Anxiety Level Scale
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Anxiety Level Scale Anxiety Level Scale Document Transcript

  • ANXIETY LEVEL SCALE This test questionnaire is use to determine the anxiety level of nursing studentsexpose in the psychiatric ward.Code No:_________PROFILE:Name: ____________________________Gender: Male ( ) Female ( ) Age: _________Instructions: 1. Please read and understand the questions carefully. 2. Do not leave any questions unanswered. 3. Answer the question honestly by checking the box on the desired rating you have chosen; with a rating scale from 1 to 4 that describes as follows; 1 - None 2 - A little bit or somewhat 3 - Very much 4 – Extremely QUESTIONS 1 2 3 41. Do you feel any muscular aches or pain?2. Do you have any visual disturbances?3. Do you have any chest pain, shortness of breath, chestpressure or chocking sensation?4. Do you feel uncontrollable muscles trembling?5. Do you feel nauseous, any abdominal fullness, any urge tovomit?6. Do you feel any uncontrollable urge to urinate?7. Do you feel dryness in your mouth, sweating or pallor?8. Do you have difficulty of concentration on task or instructions?9. Do you experience any memory problems towards your task?10. Do you have any feeling of decreased interest orapprehension in your psychiatric exposure?11. Do you find it is difficult to interact with your assignedpsychiatric client? QUESTIONS 1 2 3 412. Do you find it hard to familiarize the different activities orfunctions during psychiatric exposure?13. Do you have a hard time performing the things you hadlearned and studied during your psychiatric orientation?14. Do you feel always worried if something will happen to you orany of your classmates during activities with your clients?15. Do you anticipate the worst scenario with any of thepsychiatric client?
  • 16. Do you feel tensioned & restless in handling psych clientwhen they will have delusions, hallucinations or agitated duringpsychiatric exposure?17. Do you have fear of having a conflict, doubt of your skill wheninteracting with the client at any time?18. Do you feel stressed out when discussing regarding yourpsychiatric exposure?19. Do you have difficulty in expressing your concerns to yourClinical Instructor or to any members of the heath care team?20. Do you feel anxious when any psychiatric client near youmanifest out from reality?