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Fundraising success
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Fundraising success


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Webinar for FundRaising Success

Webinar for FundRaising Success

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Small Shop Marketing & Fundraising
    • Pamela Grow
    • Simple Development Systems
  • 2. What does a LDD (Lone Development Director) look like?
  • 3.  
  • 4. Grant-writing & grants management
  • 5. Events
  • 6. Individual Giving
  • 7. Online Giving
  • 8. Website
  • 9. Database Management
  • 10. Stewardship
  • 11. Social Media
  • 12. Board Fundraising
  • 13. Corporate Sponsors
  • 14. Meetings with Donors
  • 15. = Insanity
  • 16.  
  • 17. Is it any wonder that the average length of stay for a nonprofit development director is 18 months?
  • 18. So, what are five things that the LDD (you!) can do to increase your ROI?
  • 19. 1. Love your donors
  • 20. Recognize that, in everything you do, donor-centricity is key.
  • 21. What is one of the best ways to truly “get” donor-centricity?
  • 22. Create a detailed donor profile
  • 23. What is her level of education? Where does she shop? What is her income level? Where does she live? What other organizations does she contribute to?
  • 24. Drill it down ... Is she married? Does she have children? Ages? What does she do for fun? What’s her political affiliation?
  • 25. Creating a detailed donor profile is the first step towards donor centricity
  • 26. “ Getting” donor-centricity applies to every medium
  • 27. 2. Practice WOW stewardship
  • 28. A first time gift is like a first date. Not a marriage proposal.
  • 29. Donor attrition stats are in the ...
  • 30. “ 90% of donors who start contributing to a particular cause stop giving by the fifth renewal request.” Penelope Burk “ Eight of 10 first-time donors do NOT make a second gift.” Adrian Sargeant
  • 31. So why would you waste a prime opportunity to engage your donor on a letter that reads like this?
  • 32. If we’re honest with ourselves, this is how most nonprofit organizations are communicating.
  • 33. Remember the power of words - and learn how to use them
  • 34. Other ways to WOW
    • Make it a habit to personally thank one donor a day.
    • Create a WOW calendar. Instead of the typical “card” occasions where you’ll be lost in the “me too,” send a card on Thanksgiving or Valentines Day.
    • Make it a practice to survey donors regularly, even monthly.
  • 35. 3. Begin a monthly giving program
  • 36. 37% of donors in the UK are monthly givers
  • 37. “ ... generally speaking on an annual basis each person that converts to monthly giving gives two to three times more money, some of them even more.” Monthly Giving for the Small Shop – Interview with Harvey McKinnon (Pamela’s Grantwriting Blog)
  • 38. “ If an organization is converting 1 to 2% of their file a year, by the end of a decade around 10 to 20% of their donors would be on a monthly giving program.” Monthly Giving for the Small Shop – Interview with Harvey McKinnon (Pamela’s Grantwriting Blog)
  • 39. Think always of the lifetime value of the donor.
  • 40. The key is to begin Monthly giving must be nurtured; it’s not something that you put out there and forget about it
  • 41. 4. Create systems
    • Systems for grant success, including weekly foundation prospect research
    • Systems for stewardship
    • Systems for database management
    • Systems for social media
    • Systems for … you get the idea ;)
  • 42. 5. Be unique, be fun!
    • Don’t emulate the majority of your peers
    • Personalize, personalize, personalize
    • What’s your story?
    • Stop playing it safe!
  • 43. (Katya Andresen)