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Discover what RE/MAX can do for you!!!


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I can help with any of your real estate transactions. If you want to buy, sell, or invest. Call me for any assistance.

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Discover what RE/MAX can do for you!!!

  1. 1. What if... What If... Industry Recognition Legacy 40th Anniversary RE/MAX History Business Model Productivity RE/MAX vs. the Industry Great Agents Brand Brand Influence Advertising Programs Support Systems Recruiting/Retention Education Technology Live Events Staying Informed Targeted Markets Commercial Luxury Community Involvement Giving Back Everybody Wins©RE/MAX, LLC. Each office is independently owned and operated. 121423 Everybody Wins Each office is independently owned and operated.
  2. 2. ty t f .. i Ic.tiv P hdu roa W What If... Industry RecognitionWhat if...It’s the preface to a question the founders of RE/MAXasked 40 years ago, when they transformed the realestate landscape forever.Today, this simple phrase opens up a world of TAP IN TO THE POWER OF RE/MAXpossibilities for your business. joinremax.comWhat if... you were part of a network built on the OUTSTANDING AGENTS.concept that “everybody wins” – including brokers, OUTSTANDING RESULTS. ®agents and families – when real estate is treated as afull-time profession?How would that affect your career? Your family? Your © 2012 RE/MAX, LLC. All rights reserved. Each office independently owned and operated. 120722life? 120722_What If Poster.indd 1 7/12/12 8:13 AMAs you browse these pages, consider how RE/MAXcompares to other real estate networks in philosophy,services, brand awareness and productivity.And discover the power of asking yourself “What if...”. The Essence of RE/MAX Each office is independently owned and operated.
  3. 3. ty t f .. i Ic.tiv P hdu roa W What If... Industry RecognitionIndustry recognitionIt’s not just those affiliated with RE/MAX who recognizethe extensive benefits and potential of owning a franchise.Independent third parties readily recognize the value as well.In 2013, for the 10th time in the past 14 years, RE/MAXwas named the No. 1 real estate franchise organization inEntrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500 report.* RE/MAX madethe list alongside other iconic, global brands such as Subway,Pizza Hut and McDonald’s.Additionally, RE/MAX was recently named one of the top 50franchises for minorities by the National Minority FranchiseInitiative.** RE/MAX was the only real estate franchisor to makethe list.This is in addition to the network’s other regular appearancesin publications such as Franchise Times and REAL Trendsmagazines (see Productivity matters page).* Franchise ratings are based on objective, quantifiable measures of franchiseoperations. Factors include financial strength and stability, growth rate and size ofthe system. Also considered are the number of years a company has been in businessand the length of time it has been franchising, startup costs, litigation, percentage ofterminations and whether the company provides financing.** From November 2012. Rankings are based on a survey issued by The National MinorityFranchising Initiative, asking franchisors to list minority participation among theirexisting franchised and company-owned units, as well as the minority representationamong senior management. Each office is independently owned and operated.
  4. 4. ity a gucyiv t PLod re 40th Anniversary RE/MAX History Business Model40 yearsIn 2013, the RE/MAX network celebrates its 40th anniversary. Most importantly, though, it’s 40 years of providing high-level, professional service to buyers and sellers; and 40 years ofThat’s 40 years of accomplishments and growth around the helping families – literally millions of them – find a new placeworld; 40 years of stability, and 40 years of building a collective to call home.reputation as industry leaders and top producers. The 40th anniversary is just the beginning. If you’d like to be part of the next 40 years, now’s a great time to get on board. RE/MAX Celebrates 40 Years Each office is independently owned and operated.
