Social Support Rating for Secondary Volleyball Players

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This instrument will determine level of social support of secondary volleyball players.

This instrument will determine level of social support of secondary volleyball players.

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  • 1. Dear Respondent: This researcher-made questionnaire is use for research study entitled: “Support ofSecondary Players in Davao City and their Performance in Volleyball SportsCompetitions”. The researcher aimed to determine the differences between the profile amongplayers and social support and pattern of deliberate practice. The investigator would alsowant to determine relationship between profile of players and their level of performance. We assure you our utmost respect and confidentiality of any of your informationgiven. Please affix signature below that you accept as subject of this study. Signature of respondent: ________________________________ Thank you very much for your time and cooperation. The Researcher
  • 2. SOCIAL SUPPORT AND PERFORMANCE RATING OF SECONDARY VOLLEYBALL PLAYERDirection: 1. Please be honest in your response in order to get a reliable data. 2. Do not leave any item unanswered. 3. Put a check (√) mark as your answer of choice on the options given which describes as follows: 1 – Barely/Not at all 2 – Sometimes 3- Very often 4- Always Part B – The Level of Social SupportDo you benefit support being a volleyball player in your team from 1 2 3 4the following: TEACHERS 1. Shows interest in Volleyball Sports by watching you played the game or wishing you luck. 2. Give consideration to you (players) in giving extension of deadlines of home works that conflicts the schedule of your practice. 3. Give special exam or other means to cope up with your lessons from the missed class due to your Volleyball Competitions event joined. 4. Shows encouragement and lift – up your morale either win or lose in the game. SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS 1. Provides free sets of sports uniforms 2. Provides or allocate budget for quarters to stay; transportation to and from venue of tournament and snacks/meals for the team. 3. Provides prices and kinds (medals or certificate) for good performance. 4. Provides scholarship or tuition discount SCHOOLMATES 1. Watch you practice and during game competition 2. Organize “Cheer Team” for your sports competition event. 3. Congratulates you for your good performance in the game 4. Cheer you up when lose and give encouragement to sustain the game. LOCAL GOVERNMENT UNIT 1. Shows encouragement for sports participation to young ones by organizing Volleyball league in different sectors like Purok or Barangays. 2. Allocate budget for sports league to facilitate sports activities in your community during Summer, Fiestas, and other Local Celebrations
  • 3. 3. Provides incentives or rewards to you (Volleyball Players) for good performance.4. Provides budgets for inauguration of Volleyball League/TournamentPart B – Level of PerformanceInstruction: Please answer the question as you can remember as possible by putting a check mark under the options given on every item. How many times you What place did you won? have played in the (Please choose the highestAre you able to play volleyball league? level achieved) tournament on the following 4 None at league? 3 1st once twice Times all/ Not 4th 3rd 2nd times & more yet 1. Intramural Event 2. Community League 3. Sponsorship League: (e.g., Milo Cup League, Nestea Cup etc.) 4. Fund Raising League 5. Unit Meet 6. DCAA Meet 7. DAVRAA 8. PALARO (National League) 9. International League