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Language families and branches
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Language families and branches



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  • 1. Pamela Sanhueza C.
  • 2. meansMost studied language family Indo European whyBecause these languages are official or co-official in many countries and are essential in different fields
  • 3. Languages spoken by more than half of world’s population as L1 or L2Languages of religion, culture and philosophy belong to the Indo European language familyIndo-European Family originIn the forest north of the Black Sea during the Neolithic .
  • 4. Celtic Branch Tokharian Germanic Branch Branch Indic Branch Latin Branch I-EIranianBranch 12 Slavic Branch branches Thracian Baltic Branch Branch Anatolian Hellenic Branch Branch Illyc Branch
  • 5. Celtic Branch origin Central Europe/Western Europe Welsh languages Irish Gaelic Scottish Gaelic Breton Cornish Manx Gaulish Pictish extinct languages Cumbrian Galatian
  • 6. Germanic Branch origin from Old Norse and Saxon English languages Dutch (Flemish/Africaans “varieties”) German (Yiddish “variety”) Danish, Norwegian, Swedish Gothic Frankish Lombardo extinct languages Visigoth Vandal
  • 7. Latin also called Italic or Romance Languages Branch Italian Portuguese (Galician) dialect languages Spanish French Romanian (Moldavian) dialect Romansh Ladino Provincial Catalan Dalmatian Sabine Oscan Umbrian extinct languages Faliscan
  • 8. The Slavic confined to Eastern Europe Branch Bulgarian Russian (the most important) Poland (Kashubian) spoken in parts of Polandlanguages Sorbian Czech Slovak Slovene Macedonian Bosnian Ukrainian Byelorussian
  • 9. Baltic just two Baltic LanguagesBranch Lithuanianlanguages Latvian Prussian is an extinct language of the Baltic branch
  • 10. Hellenic just Modern Greek Branch Ancient Greek was written from around 700 BC Doric from Sparta Ionic from CosMayor forms Aeolic from Lesbos Attic from Athens
  • 11. Illyric single language branch Branch languages Albanian (two dialects) Geg ToskIllyric and Mesapian are considered extinct languages
  • 12. Anatolian all languages are extinct Branch Lydian LycianExtinct languages Luwian Palaic
  • 13. Thracian represented by a single language Branch Armenian has its own script Armenian (extinct languages)Dacian Thracian Phrygian
  • 14. Iranian languages descended from Branch Ancient Persianmain language Farsisecond large language Kurdishother languages Pashto, Baluchi, Ossetian, Tadzhikextinct languages Avestan, Scythian
  • 15. Indic has the most languages that areBranch derived from Sanskrit Pali Kashmirilanguages Ardhamagadhi Sindhi Indi Gujarati Urdu Konkani Nepali Sinhalese Bengali Maldivian Bhili Oriya Marathi Assamese Punjabi and Lahnda Maithili and Maghadi
  • 16. Tokharian two extinct languages identified Branch Turfanian Kuchean those languages were once spoken in north west China