  5. 5. ity a gucyiv t PLod re 40th Anniversary RE/MAX HistoryA revolutionary concept Business ModelMuch has changed in 40 years, but the RE/MAX foundation of Accompanied by friend andentrepreneurship, innovation and support is as strong as ever. colleague Gail Main (who became Gail Liniger), Liniger revolutionizedSome history: As a young Realtor® in the late 1960s and early the industry. In 1973, in Denver, Colorado,’70s, Dave Liniger grew unsatisfied with the restrictive state of RE/MAX was born.the real estate industry. Through RE/MAX, the Linigers offered maximumWhat if... he wondered, real estate professionals enjoyed compensation, along with advanced support and education.support services and the freedom to succeed without the RE/MAX agents shared in office expenses and, in return, keptbureaucracy and dispiriting commission splits of traditional more of what they earned.brokerages? The model attracted top-producing agents and enabled brokers to spend less time on remedial training and more time leading and recruiting. It was a classic “everybody wins” model. (A 2005 book about RE/MAX bears that title.) Today, RE/MAX has nearly 90,000 agents and more than 6,000 offices in over 85 countries. And Dave and Gail Liniger still lead the organization from RE/MAX World Headquarters in Denver. This is RE/MAX Each office is independently owned and operated.
  6. 6. ity a gucyiv t PLod re 40th Anniversary RE/MAX HistoryEntrepreneurial spirit Business ModelWho knows how to best run your business?You do.RE/MAX has an entrepreneurial core thatplaces control of your business where it shouldbe – with you, the expert in your market. Youset your own objectives. You determine yourcompensation plans. You decide how to handlemarketing, technology and your businessoperations.But you’re not alone. At RE/MAX, you’re inbusiness for yourself but not by yourself.As a RE/MAX franchise owner, you receivepersonal, hands-on coaching, support andattention from your RE/MAX region. Youalso benefit from a wide variety of tools andresources, as outlined in this brochure.These resources become available your veryfirst day with RE/MAX, immediately helpingyou attract and retain the type of high-quality,motivated agents that can help your brokeragesucceed. New Broker Profile: Carrie ZeierA streamlined onboarding process helps you getup and running quickly. Each office is independently owned and operated.
  7. 7. y i ivtt ttvi iy duuc c Porod Pr RE/MAX vs. the Industry Great AgentsProductivity mattersIf you’re looking to join a winning team,RE/MAX might just be the right place. RE/MAX is the #1 real estate network in the U.S. Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX. Here is how other national franchises compare for 2011. To download the chart, visit RE/MAX Mainstreet and select the Public Relations page in the Marketing menu. TOTAL U.S. TOTAL U.S. NUMBER OF NUMBER OF TOTAL U.S. NUMBER OFRE/MAX is the home of the industry’s most productive TRANSACTION NATIONAL OFFICES AGENTS WEB VISITS2 COUNTRIES4 SIDES1 ADVERTISING3 WORLDWIDE4 WORLDWIDE4 751,088 49,521,504 33.9% 86 6,288 87,476agents and offices, as cited in a number of reports. 596,268 25,144,639 27.5% 51 3,100 84,800 372,682 32,723,558 7.9% 72 7,500 107,800For instance, in 2011, RE/MAX topped all national 101,717 3,401,059 .6% 36 2,400 30,500competitors in many of the most meaningful 49,518 1,954,749 8.8% 45 600 12,000measurements, including total number of closed 33,884 1,423,253 2.3% 2 210 6,700transaction sides.* Not Provided 18,567,454 3.6% 2 710 74,942 Not Provided 5,567,215 12.7% 7 1,500 51,000 © 2012 RE/MAX, LLC. Each office independently owned and operated. Except as noted, based on data reported either to REAL Trends, Inc. a leading industry analyst, or to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission on Form 10-K, Annual Report for 2011. 1 Full-year 2011. 2 Hitwise data for visits to each franchisor’s national website for full-year 2011. 3Full-year 2011 U.S. national-media ad spend, as a percentage of spend of all national real estate franchises, as reported by Nielsen Ad Views. Others: 2.6%. 4 As of year-end 2011. 120318Other networks may be larger, but being the biggesthas never been the RE/MAX goal. Since the beginning,the emphasis has always been on quality, not quantity.Independent studies recognize the quality atRE/MAX. Last year marked the fourth year in a rowthat RE/MAX ranked above all real estate competitorsin the Franchise Times Top 200 survey.*** Based on data reported either to REAL Trends, Inc. a leading industryanalyst, or to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission onForm 10-K, Annual Report for 2011.* * The Franchise Times Top 200 is an annual ranking of the 200 most From KW Team to RE/MAX Brokerssuccessful U.S.-based franchise companies as measured by worldwide sales.The complete list appears in the October 2012 issue of Franchise Times. Each office is independently owned and operated.
