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Top 10 Twitter Tips for Your Business
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Top 10 Twitter Tips for Your Business


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Top 10 Twitter Tips for Your Business presented at a lunch & learn at The Central Exchange, 4/25/13.

Top 10 Twitter Tips for Your Business presented at a lunch & learn at The Central Exchange, 4/25/13.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. S Twitter Top 10 Twitter Tips for Your Business Presented by Pamela Potts Web Strategist, Director Interactive Solutions - Mersoft @pamelapotts @mersoft
  • 2. What is Twitter? S  Micro-blog -- up to 140 characters displayed on the author's profile page S  Delivered to the author's subscribers who are known as followers. “Twitter is not a technology. It’s a conversation. And it’s happening with or without you.” Charlene Li
  • 3. Relationship Building From a Business Perspective: S  Meet with potential customers S  Engage with them S  Provide support
  • 4. Why Twitter has Become so Important S  500 million users S  340 million tweets per day S  Average time spent on Twitter – 36 minutes S  42% of Twitter users follow brands or companies Source: Ask Your Target Market Survey
  • 5. Twitter Marketing S Listen. S Learn. S Care. S Serve. “Make the customer the hero of your story.” Ann Handley Image Credit: Fotographia Guerill
  • 6. It’s Easy to Get Started on Twitter S  Create user handle and profile (@mersoft) S  Listen S  Monitor trends S  Watch your industry S  Join the conversation
  • 7. Twitter is a tool that brings the world closer through conversation S  Conversations lead to customers S  Customers lead to business S  Leading businesses say it on Twitter
  • 8. Twitter for Business is Not About… S  Sharing what you had for lunch today S  Wasting your time S  About following what all the celebrities are doing each day S  Tweeting endless “buy my product/service” links
  • 9. Twitter for Business is About… S  Building your brand S  Customer service / support S  Developing your business network S  Gaining new knowledge S  Listening to your customers S  Engaging
  • 10. Twitter Vocabulary S  Twitter Handle – also known as a username S  To Follow S  To Follow Back S  Follower S  Status Update – also known as a tweet
  • 11. Twitter Vocabulary S  @Reply S  Direct Message (DM) S  Twitter Stream S  Hashtag (#) S  Tweet-Up
  • 12. Twitter Vocabulary S  Retweet (RT) S  Twitter Lists S  Trending Topics S  Promoted Tweets
  • 13. Five Steps to Set up and Optimize Your Profile S  Sign up for Twitter S  Personalize your company profile S  Customize your background S  Add a header image S  Add a profile image (avatar)
  • 14. Start Tweeting So what do you tweet about? S  An observation S  What events you’re attending S  Your content S  Someone else’s content S  Chat with someone
  • 15. Find People to Follow S  “Who to Follow” feature S  Twitter search S  Follow people your followers are following S  Follow thought leaders and bloggers S  Collect people’s Twitter names at events S  Follow Hashtag (#) at events
  • 16. Get People to Follow You S  Make your Twitter easy to find S  Make use of “Follow” buttons S S  Make your tweets unique and beneficial S  Interact with potential followers S  Give feedback, compliment people, engage S  @Username – message is public S  @Mersoft what’s up S  What’s up @Mersoft S  @Connections tab S  Direct Messages (DM)
  • 18. #1 Drive Traffic S  Drive people to your company’s website S  Tweet about an interesting resource you’ve posted on your blog or website S  eBook / recorded webinar S  Goal is to make it interesting enough for people to start tweeting about it on their own and sharing your resources to their followers
  • 19. #2 Monitor Activity S  Go to @Connect tab S  On Twitter profile, sign up for email updates S  If you find someone tweeting about your products and/or a need for a solution your product provides, let him/her know
  • 20. #3 Use Favorites & Lists S  Use “favorites” feature as a list of company testimonials S  Hover over an individual tweet, favorite option appears S  The next time someone asks about your company, send them a link to your favorites page
  • 21. #4 What to Tweet Events S  Use Twitter to promote events, webinars, fundraisers, and campaigns S  Send a link to the event sign-up page S  Think of a hashtag for your event -- #cxlearn Share Expertise S  Establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry S  Tweet about useful resources S  Tweet about thoughtful tips
  • 22. #5 Engage S  Look for influential blogs in your industry S  Follow those authors S  Follow journalists who target your industry S  Develop relationships with reporters, bloggers, other media people, thought leaders S  Retweet, mention (by adding @username to your tweet) S  Always respond / negative or positive
  • 23. #6 Use Software S  Monitoring Activity S  Scheduling Tweets S  Popular tools: S  Hootsuite S  Tweetdeck S  TweetAdder S  Buffer S  Instagram for sharing pictures easily
  • 24. #7 Publish Twitter ID S  Marketing material S  Email signature S  Business cards S  Website S  Brochures
  • 25. #8 Time Your Tweets S  Lifecycle of a tweet is short – most click through activity on a tweet is done in the first hour S  Infographic: S  Time your tweets throughout the day S  View stats on most effective times
  • 26. #9 Analyze Progress S  Set goals S  Monitor progress by using tools S  Use additional tools S  Add-on to browser S  Lists S  Keep learning / engaging
  • 27. #10 Be Real – Be Active S  Be authentic S  Engage S  Be active often – tweet regularly
  • 28. Thank You Pamela Potts @pamelapotts @mersoft 913.871.6200