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Boys sexual physical development awareness ques
Boys sexual physical development awareness ques
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Boys sexual physical development awareness ques


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A questionnaire use to determine the level of awareness of boys' sexual development.

A questionnaire use to determine the level of awareness of boys' sexual development.

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  • 1. Boys Sexual Physical Development Awareness QuestionnaireInstructions: Please write your answer on the blank provided; and/or just put a check mark on the blank provided before the yes/no options as your choice of answer.What is your present age? _________What is your religion?__________________Instruction:1. Please read each item carefully and decide honestly to what extent it is characteristic of you.2. Do not leave any item unanswered3. Give each item a rating by putting a check () mark according to the following scale that describes: 1 = Not at all characteristic of me. 2 = Slightly characteristic of me. 3 = Somewhat characteristic of me. 4 = Moderately characteristic of me. 5 = Very much characteristic of me. Descriptions 1 2 3 4 51. I am conscious on how the way my body develops and change physically at my age.2. Im aware about the sexual appearance of my body.3. I am aware that penis will increase in size and when scrotums enlarge where the testes contained; it starts and constantly produce sperms cell.4. I am aware that when sperms produce, it is ready to be ejaculated during coitus and possible be joined with fertilized ova and impregnation begins in female.5. I am aware that sperm is occasionally released as part of the normal process and can occur automatically during sleep (nocturnal emissions or “wet dreams”) or sexual coitus.6. I am aware that I will experience rapid change in size, increase in weight due to increase muscle mass and rapid increase in height.
  • 2. 7. I am aware that pubic hair grows when I reach the stage of puberty.8. I am aware that hair grows becomes thick in my armpit, and also arms, legs; and starts having mustache.9. I am aware my body perspires a lot and my face becomes oily that I may have/have acne.10. I am aware that there is change in my vocal cords, my voice eventually sounding deeper.