  8. 8. y i ivtt ttvi iy duuc c Porod Pr RE/MAX vs. the Industry Great AgentsGreat agentsDescribe the type of agents you’d like in your office.Are they inexperienced, uncommitted part-timers?Of course not. You want professional agents, with The Drive for DESIGNATION POWERthe drive and skills to succeed. RE/MAX leads the competition in many of the most credible designations in the industry.RE/MAX was created to attract – and continues to In addition to the sampling included in this presentation, RE/MAX Associates also come in first as: • Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialists (CLHMS)attract – the industry’s top agents. They’re drawn by • Certified Relocation Professionals (CRP) • Performance Management Network Designees (PMN) This proves not only their professionalism, but also their knowledge of the business and the markets they serve.the education, support and independence offeredthrough the RE/MAX system. Credibility is Strength, RU has a course for you. ©2012 RE/MAX, LLC. All rights reserved. Statistics as of January 2012. Each RE/MAX® office is independently owned and operated. 120072B Learn. Grow. Earn.At RE/MAX, performance inspires performance, RU has a course for you.resulting in energetic and collaborative office 5,704 CRS Designeesenvironments. RE/MAX has more Certified Residential Specialists than any other major real estate franchise. 3,839Consider: 1,758 1,725 1,232• RE/MAX agents average 13 years of experience. 525 392 221 181 Coldwell Prudential Keller Century ERA Realty Weichert Real Banker Williams 21 Executives Living• E/MAX agents are among the most productive R Source: Council of Residential Specialists, January 2012 in the industry. Each office is independently owned and operated. 120072• E/MAX leads the industry in professional R CDPE Designees The more you learn, the more you earn. 14,156 RU has a course for you. RE/MAX has more Certified Distressed TM designations.* Property Experts than any other major real estate franchise. 14,156 CDPE Designees• E/MAX boasts nearly 90,000 agents in more R RE/MAX has more Certified Distressed Property Experts than any other major real estate franchise. than 6,000 offices located in over 85 countries. 3,935 3,935 1,416 1,223 1,416 1,223 797 797 250* January 2012 statistics compiled from conferring organizations 250 128 128 67 57 67 57 00 Keller Century Coldwell Coldwell RE/MAX RE/MAX Keller Century Prudential ERA Real Prudential Realty ERA Weichert Real Realty Weichert Williams 21 Banker Living Executives Williams 21 Banker Living Executives Source: Distressed Property Institute, January 2012comparing RE/MAX to other franchises. RE/MAX is number one for Source: Distressed Property Institute, January 2012ABR, CDPE, CNHS, CRP, CRS, CLHMS, FSP, SRES and PMN. Each office is independently owned and operated. 120072 Each office is independently owned and operated.
  9. 9. ity dtiv odauc n PrBr Brand Influence Advertising ProgramsBrand influenceImagine the competitive advantage of havingmillions of people know about your business.That’s what you get when you join RE/MAX.The RE/MAX Balloon is one of the mosticonic corporate symbols. When you attachit to your name, you instantly tap into globalbrand awareness, trust and reputation.The RE/MAX brand gives you and your officeinstant credibility and visibility. Your businessbenefits from the collective brand image builtupon billions of dollars of promotion andmillions of successful transactions. That’s thesort of edge independent competitors canonly dream about.The advantage applies to your recruitingefforts too. Real estate professionals aspireto join RE/MAX offices. They want the samebrand benefits that serve you. Viral Video: Business Card Each office is independently owned and operated.
