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Poverty, what and how bad it really is, what can be done to end it.

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Comens p mod5_as1.doc

  1. 1. What can we do to help stop it? By Pamela Marie Comens
  2. 2.  The world bank defines extreme poverty as not having enough income to meet the most basic human needs such as sanitation, health care, or education.
  3. 3.  The United States alone has a 12.6% poverty level with 45,950 for household income United States 2.5% malnutrition Congo 71% malnutrition
  4. 4.  Wall Street Journal broke a story of how Afghanistan officials were literally taking money from the United States Foreign Aid fund and leaving the country. Results of this is that the United States cut foreign aid to Afghanistan by 4.5 billion dollars.
  5. 5.  The United States government set up three organizations so far to keep an eye for the misuse of foreign aid money that is supposed to be for poverty stricken areas. Presidential Study Directives on Global Development Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review Initiating Foreign Assistance Reform Act of 2009
  6. 6.  Making sure we could try to put an end to poverty all together would mean we would have to enforce more education in the world. The schools, churches, commercials that show poverty just isn’t for third world countries but also here in the United States. We need to get everybody on the same thinking path to help put an end to world poverty, so these adults, children and everyone in between can be healthier, live longer, get a better education.
  7. 7.  If the people in the state of Massachusetts gave up a cup of coffee a day for a year the U.S. government could give 14.4 billion dollars to keep a few children from dying of hunger.
  8. 8.  Young students and their teachers can help even more with poverty and trying to alleviate it by joining and reading further into what it is and the damage it can cause for any country that has severe poverty stricken areas in it. The adults need to show the teenagers where to go to help with this sort of problem and what sites they can visit or what type of volunteer work can be done in their own neighborhood to help with local families that need this kind of assistance also.
  9. 9.  There are several different ways to help with trying to end poverty around the globe. To be part of the action you need to step up to the plate and look into all the information you can to help with ending poverty. Some of the sites for this are: Net aid: student center, Just donor info: 20 ideas for volunteering, Habitat for humanity: ccyp.2006 The Borgen project.2006
  10. 10.  Cutbacks in health, education, and other vital social services around the world have resulted from structural adjustment policies prescribed by the International Monetary Fund(IMF) and the World Bank as conditions for loans and repayment. Also, in addition, developing nation governments are supposed to open their economies to compete with each other and with more powerful and established industrialized nations.
  11. 11.  To attract investment, poor countries enter a spiraling race to the bottom to see who can provide lower standards, reduced wages and cheaper resources. By this happening, it has increased poverty and inequality for most people. This also forms a backbone to what we today call globalization. As a result, it maintains the historic unequal rules of trade.
  12. 12.  Overall, poverty needs to equal out and come to an end so people have healthier lifestyles and children can get the life they deserve. The children can live healthier, happier, and have the family life they so deserve and not a short life that may take them to barely age 5, because of malnutrition and other reasons.
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