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  1. 1. UNIVERSIDAD CATÓLICA DE LA SANTÍSIMA CONCEPCIÓN Carrera Educación Parvularia, mención Inglés Docente: Ma. Eugenia Soto M. SONGS AND POEMS FOR CHILDREN
  2. 2. Greetings songs Body songs Where is thumbky? Where is thumbky? Good morning Head, shoulder, knees and Here I am toes Good morning Here I am Knees and toes. Good morning to you How are you today sir? Head, shoulder, knees and To you and to you and to toes Very well and thank you and to you Knees and toes. Run away, run away Good morning And eyes, and ears, and Where is pointer? Good morning mouth, and nose Where is tall man? How are you today? Head, shoulder, knees and Where is ring man? toes I’m very well thank you Where is baby ? Knees and toes. And what about you. Family songs Hello, hello, hello My mother, Hello .How are you? My father, I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine My sister, And you? and you? and Hey, hockey pockey My brother, you? Hey, hockey pockey Grandpa You put your hand in Grandma Hello. Hello, hello You put your hand out That’s my family What’s your name? You put your hand in That’s my family Hello, hello, hello And you shake it all around What’s your name? You do the hockey pockey XXX And you turn yourself Her/his name is XXXX around Her/his name is XXXX That what it’s all about!! Hello XXX, hello XXXX, hello!
  3. 3. This is my mother I love you Number songs Nice to meet you You love me Nice to meet you too! We are a happy family One little two little three This is my father With a big big hug Little Indians Nice to meet you And a kiss from me to you Four little five, little six Nice to meet you too! I love you Little Indians This is my brother You love me too! Seven little, eight little nine Nice to meet you Little Indians Nice to meet you too! Ten little Indians boys! This is my sister Colors songs Nice to meet you Red and yellow and pink Nice to meet you too! and green, Orange and purple and blue. Five little ducks went out The house to play I can see a rainbow This is my little house Over the hills and far away See a rainbow This is the door Mother ducks says See a rainbow too The windows are open Quack, quack, quack! Listen with your ears And that is the floor No little ducks come Look at with your eyes running back. Outside there’s a chimney And feel everything you Four little ducks went out As tall as can be see, to play…. The smoke goes curling up I can see a rainbow Three little ducks went out See a rainbow to play…. See a rainbow too! two little ducks went out to play…. Come and see.
  4. 4. One, two, three, four, five ABC song Weather song Once a caught a fish alive Six, seven, eight, nine, ten A, B, C, D, E, F, G, What’s the weather? Then I let it go away H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, What’s the weather? Why did you let it go? Q, R, S, What’s the weather like today? Because it bit my finger so! T, U, V, Is it sunny? Which finger did it bite? W, X, Y and Z Is it cloudy? This little finger on my Now you know my ABC right! Is it rainy or Next time you will play with me! Sunny and cloudy? Five little monkeys jumping There was a farmer who on the bed, had a dog Rain, rain One fell off and bumped it And BINGO was his name head oh! Go away Mama called the doctor B-i-n-g-o Come again another day. and the doctor said B-i-n-g-o Little XXXXX wants to play, “no more monkeys B-i-n-g-o Rain, rain jumping on that bed!” And BINGO was his name Go away Four little monkeys oh! jumping on the bed…..
  5. 5. Days of the week Monday, Tuesday, Humpty dumpty Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sat on a wall Sunday are There’re seven days Humpty dumpty had a The seven days of the week great fall There’re seven days God morning children All the king’s horses and There’re seven days in a week I’m happy to see you All the king’s men Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Couldn’t put humpty Wednesday, Thursday, together again. Friday and Saturday. Poems, chants and nursery rhymes Open them Shut them, Open them Monday, Tuesday, wedneday, Thursday, Shut them 1, 2 Friday, Give a little clap Buckle my shoe Friday. Open them 3, 4 Monday, Tuesday, wedneday, Thursday, Shut them Knock at the door Friday, Put them on your lap! 5,6 Saturday and Sunday! Pick up sticks 7, 8 Lay them straight Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 9 , 10 Friday, Saturday and A big, fat hen!! Sunday are The seven days of the week Good bye children I’ll see you tomorrow!.