  10. 10. ity dtiv odauc n PrBr Brand Influence Advertising ProgramsAdvertising that drives businessThe scale of RE/MAX advertising creates top-of-mindawareness among millions of consumers and potentialagents each year.At just about every turn, you’ll find RE/MAX advertising– across TV, radio, print, outdoor media (billboards,stadium signage), online and social media.That presence drives business right to your office.Other promotions, such as the RE/MAX World LongDrive Championship, broaden the network’s reacheven further.Advertising is also a recruiting tool, working hardon your behalf. Ads appearing regularly in tradepublications such as Realtor magazine, RISMedia’s RealEstate and DS News remind agents that RE/MAX mightbe a good option for them. Who will local agents thinkof when they see those ads? They’ll think of you. Watch the RE/MAX TV Ads Each office is independently owned and operated.
  11. 11. ems ystty St ivi ort c du pro uP p S Recruiting/ Retention EducationRecruiting and retention systems Technology“Are You MAX Enough?” Live Events Staying InformedThat’s the question posed in the current RE/MAXrecruiting program. It’s an invitation for prospectiveagents to look inside themselves and recognize theattributes – drive, heart, guts, passion and leadership –that will help them attain their goals. The truth is, mosteveryone with the confidence to consider the questionwill answer it with a “yes.”And that’s the sort of person you want in your office– someone who has what it takes to build a successfulreal estate career.This creative program is just one of many recruitingresources you’ll take advantage of as a RE/MAXBroker/Owner. At both the regional and corporatelevels, you’ll have tools to help you identify strongcandidates, reach out to them, communicate yourvalue proposition and bring them on board.That support doesn’t end once they join. Agents inyour office will have access to products and servicesdesigned with their success in mind. If they do theirpart – indeed, if they are MAX enough – they’repositioned to thrive. Each office is independently owned and operated.
  12. 12. ems ystty St ivi ort c du pro uP p S Recruiting/ Retention Education TechnologyThe more you learn… Live EventsLet’s say a prospect is considering your Staying Informedoffice but wonders what sort of educationopportunities might be available.Great news: You have RE/MAX Universitybehind you.RU provides your agents with more than In addition to agent-facing material, RU has1,000 on-demand videos on virtually every a vast library of recruiting and managementaspect of real estate, giving you a significant programming designed for franchise owners.edge in the recruiting battle. So tell your prospects about RU, encourageWith 24/7 on-demand, global access and your agents to use RU, and take advantagea growing multimedia platform, RU is a big of RU yourself. After all, “The more you learn,reason RE/MAX leads the industry in many The more you earn.”key designations. From professional educationcourses to motivational coaching sessions, RUdelivers exactly what agents want. ® Broker 101 Education Each office is independently owned and operated.
  13. 13. ems ystty St ivi ort c du pro uP p S Recruiting/ RetentionTechnology edge EducationLike RE/MAX University, the RE/MAX TechnologyTechnology suite serves you on twolevels – first as a set of tools to help Live Eventsyour agents succeed, and second as Staying Informeda significant competitive edge in yourrecruiting and retention efforts.Others simply can’t match thenetwork’s primary tech offerings:A website, remax.com, that generates An in-house marketing resource,more than 50 million visits in a typical RE/MAX Design Center, that enables12-month period, easily eclipsing all agents to create their own fliers, listingother real estate franchise sites.* presentations, email campaigns and multimedia campaigns.A lead management system,LeadStreet, that has delivered over That’s not all, but you get the point.11.5 million leads directly to RE/MAX More importantly, so will youragents, with no fees attached. prospective agents as you explain the benefits of joining your team.An unmatched worldwide website,global.remax.com, that displaysRE/MAX properties to internationalbuyers in their own languages andcurrencies.* Source: Compete.com, Hitwise, ComScore Visit The Download to stay currentfor the 12-month period ending July 31, 2012 on everything happening in tech and social media. Each office is independently owned and operated.
