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Universidad católica de la santísima concepció1
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Universidad católica de la santísima concepció1



Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción English Teaching Programme Professional Practicum PPP Lesson PlanUnit 5 Level Date Length Student- TeacherYou’re on vacation, aren’t you? 1st grade high school June 25th , 2012 90’ Pamela Sanhueza C.Aim: At the end of the lesson, students will be able to use question tags in the simple present form of the verb to be (written and orally)Assumed knowledge: Simple Present (am, is, are / am not, isn’t, aren’t), general vocabulary. Aids: _ ComputerTarget Language: Tag questions (positive / negative form of verb to be) - My sister is a good mom, isn’t she? _ Data show I am not a good student, am I? projector _ BoardAnticipated Problems: _ MarkersSs might not remember verb to be. Solution: Reinforce verb to beSs might get confused about intonation of tags. Solution: Drilling exercises.
  • 2. Stages Procedure Instructions Objectives Time Interaction What am I going to do? What am I going to say? (min) T-Ss;Ss-Ss;etcLEAD –IN ST activates target area by asking _ Happy face: Is he/she happy? Lead in Ss into the target 5’ T-Ss / Ss-TACTIVITY students simple yes/no questions and Yes she is / no she isn’t area. showing them different faces to _ Sad face: Is he/she bored? reinforce the use of verb to be in simple Yes he is/no he isn’t present tense. _ Surprised face: are they surprised? Yes they are/no they aren’t..etcPRESENTATION ST introduces the idea of question tags _ You are students at Liceo La Introduce the Ss into the 8’ T-Ss by asking students questions using Asunción, aren’t you? topic. information she already knows about _ Juan is a tall boy, isn’t he? them. _ Anita is blonde, isn’t she? _ They are good at English, aren’t they? _ Carol is not blonde, is she? ST explains the usage of question tags Now we are going to watch a Explain Ss the use of tags. 10’ T-Ss to students by showing them a power ppt presentation about question point presentation. tags. Question tags are short questions that follow a sentence. We use question tags to ask if something is true or to ask
  • 3. people to agree with us, etc. 15’ST makes some CCQ’s So, we use question tags to ask Ensure Ss’ learning 3’ T-Ss / Ss-T for specific information? Are tag questions long sentences?ST explains the right pronunciation of There are two ways of Make Ss be conscious 8’ T-Ss / Ss-Tquestion tags (falling and rising pronouncing tags: falling and about differences in tags.intonation) rising intonation. Falling intonation is when the tone of the voice goes down. When you use question tags with falling intonation is when you know that the statement is true and you ask for confirmation. Ex: I’m Chilean, aren’t I? Now, rising intonation is when the tone of the voice goes up. When you use rising intonation is when you don’t know very well if the answer is true or not and you expect any response from the listener. Ex: My mother’s name is
  • 4. Sandra, isn’t it? ST makes some CCQ’s Listen: Ensure Ss’ learning 3’ T-Ss / Ss-T I am eleven years old, aren’t I? Is that ok? I am not a woman, aren’t I? Is that ok?PRACTICE ST shows a short video to make the Ss Now look at the video and Model pronunciation 3’ T-Ss / Ss-T practice intonation. follow the instructions. ST shows a ppt presentation with some In this part you have to look at Make Ss to exercise. 10’ T-Ss / Ss-T exercises to develop. the front and make the exercises. 1. Finish the sentences using the appropriate tag question. 2. Underline the correct answer. 3. Finish the sentence and answer.
  • 5. PRODUCTION ST asks each Ss to write his/her name Now you are going to write your Make Ss to produce 5’ Ss-Ss on a piece of paper followed by three name in a sheet of paper and simple statements about him/herself. write down three statements about yourselves using SP and verb to be. Ex: I’am beautiful… etc ST collects the statements and re- After that I’m going to collect distribute the sheets to different the papers and re-distribute them students. Making sure that the students to any other of your classmates. keep the sheets upside down until they are called on. ST calls Ss to form tag questions by At the end you’re going to be Evaluate Ss learning 15’ Ss-Ss asking the student who has written the called with the new piece of statements paper and you are going to ask the corresponding person about his/her sentences. Ex: You are beautiful, aren’t you?... etcAdapted from University of Sussex POST LESSON COMMENTS________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________