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  • 1. Lesson PlanTeacher(s): Mr Gonzalo Gajardo G. / Pamela Sanhueza C.Grade: 8th grade elementary (letter D)Unit: Will people live in space?Estimated time: 45’Aim Content(s) Materials ProcedureTo identify and Future _ Will Worksheet Presentation:recognize future Verbs Video Teacher shows Ss a video of anwill by listening antique song called “Goodbye mya song. love Goodbye” and talks about old songs with Ss in order to engage them in the class. Practice: Teacher plays the song again to focus Ss attention. Teacher gives Ss worksheets to develop the activity (complete with the missing will + verb) Production: Teacher checks worksheet aloud and plays the song to make Ss sing
  • 2. GOODBYE MY LOVE-GOODBYE DEMIS ROUSSOS Complete the song with the correct verb forms. Use WILL. (WILL + VERB)Hear the wind sing a sad old song Goodbye my love goodbyeit knows Im leaving you today goodbye and au revoir.Please dont cry or my heart ___________ As long as you remember mewhen I go on my way. I______________too far.Goodbye my love goodbye Goodbye my love goodbyegoodbye and au revoir. I always ____________ true.As long as you remember me So hold me in your dreamsI______________too far. till I come back to you.Goodbye my love goodbye Goodbye my love goodbyeI always ____________ true. goodbye and au revoir.So hold me in your dreams As long as you remember me till I come back to you. I______________too far.See the stars in the skies above Goodbye my Love goodbye they __________wherever I may roam. I always ___________true.I ___________ every lonely night So hold me in your dreamsthat soon they___________me home Till I come back to youwhat does the songexpresses?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________