e-occupational therapy for schools


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An overview of how and why live online therapy (e-therapy) can benefit school children in rural areas, for occupational therapy, speech therapy, and other special needs. Presented by Corvallis Children's Therapy.

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e-occupational therapy for schools

  1. 1. e-Therapy for SchoolsLive Online Occupational Therapy For Special Education--- Corvallis Children’s Therapy --- www.corvallischildrenstherapy.com ---
  2. 2. e-Therapy is Evidence-BasedResearch studies conclude world-wide exponential growth in number of healthcare visits delivered remotely e-therapies provide equivalent efficacy and outcomes as face-to-face in a variety of settings with a variety of disabilities client satisfaction is generally high significant savings of travel related costs --- Corvallis Children’s Therapy --- www.corvallischildrenstherapy.com ---
  3. 3. Why e-Therapy in Schools?Greater Access serve students in locations with provider shortages, using experienced, state-licensed school therapists, without the expense of staffing agenciesLower Cost judicious use of itinerant travelRegulatory Compliance comply with IDEA and FAPE to provide IEP related services in support of goals aligned with core curriculum standards --- Corvallis Children’s Therapy --- www.corvallischildrenstherapy.com ---
  4. 4. What is e-Therapy? remotely delivered therapy services by licensed therapist using videoconferencing technology & other select applications for on-line learning delivered to same regulatory, quality & professional standards as face-to-face as a supplement to on-site services --- Corvallis Children’s Therapy --- www.corvallischildrenstherapy.com ---
  5. 5. Blended e-OT Service Model Remote Live Online Face-to-Face IEP Child Study & other meeting ,  initial assessment of student attendance  beginning of school year observation, re-assessment, and assistance with student consultation during classroom tasks transitions, and space and and activities equipment needs direct supervision of student engaging in therapy motor  splint adjustments activities  evaluation of muscle tone teacher support & consults via email, phone, videoconference --- Corvallis Children’s Therapy --- www.corvallischildrenstherapy.com ---
  6. 6. EquipmentNeeded On-Site medium or high speed internet connection desktop or laptop with recommended/provided videoconference software downloaded and installed built-in (or peripheral) camera, microphone and speakers headset optional (recommended if computer is in busy classroom) --- Corvallis Children’s Therapy --- www.corvallischildrenstherapy.com ---
  7. 7. For More Info or to Get StartedThe Opportunity: For the 2012-2013 school year, Corvallis Children’s Therapy is offering Occupational Therapy via blended-model e-Therapy for schools in OR, WA & northern CA. Since our therapist resource is finite, contact us now to explore how to bring this to your district.Contact: Pamela Hood Szivek, OTR/L  Corvallis Children’s Therapy 456 SW Monroe Ave, Suite 102, Corvallis, Oregon 97333 Email:  pam@corvallischildrenstherapy.com Phone: 541-974-7709 --- Corvallis Children’s Therapy --- www.corvallischildrenstherapy.com ---
  8. 8. Corvallis Children’s Therapy e-Therapy for Schools --- Corvallis Children’s Therapy --- www.corvallischildrenstherapy.com ---