  14. 14. ems ystty St ivi ort c du pro uP p S Recruiting/ RetentionLive events Education TechnologyAs a RE/MAX franchise owner, you benefit froman assortment of live educational, motivational Live Eventsand networking events throughout the year. Staying InformedAt the top of the list, the annual RE/MAX R4®Convention welcomes thousands of Associatesfrom around the world for a week of all thingsRE/MAX. It’s an exhilarating environment where INTERNATIONAL continued... MARKETINg AND PROSPECTINgyou share ideas with colleagues, and make lasting Become a Local expert Work RE/MAX 2013 Save money, and do it the way you want, by creating your the Bo own marketing systems and content. Marc Davison of 1000Watt Consulting Video offers three free ways to position yourself as the go-to expert in your market. (4:45)friendships and invaluable business connections. Brand marketing Franchise Sales RE/MAX is the most recognized name in real estate, thanks to a multi-faceted advertising campaign across TV, radio, print and online. This high-energy, engaging video provides a snapshot of how RE/MAX reaches consumers and drives customers to you. (2:24) Smart mobile Strategies PE Two Canadian RE/MAX Associates share tips on their mobile strategies. (4:08) tom Ferry – Stop Being A Secret Agent Coach Coach Tom Ferry says attracting clients is easy when you thing th do this one simple thing the next time you visit a coffee shop. Find out his secret. (4:53)A more intimate conference, specifically for the A 2010 online Ad Kit (4:21) experiences. Back Being Successful in a down market (2:42) Be Fa Brand marketing Video 2011 (2:23) BuildiBroker/Owners and Managers, occurs every certified Luxury Home marketing Specialist (5:29) domi certified New Home Specialist (4:26) From A changing Society (7:19) Harne connecting with today’s mobile and tech Savvy consumer HowAugust. (1:01:52) convention (1:47) pizza country club Farm (5:34) the r Farming the community and Neighborhood (4:51) uniqu A Fresh Start for Your real estate career (1:18:54) the re/mAX collection, Fine Homes Luxury properties SO (3:43) the Future of real estate: Social. Local. mobile. part 1 (50:51) socialRE/MAX also hosts live education and recruiting What Gen-Y Wants (4:26) draw in Wow clients With Flip Videos (3:52) captu Written marketing plan (7:19) office Gene LEADSprograms for brokers at all stages of their the Fi Handing off and Following up on Leads the Fi (6:34) the Fi Lead Follow-up Systems (4:24) MgM grand Hotel and casino the FiRE/MAX careers (Boot Camp, RE/MAX 501, Lead management: Focus on “A” Leads (4:21) Las Vegas, nevada Lead management: managing ‘B’ and ‘c’ Leads (3:50) make No more cold calls (2:53) Socia Monday, february 25 – thursday, february 28, 2013 prospecting as a team (2:06) Solvinand more). In fact, one of the most important Sales (5:07) What timely and effective Follow-up (4:44) You t Work internet Leads (5:52) You t 18 RE/MAX University Catalogsteps in buying a RE/MAX franchise is attending 2012 RE/MAX, LLC. All rights reserved. Each RE/MAX® real estate office is independently owned and operated. 120184 ©a week-long Broker/Owner training at RE/MAXWorld Headquarters in Denver.Additionally, RE/MAX Regions offer live andweb-based education specific to the location.Topics range from technology to motivation tobest business practices. Viral Video: RE/MAX Convention Each office is independently owned and operated.
