitter
    • 24. Other Useful Twitter Sites
      • Twitdom is a database of Twitter applications.
      • Search that combines Google and Twitter
      • Hashtag listing
      • Post your resume for reference in Tweets mine is
      • Twitter Business Card at mine at
      • 100 Twitter Tools
      • Hundreds more for your requirements
    • 25. Go Forth and Tweet
      • Enough to get you started on Twitter. If you have any questions, please feel free to DM or @me with a question at @RobertMoseley
      • Presentation can be downloaded from my Linked In profile via SlideShare application
      • Or you can email me with questions at [email_address]
    • 26. Additional Info and Backup
    • 27. Design
      • Design is where you can add your fancy background by creating a .jpeg and uploading..
      • You can pay people to do this for you
      • Or you can choose any of the designs to the right.
    • 28. @Ellieeeille Rocks
      • Ellie gives us some great links for custom backgrounds :
    • 29. Notices
      • These are all examples of Twitter notices. Some people following me, some people DMing me, some people @replying to me.
    • 30. The Power of @Replies
      • In the time I have been creating this .PPT, I asked for some advice on Twitter. Using @ reply, here are some answers I received:
    • 31. DM – Direct Mail
      • Direct Mail allows you to privately converse with another user without giving away your email address. DM's remain private to you and the person you are conversing with.
    • 32. What a DM looks like
    • 33. Everyone
      • "Everyone" lets you see – well - everyone on the Twitter Network. Not just those following you or those you are following. This is also a good place to start following people. Then NEVER, I repeat never go back again!!!!
      I have NO idea who these people are….
    • 34. What is Twitter?
      • Concept Created in 2006 by Obvious Corp.
      • Called Twttr.
      • 4-5 Million users as of Nov. 2008.
      • $57 million in secured funding.
    • 35. Twitter Basics Following vs. Followers Bio Retweet or RT Tweets
    • 36. Twitter Basics @ Reply Direct Message or DM
    • 37. Twitter as a Candidate Sourcing Tool
        • Job Openings
        • Powerful Keyword Search Tool
        • Search by Location or Key Words
    • 38. Twitter as a Career Service Tool
      • Campus Recruiting Updates & Events
      • Conference Live Tweeting
      • Links to career content
      • Links to student profiles & blogs
    • 39. Now What?
      • Add a picture.
      • Join the conversation daily & Engage.
      • Follow those that interest you.
      • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
      • Execute your Twitter Marketing Plan.
      • Develop offline relationships.
      • Non-business tweets.
    • 40. Recruiting Resources
    • 41. Twitter Applications
      • Twitter Search
      • Tweet Later
      • Tweet Deck
      • Tweetvisor
      • Tiny URL
    • 42. Resources
      • Twit Tips Blog:
      • Chris Brogan Marketing Blog
      • Slide Share (keyword search: Twitter)
    • 43. Basic
      • http://
      • A utility to update your status to your connections
      • Each message is limited to 140 characters, the length of SMS
      • The action of posting a Twitter message is called “tweet”
    • 44. Connection
      • You can follow people
      • Follow is one way: follower sees updates from the followed
      • If you are interesting enough, one you follow might follow you back
      • Updates from you and all those you follow are updated to your own homepage
      • “Follow” has been standardized
    • 45. Syntax
      • @person the message
      • The “person” account receives your message in a differentiated format from regular updates
      • @person automatically becomes a hyperlink for people to explore
    • 46. Direct Message
      • Bingo! The famous private message
    • 47. Plugins
      • There are bunches of cool plugins that make your Twitter experience cooler
    • 48. Privacy
      • Direct messages are only visible to recipient
      • Protect all updates: only approved followers can see your updates
    • 49. Max no. of connections
      • 2000
      • Power users might have a better cap
    • 51. Micro-blogging
      • Blog with micro-entries
      • Extremely quick
      • An interesting thought flashes on your mind, tweet it, get back to your business
      • Ultra quick
    • 52. Think Twitter, think Mobile
      • Super fast & simple, highly compatible with Mobile use
      • Mobile is the future of the web. It is reasonable to claim that Twitter is building a foundation of this future.
    • 53. Social Journalism
      • 140-character updates!!!
      • Faster than blogs
      • Faster than mainstream reporters
      • The Mumbai attack in late 2008
      • http:// /
    • 54. Service / Product Promotions
      • Wow, another channel to promote your services / products
    • 55. Branding
      • Corporate Branding
      • Service / Product Branding
      • Personal Branding
        • Extend your influence on the industry
    • 56. Networking
      • Meet, talk to, discuss with, empathize with, recruit Geeks
    • 57. Communications
      • Get feedbacks on your services, products, strategies
      • Small talks
      • Ask a question, receive answers
    • 58. Information Mining
      • Follow breaking news, trends, interesting stuffs
      • Track keywords, search keywords
      • Track geotarget
      • Use tools (see Bibliograph)
    • 59. Trivial
      • Ever been annoyed or embarrassed because of a non-appropriate joke pops out on your Instant Messenger screen?
      • With Twitter, the problem is solved
    • 60.
      • Twitter is one of the best examples of why we want to rethink:
        • The web
        • Vision
        • Business objectives / KPI
        • Our clients
        • Ourselves
    • 61.
      • Twitter was meant for people to update statuses
        • And it is most known as a micro-blogging platform
      • YouTube has always meant to be a user-generated video-sharing site
        • And it has become a hosting site
        • Original contents: TV shows, music shows, Governmental updates
        • Songs with audio and beautiful pictures
        • If it allows uploading other file formats (zip, rar, doc, xls), I bet users will
    • 62.
      • Long-term vision for a particular website don’t always work, even for most successful ones
      • Adapt, change, satisfy users