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Tyler\'s Cards

  1. 1. NORTHEAST REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME: AMERICAN ROBIN. HABITAT:WOODLANDS. DIET:BEETLE,GRUB,CATERPILLARS . FACT: The American ROBIN is active mostly during the day and assembles in large flocks at night. BY:TYLER
  2. 2. MIDATLANTIC REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME: BROWN CREEPER. HABITAT:WOODLANDS. DIET:ARTHROPODS,SEEDS. FACT:A BROWN CREEPER would probably not even be suspected, other than on a treeless western island, and would be difficult to verify even then. BY:TYLER
  3. 3. SOUTHEAST REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME: RED-BELLIED WOODPECKER. HABITAT: Open and swampy woodlands. DIET:, it is beneficial, wood- beetles grasshoppers, ants, and other insect pests. acorns, beechnuts, and wild fruits. FACT: The Red-bellied Woodpecker competes vigorously for nest holes with other woodpeckers, in one case even dragging a Red-cockaded Woodpecker from a nest cavity and killing it. BY:TYLER
  4. 4. GREAT LAKES REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME:EASTERN SCREECTH –OWL. HABITAT:URBAN. DIET:INSECTS,RODENTS. FACT: The mainly eat large insects and small rodents, as well as small birds. BY:TYLER BY:TYLER
  5. 5. MIDWEST REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME:COOPER’S HAWK . HABITAT:URBAN. DIET:BIRDS,MAMMALS,LIZARDS . FACT: At one time cooper’s hawks were heavily hunted in persecution for preying on poultry and were and called chicken hawk. BY:TYLER
  6. 6. MOUNTAIN REGION - UNITED STATES HABITAT:WOODLANDS. DIET: BERRIES,INSECTS. FACT: Its English name refers to the bright red bead-like tips of the secondary feathers on its wings, which look like drops of sealing wax, while 'Bohemian' refers to its (presumed) origin from Bohemia (at the time, a relatively unknown but "distant, eastern" place). BY:TYLER BIRD NAME: CEDAR WAXWING
  7. 7. PACIFIC COAST REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME: DICKCISSEL. HABITAT:COAST. DIET:INSECTS,SEEDS,GRAINS. FACT: The birds migrate to their breeding range rather late, with the first arriving only in May, with most birds only arriving in early June3. BY:TYLER
  8. 8. SOUTHWEST REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD:BLUE GROSBEAK. HABITAT:GRASSLANDS. DIET: INSECTS,SPIDERS,SNAILS. FACT: The Blue Grosbeak is a migratory bird, with nesting grounds across most of the southern half of the United States , and much of northern Mexico . BY:TYLER
  9. 9. ATLANTIC COASTAL PLAIN - MARYLAND BIRD NAME:BUFFLE HEAD . HABITAT: LAKES. DIET: INSECTS,FISH. FACTS: Adult males have a dark head with a large white cap behind the eye and a mainly white body with a black back. BY:TYLER
  10. 10. PIEDMONT PLATEAU - MARYLAND BIRD NAME: AMERICAN COOT . HABITAT: MARSHES. DIET: FISH. FACT: Although coots seem rather weak fliers, like most rails they have considerable stamina once airborne. BY: TYLER
  11. 11. APPALACHIAN MOUNTAIN REGION - MARYLAND BIRD NAME: AMERICAN CROW. HABITAT:WOODLANDS. DIET: MICE,FROGS. FACT: The number of individual American Crows is estimated by Birdlife International to be around 31,000,000. BY:TYLER