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Juan\'s Cards Juan\'s Cards Presentation Transcript

  • NORTHEAST REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME: Buff- bellied Pipit. HABITAT: Mountain. DIET: They eat seeds and insects. FACT: American Pipit has lightly streaked grey-brown upperparts and is diffusely streaked below on the buff breast and flanks. By: Juan
  • MIDATLANTIC REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME: Fox sparrow HABITAT: urban DIET: They mainly eat seeds and insects, as well as some berries. FACT: These birds forage by scratching the ground, which makes them vulnerable to cats and other predators, though they are generally plentiful. By: Juan
  • SOUTHEAST REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME: Mallard HABITAT: coast DIET: They feeds plats and trees and fish. FACT: Mallards form pairs only until the female lays eggs, at which time she is left by the male. By: Juan
  • GREAT LAKES REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME: Cliff swallow DIET: They feeds insects. FACT: Female Cliff Swallows are known to lay eggs in and move previously laid eggs into the nests of other birds within the colony . By: Juan HABITAT: forests
  • MIDWEST REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME: Acorn Woodpecker HABITAT: Forests DIET: The acorns represent a significant part of their diet; they also eat insects, picking them off tree bark or catching them in flight, and in addition fruit, seeds and sometimes tree sap . FACT: The adult male has a red cap starting at the forehead, whereas females have a black area between the forehead and the cap . By: Juan
  • MOUNTAIN REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME: Western Tanager HABITAT: Forests DIET: They mainly eat insects, fruits and berries . FACT: These birds are often out of sight, foraging high in trees, sometimes flying out to catch insects in flight . By: Juan
  • PACIFIC COAST REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME: American Coot HABITAT: Lakes, Rivers and Pounds. DIET: Plants trees fish and animals. FACT: Although coots seem rather weak fliers, like most rails they have considerable stamina once airborne . By: Juan
  • SOUTHWEST REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME: Least Sandpiper HABITAT : coasts DIET: They mainly eat small crustaceans, insects and snails. FACT : They have a light line above the eye and a dark crown . By: Juan
  • ATLANTIC COASTAL PLAIN - MARYLAND BIRD NAME: House Finch HABITAT: forests DIET: They primarily eat grains, seeds and berries, being voracious consumers of weed seeds . FACT: Eggs are laid from February through August, two or more broods per year with 2 to 6 eggs per brood . By: Juan
  • PIEDMONT PLATEAU - MARYLAND BIRD NAME: Blue jay HABITAT: DIET: Feeds peanuts and other shelled food items are carried off in the beak to a comfortable spot to be dealt with leisure. FACT: Blue Jays are curious and very intelligent birds. By: Juan forests
  • APPALACHIAN MOUNTAIN REGION - MARYLAND BIRD NAME: Gyrfalcon DIET: It feeds only on birds and mammals. FACT: Prey for searches it as circling species the from modern. By: Juan HABITAT: Coasts