Follett digital reader app 11.28.12


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An updated version with the newly updated Follett Digital Reader app!
Plus, this one doesn't include the Destiny Quest app for those who don't use Destiny.

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Follett digital reader app 11.28.12

  1. 1. Downloadable eBooks now availablethrough your Upper School Library! Click (or tap) for instructions…
  2. 2. The following step-by-step directions are foriPads and Android tablets only. The FollettDigital Reader application does not workwith phones, yet. First Step: Download the Follett Digital Reader app to check out, download, and read the eBooks: iPad Android link link Either scan the QR code with your device or visit on the link.
  3. 3. The first time you open the app, you will need to log in. OurFollettShelf address is: wbb06269 Then use your same Cooperlogin for the User Name and Password. *If you’re using Android, Ado be Air is needed and it will ask you to install at this point. It only takes a moment.
  4. 4. To check out books click on “Check out more Books.”
  5. 5. The FollettShelf website will open in your browser. You can search our eBook catalog here.You can simplyscroll throughall of oureBooks or youcan narrowdown byauthor, subject,genre, series, etc.
  6. 6. Double tap on a book you’re interested in for more information.You can either open it to preview or you can check it out.
  7. 7. When you tap on “open” or “checkout,” you will be prompted tosign in. Again, you’ll use your Cooper ID & Password. You have the option to stay logged in.
  8. 8. After clicking “checkout,” this screen will appear.Close your Internet browser and open your FollettShelf app.
  9. 9. You will see your book listed.You can either read it online or you can download it.
  10. 10. The advantage todownloading the book is sothat you can read it withoutbeing connected to theInternet.The disadvantages todownloading it is that youcan’t highlight or makenotes.Choose which option worksfor you. However, you can always move the book back online by choosing the “move online” button.
  11. 11. When you want to close your book, click on the backpack.You will be given the option to keep your book or to turn it in early.
  12. 12. The app will keep yourplace in the book evenif you close the book.But if you prefer usinga bookmark, tap thecorner of the page tosave your place
  13. 13. Anytime you’re ready to read, just open up yourFollett Digital Reader app. All of your eBooks will belisted for you to read, or you can search for morebooks to check out. Created by Pamela Hill 2012