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Recorded class lla

  1. 1. Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción English Teaching Program Professional Practicum LESSON PLAN PPPUnit: 3 Level: Date: Length: Student-TeacherWe used to have 1st grade April 25th, 2012 90’ Pamela Sanhueza C.horses and carts highschoolAim: At the end of the lesson students will be able to write about past habits and past situations.Categorize vocabulary related to farming life. (written)Assumed knowledge: Simple Past, personal pronouns, verbs (regular/irregular) Aids: PicturesTarget Language: Subject + used to/didn’t use to + main verb + object Computer He + used to/didn’t use to + jump + the rope Datashow Ss’ book BoardAnticipated Problems: Ss might get confused about the structure of the sentence. MarkersSolutions: S-T writes examples on the board.
  2. 2. Stages Procedure Instructions Objectives Time Interaction What am I going to do? What am I going to say? (min) T-Ss;Ss-Ss;etcLead-in Ss-T shows some pictures of things in Look at these pictures. Call Ss attention. 7’ T-Ss / Ss-T different phases (e.g a seed/a tree, etc) What is this picture Make students associate Ss deduce that the first picture shows the showing us? past and present. “past” of the thing shown.Presentation Ss-T shows a ppt presentation called “the You are going to watch a Introduce the Ss into the 8’ T-Ss secret life of a butterfly” presentation about a life topic. Ss-T writes the aim of the lesson on the of a butterfly. board. Today we are going to Inform Ss what they are 1’ Ss-T presents new language. learn how to express going to learn. Ss-T makes Ss to repeat (drilling things that happened in exercise) the past with a new Ss-T writes examples on the board using expression. previous pictures. Used to is used to express 12’ CCQ’s facts that happened in the past and that no longer exist. E.g: S + used to + verb + object. Didn’t used to is used to express the negative form of this new expression, so it is used to express things or facts that did not happen in the past.
  3. 3. E.g: S + didn’t use to + verb + object. Repeat after me: used to… didn’t use to… Look at the front and pay attention to the examples: Confirm if Ss learnt or not. 3’ T-Ss/Ss-T E.g: It used to be a seed, etc Is there any doubt? Do we have to put the verb in past?, etcPractice Activities from Ss’ book (based on a What do you think the Make Ss infer from title. 2’ T-Ss/Ss-T reading piece) text is about by reading just its title? Is there any word you don’t know? Highlight new words and 3’ the new structure in the text (book) 3’ You have to write yes or no to the following statements (book) Ss-T asks some Ss to give their answers. 4’ T-Ss/Ss-T - Checking - 5’ You have to read the text again and answer the next questions (book) Ss-T asks some Ss to give their answers. 5’ T-Ss/Ss-T - Checking - 6’ You have to look at the pictures and complete the
  4. 4. sentences with the affirmative or negative form of used to (book) Ss-T asks some Ss to give their answers. - Checking - 5’ T-Ss/Ss-T You have to complete the 3’ chart with the words given (book) Ss-T asks some Ss to give their answers. - Checking - 3’ T-Ss/Ss-T Production Write five sentences about Ensure Ss learnt. 8’ Ss-T instructs Ss to produce some sentences yourselves by using used to/didn’t use to. Checking. 8’ T-Ss/Ss-T Ss-T asks some Ss to share their sentences.Adapted from University of Sussex POST-LESSON COMMENTS:________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________