  15. 15. ems ystty St ivi ort c du pro uP p S Recruiting/ Retention Education Technology Live EventsStaying informed Staying InformedWith RE/MAX, you’re always in the loop,receiving regular communications on the latestindustry and network news, updates, tools andresources.Each Thursday you receive an email with ARE THEY BUSY? YES!content specific to brokers and managers. It AND THEY’RE HAPPY TO TELL YOU WHY PAGe 23offers information on the latest products and SUMMER 2012services, and provides you ideas on leading and REMAX.COM/ABOVEassisting your agents. Great things happen whenYour agents receive their own RE/MAX Weekly successful agents keep pressing for a better wayemail every Tuesday. As a Broker/Owner, you ALWAYScan forward this email to prospects as an MOVINGillustration of what’s going on in the network. FORWARD WINNING EDGE Montreal star Georges Bardagi PAGe 34T he quarterly ABOVE magazine provides a PLUS FIVE SMART PINTEREST BOARDS | SHORT SALE SOLUTIONS | TWIN CITIES INNOVATORSpolished, full-color look at the people ofRE/MAX. It, too, is a great tool for bothrecruiting and retention.O ther communications resources – from publicrelations to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – facebookadd to the comprehensive messaging package. Each office is independently owned and operated.
  16. 16. y ts Mt vi ke iart euc tdd Pro rg e a T Commercial LuxuryRE/MAX Commercial®Diversifying your business with a commercialdivision expands your recruiting base,broadens your referral capabilities, andcreates buzz and excitement in your office.RE/MAX is a sales leader in the commercial/investment arena, with a network that closesan average of $8.3 billion in commercialvolume annually*. There are more than 3,000RE/MAX Commercial Practitioners in over400 offices and divisions.RE/MAX Commercial Practitioners haveaccess to industry-leading tools, training andresources. And it’s all backed by one of themost recognized brands in real estate.* Average calculated from closed commercial transactions,2003-2011. Did You Know? Each office is independently owned and operated.
  17. 17. y ts Mt vi ke iart euc tdd Pro rg e a T Commercial LuxuryLuxury: The RE/MAXCollection®If you work the luxury home segment – oraspire to – The RE/MAX Collection is yourgateway to reaching high-end buyers andsellers.The distinctive signage and promotionalmaterials of The RE/MAX Collection setluxury properties apart, while ad programswith global publications help promotethem to millions of qualified customers. Fine Homes Luxury PropertiesThrough RE/MAX University, RE/MAXagents can receive training specific forthe luxury market, including educationcredits toward the Certified Luxury HomeMarketing Specialist (CLHMS) designation. The RE/MAX Collection Each office is independently owned and operated.
  18. 18. ity ity un tivent m uc m modlve Co Ir vo Pn Community InvolvementThe business of caringWhen you’re with RE/MAX, community involvement doesn’tstop with helping families buy and sell homes. In fact, that’swhere it starts.As a national sponsor of Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® ,RE/MAX agents and offices assist in the fight against breastcancer. You can get involved by participating in a localRace for the Cure event, or make a donation with everytransaction through the Home for the Cure® program.As the official real estate partner of Children’s MiracleNetwork Hospitals, RE/MAX helps millions of sick andinjured children each year. RE/MAX Affiliates have donatedan amazing $115 million (and growing!), through localinvolvement and the Miracle Home® and Miracle Propertyprograms. Importantly, all the donations you make remainwith hospitals in your community. A Culture of Giving Each office is independently owned and operated.
  19. 19. ity s in uctW yiv od yd rob Pr ve E Everybody WinsEverybody winsIn 2005, two business writers published“Everybody Wins,” a book that explores the Contact RE/MAX today andphilosophy behind the RE/MAX network. discover what RE/MAX can do for you.By attracting strong office owners and equippingthem with the tools they need to serve their (888) 677-5400Sales Associates, RE/MAX helps brokers reachtheir goals. And when you as a broker attract franchiseinfo@remax.netstrong agents to your office and equip them withthe tools they need to serve buyers and sellers, RE/MAX is serious aboutyou help them reach theirs. business, but we like to have fun too. Watch the video below.At its core, RE/MAX is a group of outstandingprofessionals committed to raising the bar andworking hard to produce outstanding results fortheir customers – and, in turn, themselves.So... What if... you could join a network like that? RE/MAX is Wack Each office is independently owned and operated.