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  • Brainstormed a list of people and organizations to contactStudent librarians contacted by e-mail and phone“What’s New” item on home page, linking to contact formWord of mouth and Facebook
  • Some interviewees dropped out
  • Website: talk about human booksMarketing: posters, postcards, flyers in intercampus mail to all departments.
  • ABQLA human library presentation

    1. 1. HUMAN LIBRARY @CONCORDIAKatharine Hall & Pamela Carson
    2. 2. Agenda Motivations for holding a Human Library Finding Books Interviews Website & advertising Day of the event Feedback Lessons learned Budget
    3. 3. Motivations for Holding a HumanLibrary Joint project between Concordia Libraries, the Multi-faith Chaplaincy and Dean of Students Office A way to involve the library in life of the campus Support from the University Librarian
    4. 4. Finding Books 8% Library Website (7) 13% 29% Email solicitation (10) 8% Other (2) Facebook (3) Refered by other 42% Human Book (2)
    5. 5. Interviews Ensure suitability of human books Conducted 25+ interviews 30-45 minutes Standard list of questions Most time-consuming part of the process!
    6. 6. Website & Advertising Website Posters and postcards Contacting departments Press releases
    7. 7. Preparation Orientation sessions for Books and library staff Human Book Catalogue (with descriptions) Advanced bookings Guidelines for readers Space: Room and human book lounge Little things: Signage, name tags, thank you cards, volunteer t-shirts, library cards, metro passes, child care
    8. 8. Advanced Bookings
    9. 9. Day of the Human Library September 17th, 2011 11am-6pm
    10. 10. The Day of the Event Each conversation is 30 minutes Human books scheduled in 3-hour slots 24 Books 50 Readers 93 out of 140 timeslots were booked
    11. 11. What the Readers Said . . . This was an amazing experience, I hope that this event is done again.I realized I have a lot of knowledge myself and should be a human book next time.
    12. 12. What the Readers Said . . .I could read regular books on the same subject I spoke about with the Human Books, but itmakes it so much better to hear it in person, faceto face. The experience is awesome. Thank you so much!
    13. 13. What the Books Said . . .It was very interesting to have other people open up with their own stories. I learned a lot. It gave me a space to be myself and to show that I do have value.
    14. 14. What the Books Said . . . I loved the positive attention, the care and honouring of my story and my experience, sharing relief and concern aboutwhat I’ve been through and finding out what my emotional landscape was in reaction to questions and comments.
    15. 15. Lessons Learned Student librarian management Interview process Press management Needed more breaks for popular human books (don’t have conversations back to back) Booking program would have been helpful!
    16. 16. Final Budget QUANTITITEM Y COSTFlyers for incoming students 1500 $375.00Refreshments for human books &volunteers 30 $478.49Postcards for distribution at library &university 1500 $272.85T-shirts for volunteers 5 $56.96Travel (bus fare for Human Books) 5 $27.50Posters (11x17 colour and 8.5x11 B&W) 200 $226.15Room set-up $104.00Professional Photographer $125.00
    17. 17. THANK YOU/MERCI